Quilt Show

Okay.  This here post is for Sybil, and all you guys who just like the eye candy that quilts can provide.  No thoughts about weight loss or food or exercise today. The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is a major event.  There are classes all week during the day, and special events in the evening.  And it all culminates on Saturday, when ‘the biggest outdoor quilt show in the world’  takes place.  Hundreds of volunteers hang 1300 quilts from the sides and front of every building in this picturesque little town.  It really is something to see.  So here goes.  It was difficult to  choose which quilts to show you.  In the end, I decided to show the quilts that I could give credit to their creators  for.   Each quilt is shown as a whole and followed by a close-up shot so you can  see detail work and stitching.

This first quilt is by Katie Pasquini Masopust.  She is a well-known artist who is now doing abstract painting combined with quilt design.  I am not sure if this is one of her older works, or more recent, but I really liked it.  That is something I like doing–cutting out little pieces of fabric and sewing them on top of another larger piece.

This next quilt is made by a pair of famous quilting sisters, Pat Holly and Sue  Nichols.  They made this smaller version of a quilt for themselves after they won a major award with the original and it went to be hung in a museum.  Pat Holly does the most amazing miniature quilts I have ever seen.  If you click the link, be sure to notice the size of these quilts.

Sue Spargo was one of the featured artists at this show.  She has an amazing life story.  Out of hardship was born an incredible creative talent.  This quilt was made to celebrate her 50th birthday. It has 50 little birds on it (you know I liked that) and the small brass words were made by her son.  She uses a lot of wool.  That interests me because you know I have quite a collection of wool amassed for my rug hooking, and if that doesn’t happen, I can always use it to make quilts!

Saw these gorgeous poppies growing in the middle of town.  They are my favorite poppies–red with a black center.  I wish I could grow them.

I reconnected with an old friend from my days in Wichita Falls, TX. He is now a WORLD FAMOUS QUILTER.  I am not kidding.  Neither of us quilted back then.  We had other interests in common.  That was back in my dog showing days, and we met when Ricky came to buy a cocker spaniel from us.  There’s a lot more to that story, but that is for another day, another blog.  We haven’t seen each other or spoken for probably 20 plus years.  It was great to see and talk to him again.  He has not put our picture on his blog.  I guess he doesn’t know I am a ‘Big Time Blogger,’ Tish.

One of Ricky’s many quilts. This one is heavily quilted with metallic thread, which is very difficult to work with.  I love using metallic thread because it is sparkly and shiny, but I often give up because it is such a pain in the butt.

This last quilt is the only one that I don’t know the artist’s name.  But I love the way she used the ‘New York Beauty’ blocks, and turned it into a landscape.  Love  love love it!

The end.  Back tomorrow with what I learned in my classes during the week.  I think I learned some things that will be very valuable, and might have my work heading in a little different direction.

Noah update Thought you guys might like to know Noah is still alive and well.  He has a guest post brewing to talk about his ‘vacation.’  He learned so much in 10 days I can hardly believe it.  And is so much calmer in his crate (no barking hardly.)  Still enjoying the outdoor barking, but that seems to be manageable.  We are going to continue going to dog training classes every week or so.  Plus, he is so much better with people and other dogs (socialized, in other words.)  Not that I’m a hermit or anything…


12 thoughts on “Quilt Show

  1. WOW, Debby! Those quilts are gorgeous. What a treat for the eye-and the soul. I am always amazed by you talented artsy folks (like you too) who can create such beauty. I also liked your picture. You look great. Jane

  2. Loved the quilts – so beautiful!!

    And now I am DYING to hear the Ricky story. DY.ING. Dish, girlie. You look super pretty in that pic btw!

  3. Oh my gosh, we are twinsies…I reconnected with someone from my past – haven’t seen him in close to 30 years – this week, too! What a neat thing – I’m looking forward to hearing about Ricky – and Jill is right – you look so pretty and happy in that picture!

    LOVE THE QUILTS – they are gorgeous…pieces of art to be sure. Thank you for the eye candy!

    Awww, Noah and another stick – I’ve missed him!

  4. Thanks for humoring me, Debbie! Absolutely love the first one – probably ‘cuz it’s not traditional.

    Poppies…..aren’t they just the most gorgeous? They are truly my favorite flower.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these with us! Amazing work, these quilts. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Yet again, I’m reminded of my quilter/artist grandmother; she would have loved this! I don’t know if I’d ever take on quilting as a hobby–heaven knows I have enough languishing hobbies as it is (hello, knitting UFOs)–but I sure appreciate the beauty of quilts. (And flowers. Maybe it’s time for another floral arranging class. BTW, that poppy picture looks like inspiration for a quilt itself. Have you heard of Annie’s Annuals? They have a lot of unique flower varieties; maybe they have a variety of poppy that would do well where you live? I have only had luck with California poppies…in fact, I have some white ones blooming now!)

    The Rick story brings a question to mind: How & when did you get started with quilting?

    Glad Noah is well and is thriving on his training!

  6. Hey Lady (BTB!), I loved this post. The quilts were beautiful. I kept thinking I’d come to my favorite, but then I’d see the next one. I think the birds and the giraffes are my favorites. What a soothing, constructive hobby. I have about 2 on a scale of 1-10 in artsy/crafty ability, so I’m inspired and envious.

  7. Oh, those are beautiful quilts! My grandmother is a lifelong quilter, and I’m blessed to have about a dozen of her creations. She only does the traditional patterns, but her colors and fabrics are beautiful. Her stitches are so teensy, which makes them extra puffy!

    I’d love to go to that quilt show someday!

  8. Such beautiful work. I loved them all. Rickys’ are amazing and he tye dyes himself. It’s truly become an art form. Happy Noah…but where’s Winston..I mean Mr. Monk?

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