Harro Everbody!

Ooh, I have to type fast.  Noah is semi-sleeping.  He has been very demanding of my time these past two days.  Just extra energy.  Which I don’t have after working…  Here’s some of the big events on our last two days of walks (two walks per day.)

A particularly good stick find (he likes them with lots of pine needles or leaves on them.)

Happy stick-boy.

And, a ‘new kind of stick.’   This one required some serious laying-down time (its a turkey feather, in case you can’t see it.)

In between walks, unless he is in his crate or in his yard, Noah is ALWAYS tethered to me.  And yet, he still finds new vistas to explore.

Never you mind what I was doing while Noah was exploring the bathtub.

On one of our walks we went in the car to take a walk at the edge of a state park.  I was kind of fascinated by this old house the last time we were there, so I brought my camera this time to take a couple of shots of it.  I think I also like that it is isolated.  (If a dog barks in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, is it still loud?  debby says:  yes, unfortunately, it is VERY loud.)

These pretty wild sweet peas were growing nearby.

Happy dog (and happy owner.)  Noah LAYING DOWN in the back seat.

Last week I walked up on this ridge (that I walk up on almost every day) and was greeted by a field of beautiful yellow blossoms.  It was such a surprise because I had been there the day before and there was nothing.  Since then I have gone back several times at all different times of day to try to photograph them.  Evidently they just bloom for a few hours every day.  Isn’t that amazing?  Beauty for just a few hours and no one even sees them most of the time.  Like the title of a book about God that I like very much: Hidden in Plain Sight.

And finally, in spite of my complaining about Noah taking up all my time, I managed to get this quilt top pieced together.  All the little hexagon thingies are hand-pieced, which takes a lot of time.  But that is what I do.  Even now, while I was loading all these pictures into this post (it takes forever–I think I need to re-size my pictures,) I have a little pile of diamond-shaped fabric pieces that I am hand-sewing into tumbling blocks for another quilt.  The diamonds were left-over from another star quilt that I hand-pieced.

I really like this quilt.  I am planning on ’embellishing’ it with a lot of buttons.

Food and exercise update:  Two excellent days in a row (at home.)  Today I really only ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisfied.  Ended the day with that excellent dessert–yogurt mixed together with frozen blueberries and walnuts.  It makes it into soft-serve frozen yogurt almost.  And the day I worked, I take a little more food than I usually would, more than I need to eat to try to keep from eating the breakroom junk.  It seems to be working pretty good.  Eating a bit too much, but at least its healthy food.  And exercise.  Well, you know all about the walks.  But there’s been a bit more running this week (yay) and I am still getting in 3 days a week at the gym.  I am still really challenging myself to increase the weights, and I do tabata intervals or pyramids and/or super sets to make it a bit more cardio.  Yes, I am sweating lightly.

Well, stick with me folks.  I have a lot more informative and interesting stuff in my head.  But somehow, in my doggy-sitting duties, it is difficult to organize my thoughts enough to get it down on ‘paper.’

And now, I’m off to bed.  At 8:30pm.  Yay!  I am really going to try to make a concerted effort to get to bed earlier on work nights, as I have been having trouble getting very sleepy on the drives home.


22 thoughts on “Harro Everbody!

  1. You do lead a busy life. I don’t think many people realise how demanding nursing is. You have huge responsibilities. Last weekend our daughter was upset because she had a man needing pain relief and it hadn’t been set up properly so she spent hours doing the best she could so his last hours would be as comfortable as possible. This is so tricky when people want to die at home rather than in hospital.

    Your quilt looks great. Putting on the buttons will be fun too.

    Take care with your driving *smile*

    • Yes, MargieAnne, I have been quoting your blog to various people, including my head nurse, when I requested to NOT be scheduled for two 12-hour shifts in a row. She said, no problem.

      I am so sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing that.

  2. I loved the bit about the flowers, and about Noah actually laying down on the back seat, and the quilt. I like the way that it has a pattern, but, with the colors you’ve chosen, the pattern doesn’t jump out of out at you. It actually looked random, at first, like a field of flowers. Have a great day.

  3. I LOVED reading this post! It’s cloudy outside here this morning, but I feel like I got a virtual walk in a beautiful place…minus the calorie burn 😉

    And your quilt is just incredible – buttons will be a great touch too!

    Thanks for sharing so much beauty from your life 🙂

    Have a great weekend! Georgie

    • I have many spare moments to breath, Lori. Notice that I don’t talk too much about housekeeping…although lately I am keeping it somewhat under control. Also, I don’t have kids or a husband.

  4. I love it that you can whip out your camera and take a picture even while you are in the bathroom!! That cracks me up!!

    I am in love with that quilt and it’s cute little hexagon flowers!! It’s preeeeeety.

    And the little house is so charming! Do you realize how lucky you are to live in such a picturesque place? 🙂

    • To Lynn, Lori, and Jill, In defense of the bathroom pic, I think I had just come back from a walk and still had my camera in my pocket. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  5. Oh Noah, how you crack me up! Paco goes to the bathroom with me (untethered – apparently he thinks I might need his assistance?) but he’s never jumped IN the bathtub…of course, to him that would mean the dreaded bath, lol. Noah must not mind his baths.

    That quilt is so pretty – the octagonal pattern reminds me of an old family quilt that is moth eaten but still so pretty – I have it draped over an armoire in my guest room. You are so creative – can’t wait to see it with the buttons added!

    • Well, Noah does not get his baths in the bathtub. I was really lucky when I moved here. There was an old outdoor shower, and I just have a hose with a nice shower nozzle attached so I can give the dogs a bath out on the deck with nice warm water. Very handy.

      The little octagons are used traditionally to make a grandmother’s flower garden quilt which is probably what you have? This was my modern take on that. I REALLY enjoyed doing this, and I might do another one sometime.

  6. You wrote:
    “I am still really challenging myself to increase the weights, and I do tabata intervals or pyramids and/or super sets to make it a bit more cardio. Yes, I am sweating lightly.”

    Good for you!!!!!!!
    Way to go!!!!!!!!

    LOVED the quilt. Buttons will be very nice addition. What kinds are you adding (take close ups please). There should be a ‘fine print’ setting on your camera that will help with it. That is what we use for jewelry pics – not as nice as in a magazine, but it helps.

  7. not really ‘tanks’ more sleeveless knit shirts – scooped neck. I think they run BIG – so try on the size you think you need and then try on the next smaller size too.

  8. Chloe ALWAYS follows me into the bathroom. Cecilia did too!

    Love love love the new quilt. Really nice.

    PS I received Culture Clash, but I’m in the middle of three other books right now, so I want to finish one before picking up another.

  9. Hi Debby! Loved the photos! Your field of flowers reminded me of the drifts of forget-me-nots that seemed to pop up out of nowhere in the forests around here this spring.

    And I also *love* that quilt! You have such a great sense of design. My grandmother pretty much struck to traditional patterns; I think she would have enjoyed the modern quilting trends, though. (I’ll have to take a photo of her “chocolate quilt,” a double-wedding ring quilt she made in shades of brown.)

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