A Simple, Lovely Day

Yesterday found me on the other side of the state, looking out at the Pacific Ocean.  Here’s what happened:

Needed to spend a bit of time with my dad.  He suggested a trip over to Pescadero, one of his favorite places to visit.  First I planned to go down to the bay area the night before, either to visit with my mom, or just to relax in a hotel room and get a good start on the day.  But sometimes it is actually more work to ‘get away’ than to stay put.  And I decided Sunday morning that I was just too tired and that I wanted to stay home for the day.  So that’s what I did.  I tried not to fill it too full of fun stuff.  ‘Cause that’s tiring too.  It turned out to be a great, relaxing day.  A good talk on the phone with my BFF, then on to church with the goal to be simply to fellowship and worship.  Went to the gym for a huff and puff weights workout, followed by a few laps in the pool and a little relaxation in the spa.  I also checked out the thrift store and a couple of antique stores–I am on the hunt for buttons for a project I am working on.  Back home I watched the movie ‘Its Complicated’ and had this great dinner.  I felt so healthful when I chose to eat this!  Somewhere in there Noah and I got in two very good walks.

That's the brussel sprouts saute, asiago cheese garlic pita chips, almond milk, and a big glass of H2O.

So staying home Sunday meant A LOT of driving on Monday.  But that was a good trade-off.  I guess I wanted to make the point that sometimes in our pursuit of relaxation we sometimes actually make it more work for ourselves.

Pescadero is home to a little store that makes world-famous garlic-herb french bread.  And I decided to go with that.  I got some cherries and strawberries at a farm stand on the way down, picked up my dad and nabbed some butter pats and a plastic knife out of the dining room (of his retirement center) and headed across the bay.  We bought a loaf of STILL WARM FROM THE OVEN bread and a few slices of dry salami (another food I used to like but never eat any more.)  And then we just headed back to the beach and sat in the car watching the ocean while we ate our ‘picnic.’  That’s what dad likes to do.  Just a very simply pleasure.

We watched the waves crashing against this big rock.  Do you know how hard it is to catch a wave in mid-crash?

The only glitch in the day was when we got back to Casa (where dad lives) and I discovered that we had left his EXCALIBER WALKER in Half Moon Bay.  Oh, that was almost a terrible disaster.  Fortunately there was a ‘walker store’ about four blocks away and I raced over there to get another walker.

As always, when I travel, I am obsessed with frozen yogurt.  And I had directions to a frozen yogurt shop in San Mateo, which would have been right on our way home.  But we were still full from our bread feast, and so skipped the frozen yogurt.  Then I noticed one right near where dad lives, and he decided he would like that instead of dinner (which he missed due to the walker fiasco.)  Well, we went in there, and that place was a dive.  So I got dad some, and got myself a little bowl, most of which I did not eat.  Man, there is frozen yogurt, and there is frozen yogurt.  I think I am becoming a frozen yogurt snob.

So I knew there was a frozen yogurt place I liked on my way home.  After doing a few more chores for dad, I headed towards home at 7:15.  The good part about leaving the bay area this late is that you miss all the commuter traffic.  I stopped at Blush, the GOOD frozen yogurt place, and didn’t get any toppings, because I had a plan.  I had some walnuts in the car that I put on top, and then I pinched off pieces of one of those fudgy ‘Jay Bars.’  YUMM YUMM YUMM.  Frozen yogurt fix taken care of!  Home by 10pm.  Spent a little ‘quality time’ with the doggies and I was in bed and asleep by 11:30.

And now I resume my regularly scheduled healthy eating active life.

Noah and I got in a good 3 mile walk/run, and now I’m off to the gym for a workout and a swim, followed by a trip to Starbuck’s for a little reading and coffee (and a treat from home…)

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18 thoughts on “A Simple, Lovely Day

  1. What a nice day. I love that you took your Dad to Half Moon Bay. When I was a freshman at Stanford, I think we drove there almost every other weekend in nice weather. I so identify with forgetting the walker. Before my Dad got quite so dependent on his, I spent lots of time going back to retrieve it from wherever I’d parked it on our outings. It sounds like you hit all the bases in your day–family, food, exercise, worship, and doggy love!

    • Wow, Tish, you made me feel a LOT better about forgetting the walker! This was the first time I forgot it. And, I forgot to thank you for giving me that link to Cooking Light. I got the dressing recipe I wanted to try, and as soon as I try it, I’ll share it (if its as good as I think it will be.)

  2. It does sound nice – and that is the way to eat bread…fresh from the oven with some real butter – what a treat!

    I like to sit and watch the waves crash, too. Will be getting some of that in when I’m there in July – did I tell you I’m going to Santa Cruz? Doing the Wharf-to-Wharf 10K while I’m there – I know it’s a drive, but want to come down for a meet up?

    • YES!!!!! Sent you an email about meeting. I will be checking frozen yogurt shops in the area, of course heh heh!

  3. Pescardero looks lovely. I’ve never been there. Love that sort of coastline. I want to spend more time up in Northern CA.

    You wanna hear something crazy. I haven’t had frozen yogurt since I was a kid! Shhhh….don’t tell anyone. 🙂

  4. What a great day! You’re so funny with your frozen yogurt – I’ve never met anyone who has had such a love affair with it!

    My parents only live about 40 minutes away and they always wonder why I don’t ever want to spend the night. It’s because just getting all the STUFF together to spend the night would take longer and be more trouble than to just drive home! So I know exactly what you mean about it being more work to get away. 🙂

    You should write a children’s book about Noah and his sticks!

    • Yes the frozen yogurt obsession is a bit of an oddity. I think it is the thrill of liking something that is a tad bit healthier for me…

      Well, I am hoping that Noah will want to guest post on my blog again. That is probably about as far as we will get with his writing career.

  5. I don’t know if his walker had his name and address on it, but if it did, it will be interesting to see if it makes its way back to him.

    I can well imagine how hard it is to get the just right wave pic – I think I would have just held the button down and let it keep snapping – that is what I have to do with a group of kids to get everyone (or most everyone with a good face and open eyes)

    • Vickie, I always learn something from you. I will have to try that holding the button down. I don’t know if my camera works like that, but its worth a try. I might be able to get the walker back if it is still there. Planning a meet up with Pubsgal in a couple of weeks! (she lives in that area)

  6. Sent you an email; the place you left it is called “T&E Pastorino’s,” and I emailed the phone number.

    Arcangeli’s Bakery is *soooo* yummy! Great choice for a picnic!

    And I noticed the other day, when I was walking downtown, that there’s a frozen yogurt shop about to open on Main St. in Half Moon Bay! *squeeee*!

  7. I was wondering if you would see Pubsgal at Half Moon Bay. I’m jealous! (Waving from across the country…)

    This was a lovely post. It left me feeling very peaceful. I love that you make time with your dad and simple pleasures a priority, but it doesn’t feel like an obligation here. Staying home Sunday seems like it was a smart call.

    And now I want to see Pescadero…

  8. Half Moon Bay… what evocative words! We stopped at a little British pub there a few years ago. It has a red double-decker bus next to the building so the smokers have a place to go. You’re so fortunate to live where you do!

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