The Journey

It’s not reaching your destination

That keeps the fire in your heart burning.

It’s the journey.  (from the song The Journey, by Lindy Gravelle)

I’ve been thinking about the topics of my posts  for the past week or so.  And I came to the conclusion (again) that all of these different areas of my life (spiritual, quilting, eating, exercising, doggying) are all journeys.  Once in a while I forget that the journey really is the whole deal.  It sure makes everything more enjoyable when you remember that, and don’t get focused/obsessed on reaching the ‘goal’ in any of these areas of life.

And this song came to mind.  I had grand visions of downloading all these songs into this post, but alas, I am also on a journey learning how to use my computer, and downloading music is one area I am sadly lacking in.  So you will just have to do with links.  It will be worth your while to link on over and listen to this gal, though.  I absolutely LOVE her music.  She is a favorite part of my journey to visit the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show.  The first time I heard her was about four years ago.  Oliver was just six months old then, and of course  he wasn’t with me.  I was walking down the street,  and I just burst into tears when I heard her belting out ‘I Love My Dog.’  Lindy Gravelle composes the music and lyrics to a lot of her songs, and then adds in a lot of classics.  She is a combination of jazz, country, and honky tonk, and maybe a little rock too.

Every year that my BFF Robin and I visit the Sisters Quilt Show, we spend a good part of the day sitting out in front of the coffee shop listening to Lindy play and sing.

Here’s me and Robin at the picnic in the park last year.

Which reminds me.  Opinion please.  I haven’t gotten my hair cut for a while because I was missing my longer, curly (permed) hair.  But I kinda like my hair in this pic.  Whaddaya think?

So, I am on the downstretch for this vacation, and everything seems to be falling into place.  Noah has a good place to stay. I don’t have to worry about him barking and bothering the neighbors.  I have my projects organized and ready to go.  And, I have 14 quilts that I am going to take up to put on consignment in a shop that sells quilts during “Quilt Week”  in Sisters.  We are renting a house to stay in. Have I told you guys lately that this is the way to travel?  Home Away is one organization that has vacation rentals available.  Just google   ‘vacation rentals, city of choice.’

Well, this wasn’t much of a post, but I must get to bed.  Work tomorrow.  See you in a couple of days!


18 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I like your short hair:) Of course I might be prejudiced since my own hair is now short.
    Enjoy your vacation and thanks for the tip on home away vacation rentals.

  2. Me personally – love shorter hair after age 40 – very stylin’. (and no offense – I didn’t know anyone still permed hair!) have a wonderful time!!!! the years roll so quickly – here we are at sister’s time again!

  3. hair looks cute in that picture. sounds like a wonderful ‘gal’s vacation’. Have a blast. Soak it all up.

    I don’t quilt , but have ancient quilts that my great grandmother and grandmother made as well as one I bought at an antique store a long time ago. I can spend a lot of time day dreaming about those quilts. Thinking about who in my family history wore what-were they pajamas once? sheets? kitchen towels? a dress? or a pair of pants? The ones made by my maternal great grandmother are pretty unique, because she owned the only cloth/ sewing store in our hometown and no doubt used scraps. Pretty cool stuff.

  4. I do like the short hair, but then again, it’s summertime, so short hair is just cooler.

    That is a great pic of you 2, btw 😀

    14 quilts!! I am amazed that you can find the time to do all those. You are superwoman…. I hope they sell for you 😀

  5. I wish you all the best selling your quilts.Let us know how it works out. Have a great time! I LOVE your short hair. I realize you ARE younger in the picture but i think short hair after a certain age( that includes my age)makes a woman look younger. From what i can tell i love th style of the cut too. Got any more pictures of it???

  6. I’m going against the grain on this one – I vote for longer, curlier hair!

    Have a great time on your quilting vacay – that sounds like a blast!

    Be good! 🙂

  7. I vote short. Funny, I have a similar picture of me–very short hair, straight, no sign of curl, and I’m tempted . . . . It sounds like you have a great, relaxing trip coming up. I’m happy for you. BTW, I went to Lindy’s site and I love her music. You get to hear her in person? Lucky you. Have a ball with your BFF!

  8. I think you look cute in that picture! But I haven’t seen a longer haired picture of you in a while, so maybe I like that equally well?

    Have a great time on vaca!

  9. That dog song was great! The quilt show will be so fun – and the time you get to spend with your BFF is priceless. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    P.S. As for the hair, I’m in a long phase after years of it being short…shorter is easier, and you look good with the short hair, but heck, do what you want!

  10. Debby, are your still reading Culture Clash? B/c I just started the chapter on barking. Might be something there that helps with Noah??

    Just grasping at straws for you. Although it sounds like he is doing better lately. 🙂

    • I have actually ‘lost’ that book (just haven’t dug deep enough for it lately) When I was reading it was when I sat and listened to him bark for an hour. He was supposed to give up first. Guess who won?

      But anyways, he is doing MUCH better. Or I am. We have a pretty good routine. Of course it helps if I NEVER go to work haha! And I do think the trainer is right (actually every trainer/book agrees with this) if I can stay calm/assertive, and establish myself as pack leader, he will start to pay attention when I tell him to stop barking. And that is when I usually lose my cool. I can’t stand it when dogs ignore me…okay, off to walk this morning before it gets too hot. That Chloe is a character alright!

  11. Hi Debby,
    I haven’t been blogging for a while, but I’m back. However, I have frequently checked in on your blog, and it’s always enjoyable. I look forward to reading about your vacation.

  12. Hi Debby! Glad to hear that your vacation plans are shaping up well, and that you found a good place for Noah to stay. Sounds like you’re going to enjoy a wonderful time!

    I was checking out that HomeAway link…looks like some really intriguing places are available through there! You gave me a great idea: I’m going to show my husband and see if we can arrange a family meet-up in Cambria next summer for my mom & step-dad’s 35th anniversary.

    As for the hair, I like this cut on you; but then, I’m partial to short hair, especially in the summertime. (I get to see what fun thing my stylist comes up with tomorrow morning! 🙂

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