Food Fabulous and Flops

What I eat on any particular day is very influenced by two things.  Number 1:  What I have in my house.  Number 2:  What I have been reading about/hearing about/looking at.  I present two cases in point.

I bought a big box of fresh blueberries at Costco the other day.  I don’t actually like eating plain blueberries.  But I love to make scones with fresh blueberries.  So before I froze the rest of these, I decided to make a batch of blueberry scones this morning.  I tried using spelt flour instead of whole wheat flour this morning.  FAB-U-LOUS.  One of them is very satisfying for breakfast.  With the added walnuts and flaxseed meal, and using yogurt for the liquid, they have a good amount of protein.

Later in the day I tried to make some granola that I had seen and bookmarked. I think I am giving up on making my own granola.  I followed the recipe.  I set my timer to check every 10 minutes.  I even lowered my oven temperature a little bit.  And still I burned the whole batch and had to throw it out.   And I was left with that lovely cinnamon smell in  my house driving me nuts.  So I made a little bowl of ‘raw’ granola for a snack–very satisfying I must say.

In the afternoon I went out to do a few chores and that included a stop at the grocery store and the farmer’s market for VEGETABLES!  I have vegetables in the house.  All I have to do now is to EAT them.  Instead, I had something I had been hankering after for a few days.  I had a discussion with my brother about the best hamburger place in Amarillo (yes, Texas, home of beef-lovers.)  And then I saw Lori’s delicious little burger on her blog the other day.  So I looked for those buns at the grocery store, couldn’t find them, and bought a box of Thomas’s Hearty Grains English Muffins to use as a bun.  (Even though I’m not eating much wheat.)  And I bought some ground sirloin at the store too.  And this is what I had for dinner.  EXTREMELY SATISFYING.  Not too many veggies.  Part of the problem is time and planning.  I’ll get ’em going pretty soon.

Then, I remembered I had a pack of (I’m embarrassed to admit this) Reese’s PB Cups.  ‘Only’ 100 calories.  And there were 8 for a dollar.  Well, the package is twice the size of the actual piece of candy.  SOOOOO not worthy.  These will be gone tomorrow morning.  Kind of makes me mad at myself that I have to keep testing the waters.  Who said they were like Lot’s wife,  looking back wistfully at her old evil life until she turned into a pillar of salt?  I don’t have to tell you what kind of pillar I will turn into if I keep looking back wistfully at my old life.

Overall, I am pleased with my food choices today, and especially with the AMOUNT of food I ate.  It was just right.

P.S. My blueberry scone recipe really needs to be updated.  I’ll try to do that in a day or two.

10 thoughts on “Food Fabulous and Flops

  1. tomato is actually a fruit. . .
    but the picture is really good!

    what kinds of veggies did you buy?
    I have been hitting the farm stand every Friday.

    • I got cauliflower, brussel sprouts, zucchini, artichokes. I already have romaine and baby lettuce for salads. Wanted some green beans but no good ones yesterday. And a bunch of tomatoes, which still count as veggies in my book!

  2. Oh, scones, how I love(d) them. I have a great little scone cookbook and my favorite is scones with dates and orange peel. I made a couple batches a week at one point in my life. Okay, have to wipe the drool from my keypad. Yours looks great, too. I made half and half burgers (93% beef and turkey) the other night in honor of the 8 yr old’s first 5 mile bike ride. I got whole wheat buns for them, but I used lettuce for my buns. Your tomatoes (veggie in my book, too) look fabulous. We had a nice bunch from our plants about a month ago, but the plants are just beginning to recover from the heat and have only recently set out new flowers. Sigh–I love home grown tomatoes. It’s the farmer’s market for me on Saturday. And, BTW, that’s me who compared myself to Lot’s wife. You made me laugh, picturing pillars of various verboten agents of obesity.

    • Tish, the story behind ‘my’ scone recipe is that it has been adapted over and over from the original which used straight heavy cream for the liquid component. And I made them all the time. I don’t make these all the time any more, because I would eat them all the time still. But fairly nutritious, and they freeze great. Must be re-heated in a toaster oven, IMO, and not microwave.

      I am trying to grow my own tomato plant again–holding my breath. It actually has about 6 green tomatoes on it. Neighbors and friends are pretty generous.

      And sorry I didn’t credit you for the Lots’ wife statement. Obviously made an impact on me. Your comment really made me laugh ‘picturing pillars of various verboten agents of obesity.’

  3. You know, it’s good that we’re pretty careful about what we eat in this blogosphere…I had a cheeseburger for dinner last night, too!

    LOL about the Lot’s wife comment. I always felt sorry for her, actually. OT was so harsh! But yeah, I’m finding processed candy less and less worthy anymore, too. (Even bars…that pb&c protein cookie bar thing was unworthy, but I needed the fuel and was too cheap to throw it away and eat something else.) If I really want pb&c, I get a little good quality, dark chocolate (70%+) and spread a little real peanut butter on it.

  4. Hi, Debby. I love seeing photos of what you’re making and eating. You are so much better at trying recipes than I am, and your food looks so nutritious and delicious. I need to take a clue from you and try some new recipes. I am in the rut of “dining out” a bit too much. Thanks for sharing.

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