I’m Back!

I’m back, and guess what the first topic of conversation is?  You only get one guess.  Yep, that’s right.  Its food.  I can’t help myself. In reviewing the past ten days, I’m actually pretty excited about how I ate.

I have SO MUCH to tell you about this trip,  but I think I’m gonna go backwards in time, like that crazy Seinfeld episode about the Indian wedding.  So let’s start with this morning’s breakfast, shall we?

Those amazing protein pancakes, topped with a really juicy, delicious ripe peach.  Yumm.  I got some great peaches at Costco before I left on the trip.  They travelled very well, and two of them made their way home with me and were still good!

Last night I called my ‘babysitter’ on my way home to tell her I was coming home a little early, and she told me that Sophie had refused to go in her crate after the first couple of days.  Her comment was “she acts like she’s the boss.”   Hmmm, looks like she understands Sophie perfectly.  So, when I walked in the house at 9pm, it smelled a tad like a kennel.  Guess who was shampooing the carpets at 10pm?   But you know what?  This kind of thing even makes me happy, because I had the energy to do that after driving all day, and also because I had cleaned the house just before I left so it was relatively easy to spot clean the carpets.  This is a different scenario than would have happened in my former (fat) life.  My late dinner last night was also a classic.  One of those little ‘puffy’ cheese-filled  tortillas with some enchilada sauce and my simple salad, and some greek yogurt with frozen  blueberries and some walnuts.  Yumm.

It just seems natural to go back to my ‘regularly scheduled eating.’  This is also different than my last trip back from Oregon, where I obsessed about food the whole way home.  This time I had quite a few healthy snacks with me, and I ate them all.  The only thing I stopped for was coffee.  Do you guys have Dutch Brothers coffee where you live?  I LOVE these places.  I mostly go to them when I’m in Oregon. There’s only one in California, as far as I know.  They are all drive through, and they always have the nicest young people working in them.  They prepare each drink individually, even the ‘just coffee’ that I usually order.  This time I had one frozen ‘Dutch freeze,’ and one ‘regular coffee.’  Coffee perks me up a little better than coke, so I was able to keep driving without getting sleepy.

So.   That little phrase I stuck in there–I ate them all.  That is the only criticism I have of my eating on this trip.  I ate a little too much food.  I can’t believe it, but in ten days of travel, I NEVER went in a restaurant or a fast food joint.  Can you believe it?  I had lots of thoughts about them.  And gave myself permission to go.  But when I thought about the food I would actually eat at a restaurant, and how I would feel afterwards, it lost its appeal.  This is also a big improvement for me.

Let’s see now.  In the interests of full disclosure, I will say that four baked goods  (from bakeries) were consumed, and four servings of frozen yogurt were enjoyed.  Oh.  And there was that giant bag of Costco Trail Crack Mix that disappeared over the course of the ten  days.  This is something that ‘intuitively’ I will not be buying again for a long time.  I was fully aware that I would eat too much of it when I bought it.  But I have wanted to eat it for four years, and I decided that that would be my treat for the trip.  And really, that is probably why I didn’t eat more junk on this trip.  I was content eating this junk.

The scene this morning:

Mr Monk enjoys ‘his’ chair.

Sophie tries to catch some ‘rays.’

And me. Au naturel  ‘morning’ photo.  Hey, I haven’t gained back ALL my weight!

A big batch of my homemade yogurt is incubating.  I will be picking up the big guy later today.  All is right in debby’s world at the moment.  Come back later today for more pics and chat!


9 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. So glad you are back!! What a great picture of you and IS THAT A TATTOO????????????????????

    Seriously, is it? I didn’t know you had a tattoo…you MUST tell the story!! Pleeeeeeze!!!

    This sentence – “But when I thought about the food I would actually eat at a restaurant, and how I would feel afterwards, it lost its appeal. This is also a big improvement for me.” is a big part of the new book I’m reading – making choices and accepting the consequnces often lessens the desire. Good job Debby!!! 🙂

  2. Really, it sounds like a win on the food situation – being away from home for 10 days and not having any fast food??? That’s fantastic! Love how you got right back to eating normally at home (and I still need to find those cheesy tortillas, thanks for reminding me!).

    Your babies missed you…looks like Sophie staged her own little rebellion in protest. But all is right in their world now.

    One more thing…you have a tattoo??? How did I miss knowing this tidbit – do share!

  3. Welcome back!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Sounds like the feeding part went really well. And you look well-rested and happy…what better result from a vacation? (And yes, another vote for the tattoo story!)

    Mr. Monk and Sophie look very glad that you’re home!

  4. Welcome home!
    That was so cute… Sophie thinks she is the boss.
    Are you growing your hair longer? I think it look kinda cute and tussled in that pic. I like it longer.
    And yes, you gotta dish on the tat!

  5. ditto on waiting for the tat story

    so did you buy ready to eat foods at the grocery or stayed somewhere with a kitchen or what did you do? maybe you said and I just missed it – ?

    I really missed you all week.

  6. I think it sounds like you found a fabulous balance. Good job!

    Love those pix of the doggies. (Of course….I always say that and always will!)

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