Various and Sundry

Just checking in with a few thoughts and ideas.  First of all, for those of you who worry about my lack of sweatiness, I thought I’d tell you I am SWEAT-TY tonight.  It is still hot here, and I felt like running when I took Noah out for our after-dinner walk.  Not too far, but definitely a bit of cardio for the day.   We got in a nice long (3 mile) walk this morning, and normally I would have gone to the gym for a weights workout and a swim, but about the time I was considering going I realized it was the day for that yoga class I’d been meaning to try.  I called my friend and she was thinking about going too.  So I changed clothes real quick and ran down there.  Well, in the car I ran down there.

It was a different kind of yoga than I have done.  (Not that I’m such an expert.  I’ve only done yoga with television or DVD’s.)  It was called Restorative Yoga, and at first I thought IT WAS SO SLOW.  It stayed slow, but got progressively more challenging.  I felt like I got a lot of really good stretching out of it, and I think I’ll give it another try.

Here’s a taco salad  I fixed.  It was so extremely delicious that I had to share it with you.   Made the salsa in the morning so it could marinate all day–just a fresh tomato, some chopped onion, chopped cilantro, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Cooked up 4 ounces of extra lean ground beef, added a little taco seasoning and water.  Put chopped romaine lettuce (I am really liking this stuff–it keeps its crispness very well)  and chopped jicama in the bowl, topped with a bunch of salsa and some of the vinegar, and topped that with 1/2 the ground beef, a few chopped olives, and  some grated asiago cheese (this is the only cheese I had, but it definitely added to the flavor.)  Again, didn’t need to add any salad dressing to it.  With the balsamic vinaigrette and the ‘sauce’ from the taco meat, that was plenty.

Yesterday at work during my lunch break I was working on  my ‘Do you Cope by Eating?” workbook and the chapter was describing all the various and sundry emotions that can cause you to overeat, and it made me Extremely Anxious.  I REALLY wanted a cookie bad.  And I knew just one cookie wouldn’t do it.  So what I finally decided to do was to get up and take a nice long walk outside.  And while I walked I thought about it, and I told myself that if I still needed something after work I had permission to get a cookie or a frozen yogurt.  And that seemed to work.

I do think I made this little concoction for myself when I got home.  Some of that frozen strawberry yogurt that is too hard blended with just a bit of greek yogurt.  Makes a nice soft serve.

Here’s another concoction I came up with.  A while ago I tried a recipe that Georgie gave me for chocolate cheesecake. It was pretty good, but a little too ‘cheesecakey’ for me.  So I stuck it in the freezer.  I blended one slice with a cube of frozen banana and a little yogurt.  Put it on top of another ‘failed’ recipe.  I tried to make some chocolate protein cookies and they came out too dry.   The chocolate cheesecake frozen yogurt was YUMM, but the ‘cookie’ was still too dry.  I’m gonna give up on them.  Sometimes I try to doctor something up that is just not worth the calories in  it.

I’ve been working every other day, so on the day in between try to relax but also get in a lot of little chores at the same time.  When I got back from vacation I made a batch of yogurt that failed.  It was the first time that had ever happened to me.   Then I got a different kind of starter yogurt and tried again.  Perfectamente!   Best batch yet.  So today I decided to make another batch (using the old batch as the ‘starter.’)  This is how I make it into ‘Greek’ Yogurt.  Vickie’s coffee filter method.  Works great.  And rival’s Fage for sure.

Want to highlight a couple of new blogs from old friends.  The brilliant and funny Jill (formerly known as The Sassy Pear) has started a new blog about her ‘everyday life’ called  Unfolded Laundry.  Check her out and be sure to read the page ‘Why Unfolded  Laundry?‘  My friend Pubsgal has started an online food journal with the brilliant name ‘Pubsgal Eats.’  This is the funniest most real food journal out there.  Apples with a bite out of them, diagrams on a napkin when she forgot to take a picture.  And sometimes the food talks.  F-U-N-N-Y.

I have some more serious thoughts about IE and the scale and other stuff, but gotta get to bed–work again tomorrow.  I’ll be back in a day or two  with more scintillating conversation!


14 thoughts on “Various and Sundry

  1. eager of your IE thoughts of course and now also jonesing (does anyone say that any more?) for a taco salad.

    Im loving all the new foodblogs and yet am fascinated by how it/they do NOT make people obsessive about their food.

    quite the opposite in fact.

    I think I would start to obsess?
    or, more likely, resent having to snap then eat.
    Im an EATEAT.

    xo xo


    • I’m with you Miz – taking pics of my food all day long would def make me obsessive! And I’m patient enough to stop and take a pic first! 🙂

    • I wonder if it has to do with whether food journaling in general is crazy-making for a person or not? For me, it worked pretty well, after I made it into more of a checklist. Then I got to tracking with a calorie counting iphone app; it gave me some good info, but THAT just got too crazy-making. I stopped for awhile. Photo journaling is easier, and I’m enjoying the novelty of it. Although I’m finding myself writing as much of what’s in the photo as possible right now, I’ll probably write less commentary over time.

  2. I love your food ideas. Being fairly new to this, I’m still struggling with what to eat, but I’m going to have a taco salad for lunch. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Debs! I am so envious of your ability to just throw things together. If I don’t have a recipe, I’m lost. Not so good with the little-bit-o-this/little-bit-o-that.

    Headed to Pubsgal’s new digs right now…

  4. Wow, the chocolate cheesecake contraption sounds lovely. Sorry the original disappointed, but glad its didn’t go to waste!

    I got a vitamix recently and some of the “ice creams” I tried came out too icy and not creamy enough. (Ice and milk and sweetener and flavorings). But after I put them in the freezer (to become rock solid) and re-blended them with a bit more milk, they hit the spot. Apparently, cubes of lousy ice cream are better than plain ice cubes for making good ice cream. Next tmie I’m trying frozen chocolate milk cubes instead of plain ice.


    • Wow, Georgie, as usual you have great ideas. The next time I make frozen yogurt I will put the leftovers in an ice cube tray to make them easier to reconstitute–thanks. And yeah, the cheesecake thing was just fine. I am just not a giant fan of cheesecake, that’s why I said it was too cheesecakey–for me, not for everybody.

  5. Yum. Your descriptions and pix are making me hungry. Good thing it’s coming up dinner time soon. I like the way you postponed your craving while you took a walk and promised yourself you could have it later. That strategy is working for me, too. How come I never thought of it when I was younger??

  6. *blush* Thanks for the glowing review of “Pubsgal Eats!” I’m having fun with it; coming up with ways of making it funny is a good creative writing exercise for me.

    Mmmmm, taco salad! *Love*!!! You sure sure do some tasty-looking things with your “failures.”

  7. Your salads always look so amazing. I think I might just try that taco salad. The BBQ one looked great, too. Oh, heck – I’ll try them all! 🙂
    You’re really getting quite good at the food photography 🙂

  8. you know a picture is good when you can see the walnut ‘dust’. always love your pics. very glad your computer problem has resolved itself. I don’t think it was on my end as nothing has been changed or reset. I did wonder if your computer resets itself automatically and if that is what solved it – ? loved your comment this morning – as it had crossed my mind too. But I am very firmly looking for the positives.

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