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That ‘s  you guys!   When I do one of those ‘shoot from the hip’ ‘whatever’s on my mind’ ‘brain dump’ posts (who am I kidding, that’s what most of them are)   its always so fun to get your comments and see which part you comment on.  When I think of all the blogs that are out there to read,  its always amazing to me that anyone takes the time to read my crap writing.   Which reminds me.  I have been far afield in the world of blogs lately.  Did you know that OTHER DOGS besides Noah write blog posts?  Harumph, as Noah would say.   And, I noticed that some blogs seemed to include a lot of pictures that were just transferred from other places on the internet.  And I want you to know that every single one of those pictures of Noah and his sticks is an ORIGINAL.   LOLLOLLOL.  Again, the later it is the more I crack myself up.

Well, the barking crisis with Noah is over (in my mind.)  If you knew the stuff that people get away with up here in the sticks, its pretty laughable that someone would think to complain about a barking puppy.  Now, if they had complained about his insane screaming owner I could have understood that.   Anyway, it is almost like Noah has turned the corner, or is channeling Oliver the practically perfect black standard poodle (for new readers, that is Noah’ s predecessor.)  I believe its an answer to prayer.  I really did pray about it because I just didn’t know what to do.  It was after that that I read something in that Latchkey Dog book that clicked, and Noah seemed to just magically stop barking as  much, and behaving better overall, and I stopped losing my temper.  Okay TMI  about Noah and his insane owner.

Maintaining.   You know, I  was going to write a whole post about this.  I read an article in the Nutrition Action Healthletter a while ago that had some very sobering facts in it.    It said that a woman who weighed 170 and lost 20 pounds to get to 150 would have to eat 15% LESS calories than the woman who was always 150 pounds.  Because your body thinks it is starving and your metabolism slows down to ‘save’ you.  And this combined with the constant environmental cues to eat more make it very difficult to maintain a weight loss.  Even when all you’ve lost is 10% of your weight.   In one way, this is VERY discouraging.  But in another way, it makes me very happy that I have been able to maintain my 100 pound weight loss for  four years now!   I said when I was starting out on  the weight loss journey, knowing the dismal stats for being  able to lose weight and keep it off, that I would consider that maintaining a loss for five years would be like a cancer patient who was cancer free for five years–in remission.  Not 100% free, but you could feel a little safer.  So I only have one more year to go until I am in  remission!  This same issue also cited a study of 34,000 women whose average age was 54, and they required an hour a day of exercise to avoid gaining weight.  Sigh….  I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing.  There was a funny statement at the end of this article:    Does an hour a day seem like too much?  Think of it this way:  Largely sitting or sleeping for 23 hours a day is too much.

Well folks, its off to bed.  Sorry I had no ORIGINAL photos to include with this post.

10 thoughts on “Simply the Best

  1. You are doing great and you WILL beat the odds of regain with regilence over your eating and working out. As long as you keep your workouts going and keep your calories in check you’ll be OK don’t let the negative articles scare you.
    I pay attention to the study done on the nurses at the national institue of weight loss registry they gave a whole list of what must be done in order to keep from regaining. Its online check it out…

  2. Yes – the stat thing. You wonder when you look at all the blogs out there on weight loss. How many will fall into the regain stat column and how many in the keeping if off column? Do you ever wonder about that?

    Maintaining, even at a higher weight that what you want as goal, is way better than the alternative of lose/gain/lose/gain/gain/gain.

  3. I’m glad the barking issue is under control. Love how prayer really does help. As to that statistic I believe it. It’s hard. I wonder if someone has done research about how blogging about it helps keep weight loss intact. I think it probably does have an effect.

  4. I can’t believe you just let that hang! WHAT did you read that finally clicked????? I’m having a small barking issue with Chloe. She’s not an all-the-time barker, but when someone knocks at the door I can’t get her to STOP barking. Even if the guest has already come in and been welcomed by me.

    Obedience class starts Tuesday. I can’t wait.

  5. Wow, very interesting stat, there. I wonder if that percentage levels out after awhile?

    It’s amazing how God comes through for us, even when we don’t really expect Him to! 🙂

  6. Hi Debby,
    V. interesting, the statistics about regaining–as I know from experience, one is always either on the way up or the way down. After doing WW the first time, I began to gain a pound a week after the first two weeks!! Now I know better: eternal vigilance! If you bite it, you write it. If you snack it, you track it. And you have to exercise just to stay where you are, let alone losing any more. “Oh.”
    RE: Noah and his sticks, Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote in the 30s about taking walks with her little boy, Jon, who was interested only in pulling up old stumps and bringing them home!

  7. I was thinking of Noah yesterday when on my walk i came across a poodle carry a stick that might have been Noah worthy 🙂 Had to snap a picture!
    I’m usually out for an hour a day. You definitely get used to it.
    And you are doing an awesome job maintaining.

  8. Oh, glad the barking thing with Noah worked out okay! Glad we’ll be hearing more stick stories. 🙂

    Maintenance. I feel like I’m getting a lot of practice at it. And while it would be nice to lose more, I’m okay with staying put here for awhile.

  9. How did I miss this post? Gah, I hate Thursday/Fridays – work interferes too much with my blog reading!

    I look forward to more original dog pictures. 🙂

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