New and Exciting!

To me at least.  And if I don’t start bookmarking the blogs that peak my interest I am going to shoot myself.  Cause SOMEBODY gave me this idea.  And I would certainly give them credit if I was 20 years younger and my memory was better.  Okay, this is the idea:


Doesn’t that look good?  And the idea was this:  just take some fresh fruit, ice, water, and if needed, a little sweetener of choice, blend in the blender, and drink.  That just sounded so refreshing to me when I read it. This was unbelievably delicious, and only 50 calories.  My mind is reeling with all the variations you could make.

To make this I used 10 cherries, about 6-8 small ice cubes, one cup of water and a teaspoon of splenda granulated (which was not really necessary.)  And let me say that I know by definition granita is more frozen or icier.  But this was nice and slushy, and you could make a thousand variations on this.  Use frozen fruit if you want it icier.  Use less fruit and more ice or water for a light refreshing drink.  I might try getting club soda to make it a little fizzy.  But I like the idea of using fresh fruit and plain old water for the most healthful treat.  This was a nice pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon, and a lot less calories than my usual afternoon  snacks.  Pubsgal showed a drink on her brilliant blog Pubsgal Eats (you MUST read this blog.  Its better than  any reality television show I’ve ever seen.)  Anyway, the drink had mint and a bit of rum in it–more variations on a theme.  I have some mint growing in my garden–about the only new plant I’ve gotten this year due to  a certain young man who likes to rearrange my garden–and a touch of mint seems like it would be very refreshing in a granita.

And for PJ, who asked for a wagging shot of Mr. Monk (and also for his NUMBER ONE FAN, Miss Thing 2) here is a picture of Mr. Monk, supremely happy with one of his ‘toothpicks.’  Can you believe this little guy was ever abandoned at the city shelter?  He is a real gem.


12 thoughts on “New and Exciting!

  1. Cute waggy-tail puppy AND the granita looks fabulous. Did you use a non “B” fruit just for me? I love cherries! The frozen dark sweet cherries would be good in there, too. I have a bumper crop of mint, maybe I’ll try that with it, too.

    • What? You don’t like B fruits?? No blueberries for you? No bananas ever? I have to admit, now that I think of it, I mostly like these fruits in other things.

  2. No I really can’t believe that Mr. Monk was ever in a shelter. He is so so so dang cute and SWEET. Bless you for adopting him.

    Off to check out that blog!

  3. I’m blushing over here. (*blush*)

    That granita looks good! I’ve seen recipes for them in ice cream cookbooks, which involve making super-sweet fruit juice, freezing, scraping, freezing some more…this looks much simpler. It kind of looks like the “fruit juice” Thing 2 and her friend made. They’d been drinking some lemonade, and eating watermelon, and soon the watermelon was getting squished up into the lemonade, and then they were squeezing lemons in it. I might try making that granita-style, without the grubby 6-year-old hand flavoring, and maybe add a little mint.

    And speaking of Thing 2, my ears are still ringing from the OH HE’S SO CUUUUUUTE! shriek at Mr. Monk’s picture. So glad he’s got a wonderful home with you!

    • Ooh, watermelon-lemonade mint granita? Sounds so refreshing.

      And don’t blush–no two ways about it, you are funny. I should have said (in the next post) that I actually checked Pubsgal Eats BEFORE I went to June’s blog.

      p.s. Did Thing 2 see the doggie’s response to her comments?

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