The Right Equipment

I guess this is something everybody already knows, but thought I’d put it out there for those just starting out on this fitness journey who might not be as inclined to treat themselves to ‘the right equipment.’  Whew.  That sentence was a little too long.  But you probably get my drift.

I’m actually one of those people prone to just make do and not invest a lot of money in the right equipment.  But because of the encouragement of certain bloggettes, I happen to have  a nice collection of running gear.   Dietgirl talked a lot about the right sports bra, and while I didn’t get the one she recommended, I did get a darn good one.  And then Vickie told me about the wonders of wearing two pairs of socks.  Lori and Shelley have talked quite a bit about their running clothes, and so when I was at Marshall’s one day, I shelled out a few more dollars than normal for a really nice pair of running pants.  And of course, due to Shelley’s generosity, I have a Nike Plus that I can use (don’t tell Shelley, but I haven ‘t quite figured out how to use it yet…)  And I have my beloved Saucony running shoes, which I do replace pretty regularly, since I walk (and run ) so much.

So almost every day…well, on my best days…I put on all the right equipment and head out for my walk with Noah.  Even when there was an extended period of time there when my knees and my back were hurting too much to want to run.  But I was READY if everything felt right.  And eventually I just started back running, and challenging myself to go a little farther and to run a bit more UP the hills.  And having all the right equipment on made a tremendous difference in how far and how hard I would try to keep going.  And now, I’M RUUU-NNNING (said in a Forrest Gump voice.)  This morning after practicing Noah’s obedience lessons with him, we ran for practically the whole three miles.  And tonight, after listening to the Two Fit Chicks podcast (I LOOOOVVVE THESE PODCASTS SOOO MUCH!!!) I WANTED to go out and run again!  So I put Noah in the car (he loves the car ride) and drove to the end of the road so we could run where it was a little flatter. That was fun.  Not too far, probably a mile or so.  But a cool breeze was blowing, I had taken the time to put the right equipment on again, and it just makes me feel good about myself.  The bra–well you know what that does, and the pants–they just stay in place, don’t bunch up , and they kind of move with me.  And the two pairs of socks–I hate it when my socks get wrinkled inside my shoes.  Wearing two pairs not only gives my feet extra cushioning, they just stay in place so nicely.  And to quote Forrest again,  That’s all I want to say about that.

Wildflowers along the road tonight.

Today my food choices were SUPERB (gotta say that in a French accent.)   PLEN-TY of veggies.  A modicum of fruit, a little dairy, a little protein, and not too many dessert type foods.  (But enough to make me satisfied.)  I made two batches of yogurt and strained one so I have plenty of regular AND Greek yogurt for the week. I did some ‘grown-up chores’ (good grief how old do I have to be before I stop thinking of boring maintenance stuff as  grown-up chores?)  And when I came home from that, the day was about gone, but I put some beets in to roast for a salad, and then I washed ALL THREE DOGS!   Don’t Sophie and Mr. Monk look fluffy LOL?  (The first shot is on my ‘auto’ setting, and after that I experimented and figured out how to set the camera to night time shots–what a difference, huh?)

Okay, this last shot of Noah is a bit too much of a ‘self-portrait.’  A little too much of my clutter showing up in this pic.  That rope thing is one of his beloved ‘childhood’ toys that he has recently rediscovered.  He still has that funny puppy ‘halo’ of fluffy hair on top of his head.

15 thoughts on “The Right Equipment

  1. I love that you write / think in Forrest Gump husband and I do that all the time…”We get along like peas and carrots”. Noah’s halo is so sweet….Sophies tummy is so pink. But Mr. Monk looks melancholy. Can we see a video of him waggin his tail? please?

    I’m thinking of ordering that fancy schmancy bra that Diet Girl talks about..I’m wearing 2 when I workout and the girls still need better support.

    • PJ, The bra I got was PS by Panache. I really like it and it was on sale through Amazon. Haven’t been able to find another one on sale lately though.

      • I don’t think they make this panache bra anymore. Too bad, I really like it.

  2. How cool that you found a good pair of running pants – I love having workout gear that fits really well. I figure, you’re already getting hot and sweaty – might as well be as comfortable as possible (and if the clothes are cute, all the better!).

    On the Nike+, now that I know we are so close in height, you probably don’t need to calibrate it right away. Just put it on, hold down the little round button until it says “run” and then run! Press it again when you stop (I was always forgetting to do this) – it will tell you how far you ran, and I think if you press the other button on the side, it will scroll through your pace and some other things (see, I already can’t remember what it does!)…you can upload everything to the Nike+ website (which is fun because it keeps track of your mileage) or not…make it work for you.

    I got a great sports bra in California…review soon on my blog. You cannot beat a good bra.

    Oh, I love the Forrest Gump voice!

    And the babies look so pretty, although obviously that bath exhausted Miss Sophie, lol!

  3. Yay for clean puppers!

    Good fitting workout clothes can change everything. I remember the first time I got a wicking shirt after wearing cotton for so long and not realizing what a difference it makes. Who knew?

  4. It took me a long time to gather all the Right Stuff ( we’re in a movie quoting mode, right?) for running. My best find is running socks. I learned about them when son#1 was running XC at Georgetown. They are great and make a lot of difference in how my feet and toes fare on longer runs. My biggest problem is keeping DH from my sock stash!
    The pups look happy. Our pooches always looked proud and happy when they were fresh from the shower. DH washed them in the downstairs shower.

  5. (words by Thing 2, typing by mom – we found the tshirt on Lands End!)

    To Mr. Monk: I think you’re so handsome! I am getting a pug tshirt. The color is pink! And I think you’re so adorable.

    To Sophie: I think you’re so cute! I like the way you look and I think you’re adorable, too.

    To Noah: It’s cute when you are chewing on sticks. I love you, too, and think you are all so adorable.

    • To Thing 2,

      From Mr. Monk: Aw shucks, Thing 2. That’s awful kind of you to say an old geezer like me is handsome. PUGS RULE! Glad you found a PINK tshirt. Definitely the best color.

      From Sophie: I know I’m cute and adorable. But thank you for saying so.

      From Noah: RRRRRUUUUFFFFFFFF!!!!! STICKS ARE THE BEST! Do you have any I could borrow?

  6. Thing 2’s comments and your reply are cracking me up. Love the pics.

    And my equipment epiphany was when I realized I could double up on sports bras for extra support. Sure, a pricey good bra is probably better, but doubling up works in a pinch. Of course I don’t run anymore so it’s a moot point…

  7. Hee hee! Looking forward to reading their responses to Thing 2 when I get home.

    On the sports bras: I did the “double up” thing when my run/walks were still mostly walking and when I was losing weight most quickly, and that worked surprisingly well. (Getting some athlete’s anti-chafing stuff, BodyGlide for example, can be really helpful in preventing chafing.) After a few months, though, I had to get a proper running bra. And now that I need new ones, I’ve found that Glamorise doesn’t make the ones I love anymore. Boo hoo.

  8. Love those good looking pups!!! Wow!!! And while Mr. Monk and Sophie are cute–I have a particular fondness for Noah…I just love, love, love him!!!

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