The Rest of the Trip

Okay, I’m tired of writing about my vacation, as good as it was.  I miss blathering on about my daily doings and my profound thoughts on weight loss and life LOL.  I KNOW you can hardly wait to hear the regular goings on again.  Oh, I know.  You’d rather hear from Noah but are too polite to say.

So.  The week before the quilt show there are hundreds of classes offered.  They fill up very quickly, but this time my BFF and I were on the ball, and we signed up early in January and got most of the classes we requested.  I signed up for a few different classes than I would usually take, and as the time grew near I started to wonder, ‘what was I thinking?’  Turns out those classes were really great.  Although I won’t do exactly what I learned in the classes, they have inspired me to take my quilting in a little different direction, and have added to the tools I already have.

The first class was with a young woman who is a true artist.  She was so kind and down to earth, so it wasn’t intimidating to me at all.   I chose to follow one of her patterns and just learn the techniques.  Otherwise  I would have spent the majority of the class obsessing about what I was going to create.  She uses wood, paint, paper, stenciling, fabric, thread, and other objects in her work.  I love her choice of colors, which is what drew me to the class in the first place.  Here is a picture of her work.

And here is a picture of the project I completed in class (it is so unusual to actually COMPLETE a project in class!)  Actually, I am going to put a little stitching on it, but essentially it is complete.  I stamped and stenciled on fabric, painted paper, included a piece of my old knitting, did some woodburning, and included some ribbon yarn from an old favorite project.  The mama bird is made of one of my all time favorite fabrics.  I have certain fabrics that I call repeaters. I keep buying them over and over because I am so fascinated by them.  So, even though it was her pattern, I added some personal stuff to make it mine.  And of course, in the end I couldn’t resist adding my favorite verse to the frame!

Okay.  I’m done going backwards in time.  This next picture is from the start of my trip.  A typical picture of Mt. Shasta.  I see it so often on this drive, but am always amazed by the size and the snow on it.  It is visible from I5 for miles.  For the start of my trip I took a cooler bag (somehow this seems easier to carry than a regular cooler) and filled it with stuff I knew would be easy to fix and eat.  I had some Vicky food to take with me.  That was quite a treat.  I did check out the frozen yogurt shop in Redding, where I spent the night.  Note to travelers:  for some reason Redding is a very expensive place to stay.  I recommend trying to make it to Mt. Shasta City or Yreka.  But I was really tired, and that is where I landed.

Did I tell you my BFF is moving?  Their property has been on the market for two years, and of course it sold just a month before our planned trip to Sisters.  So when I arrived at her house, I knew this would probably be my last time to take a long walk on her road.  That first day (after driving for 2 days) I was so achy I only walked very slowly–I think I did four miles in an hour and a half.  The next morning I felt absolutely fantastic and ran almost the whole time–think I did two miles.  Anyway, got a few more nature shots.  This is a really beautiful area of the country.

Then we drove to the house we rented–only 7 miles out of Sisters, and the same price as renting a hotel room.  (That’s how we were able to eat so well–full kitchen .)  This is a view from the road we were staying on, and is the view that Sisters is so famous for.  Sisters is ‘high desert,’ so the road we stayed on was relatively straight and flat.  I got in some good morning runs there.  Not too much other exercise.  I had picked up some exercise bands at Walmart, and did a few arm exercises one morning.  But that’s about it as far as exercise went.

Another view of two of the ‘Sisters.’  I loved the cloud formations this day.

Which brings me to the next class I took.  A more traditional quilt class.  I have admired this little quilt for years.  The class always fills up.  But this year I got in.  I don’t know why I didn’t know it from looking at the picture, but it is paper-pieced  (you sew the fabric onto a pattern on the paper and then remove the paper before quilting,) and each of those little 3 1/2 inch squares has about 7-10 individual pieces in it.  About halfway through the class I said to the teacher, “You mean we’re not going to finish this quilt today?”  Aren’t I a funny girl.  Its gonna take a while to finish, but is something I enjoy doing.  And again, I learned some new techniques from this teacher.

Thursday night I slept TERRIBLE.  Too much stuff on my mind.  Creative overload maybe.  But I went to the next class anyway.  And EVERYONE and EVERYTHING irritated me.  But I’m still so glad I went.  The class was on using ‘lutradur’ in quilting projects.  Ummm, the teacher didn’t even explain  what lutradur was.  I looked it up just now and it is “100% polyester spun bond non-woven translucent web.”  Okay.  Anyways, I REALLY like it.  These are the pieces I painted in the morning.  I came back after lunch and stamped a couple of the pieces, and then left class early–went back to the house and just RELAXED.  Best decision ever!   Still, I really think this is something I will be using.  I just have to decide if I want to invest in all the paints.  Both teachers were VERY generous in having hundreds of paints and other products there for us to try.

I had picked up this card earlier in the week and thought it described exactly how I felt that day–gave it to my BFF that night.

Just one more quilt from the quilt show–don’t you love the luminosity in this piece.  Notice how the black and white fabrics give it a spark.

A view of ‘the road less traveled’ on the way to the waterfalls.  Thought I would be one of those crazy bloggers who takes pictures through the windshield while she is driving…

And a picture of the crazy blogger herself.  I think I was driving pretty slow when I took this…  BTW, Best. Buy. Ever.  Walmart had some sleeveless t-shirts for $5, and I bought four of them.  Think I lived in them on this trip.

So that’s the end of the trip.  But wait!  There’s more!  Before I left I had been corresponding with a lady who opens a quilt sale shop (commission) for the summer months in Sisters.  I hurried up, finished up a few quilts, signed them, and priced them, and took 15 up to show her, thinking she would pick 2 or three to keep in the shop.  She liked them so much she kept all 15 , even though I had them priced higher than a lot of the quilts there!   And I emailed her when I got home and she had sold  three of them!!!  SQUEEE!!  I am so jazzed about that.  Two of the ones that sold were completely my own  ideas and design.  That makes me double happy.

Okay.  Back to real life.  I have some of that delicious chai tea brewing on the stove, and I am going to roast some baby beets I bought at the farmer’s market for a beet salad, Shelley.  BTW, did you all know I won Shelley’s Nikeplus on her blog giveaway?  She is such a generous blogger!  Maybe I will learn how to use it this afternoon…


10 thoughts on “The Rest of the Trip

  1. Ack, beet salad! I was all excited about your quilts selling until I got to that! OK, I’m still excited – that is so cool!!! And I agree with Lori on the Etsy store!

  2. Oh, I just love all the art you’ve shown today and the last post (I adored the one with the 50 birds). I really enjoyed your piece with the paint, fabric, stencil work, knitting, etc. Wonderful!

    How exciting that she took ALL your quilts… and they are selling. That is the ultimate compliment, when people are willing to part with their hard-earned money because they love your work. 😀

  3. Yay for selling quilts!!! I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I honestly never knew that quilts could be so beautiful and creative. Some of those quilts are just extraordinary – like fine art.

    Yeah, whatever happened to the Etsy store? (hint hint)

  4. Ok, so much to discuss in this post. Love the pics, you crack me up driving and snapping (pics, that is). You look GREAT and I like the walmart shirt (doncha love a bargain!). And what AWESOME HAPPY news about your quilts! I bet that gave you even more incentive to get crafting when you arrived home. Keeping all 15??? And selling 3 already???? You rock on with your quilting self.

  5. I have many of the white stag sleeveless shirts – really good, high arm hole coverage.

    loved the pics

    you might have said and I just missed it – where is your friend moving now that property sold?

  6. I KNEW you’d sell some!! This was such a lovely post, Debby. The photos are just beautiful (yes, including the one of YOU, too!) and your quilts…just awesome. I love the mama bird fabric, too. This was a great thing to read this afternoon. Made me smile 🙂 Thank you for that.

  7. You might be tired of writing about the trip, but I’m not tired of reading about it! 🙂 But then, I really enjoy reading everything you post. Glad you’re back!

    I loved the photos and descriptions. And congrats on selling your quilts! I’m not surprised; your work is fantastic even in just photos…and knowing how photos tend to not do proper justice to beautiful things, they must be even more amazing “in person”.

  8. Ok, my favorite quilts on this entry were yours with the bible verse of my favorites, gave me peace when one of my dogs died. And I love the last quilt you showed. I spent a lot of time zooming in and pulling back. Reminds me of water and how images shimmer and transfigue through of water.
    I’m a quilt nut, have been known to spend quite a bit o ftime just staring at quilts at a quilt show or at quilts that were passed down to me from grandmothers.
    can only sew on buttons and sew a seam or two on some split pants.

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