No, I am NOT.  Can you believe anyone had the nerve to actually tell me that?  Stupid customer service representative.  Parking services at UCDMC IS HOSTILE to nursing services.  And that is all there is to that.  We have to go through this hassle* every couple of years.  I write to the Director of Nursing. I renew my parking permit on company time.  And life goes on.  [ *Hey, I looked up hassle on Miriam Webster and they actually had parking as an example of a hassle–that Miriam knows what she’s talking about:  “something that is a source of irritation <itʼs a hassle to find a parking space downtown> — see annoyance.”]

Okay.  Other annoyances that I AM NOT HOSTILE about.  Comcast ‘guaranteed’ my dad a $99/month bundle fee.  The past three months they have billed him $157, $167, $177, and now $183.  Fortunately for them, they had too many phone calls, so I had to send them a NOT HOSTILE email.

Last night I was enjoying my bi-weekly pleasure of an internet ‘tv show’ on quilting.  I can’t even blame this on Noah.  I just fumbled and dropped my diet coke on the ethernet box.  That was the end of the internet INSTANTANEOUSLY.  No hostility involved here, because, well, you know where that hostility would have to be pointed.  I was a wee bit testy with the internet people who never answer their phone.  $100 later, I am able to sent NOT HOSTILE emails to whomever I please.

Okay.  So the point of this post?  Hmmm, I’m  not sure.  Well, I did not eat emotionally because of all the HOSTILITY I  WAS NOT feeling.  Pretty good, huh?  I did have a beet salad, which Shelley might consider a hostile act.

Oh.  Here’s what I really wanted to say.  I decided to head on over to Bye Bye Pie and check out what June had to say.  I thought that might cheer me up.  And indeed it did.  She is SOOOOOO funny.  She had a post, mostly about her dog Talulah (who has her own facebook page–shhh, don’t tell Noah.)

I have an appointment with ‘my counselor’ Wednesday.  Mostly to talk about why I should retire.  I should retire before I am fired for sending NOT HOSTILE emails to anyone and everyone.  Perhaps I should talk  to my counselor about other people’s problems in properly identifying HOSTILITY.

Does this look like the face of a hostile person????


22 thoughts on “I AM NOT HOSTILE

  1. HaHaHa. Breathe in. Breathe out. You’ve had a time. It’s good you’re NOT a HOSTILE type person. Oh I ache for you about the ethernet box diet coke bruhaha. That’s absolutely no fun at all. Neither is paperwork hassle with persnickety parking lot peeps. Maybe you can sic your poochies on ’em. Or maybe not. Hugs.

  2. is that what Sharla and I call the aztec shirt (Walmart, White Stag?) in your non-hostile picture? I have it in chocolate brown and white and love it.

    • I think it is Vickie. Its one of those sleeveless tees that I bought at the beginning of my vacation. they fit just so perfect and I love them. This is the only patterned one that I have.

  3. Sophie is giving you the white-eye, lol.

    I was with you on the NOT HOSTILE thing until the beets. Then I got hostile. 😉

    It sucks when people are dumb and don’t do what they are supposed to do. Sounds like you’ve been dealing with a lot of crappity crapcrap – one thing would be manageable, but pile a bunch together and, well…NOT HOSTILE ensues!

    Sorry about your diet coke. Did you at least have another can in the fridge?



    • That’s hilarious Shelley that you noticed Sophie giving me the ‘white-eye.’ The nerve of me interrupting her 80th nap of the day by snapping a photo LOL.

      Hilarious comment on the Diet Coke. EXACTLY my thought process.

  4. Oh, Debby, I’d be feeling so…not…HOSTILE!!! too if I were in your shoes right now. (Although the situation with your dad’s Comcast billing singes my bacon a bit.) That is awesome that you didn’t let your NOT HOSTILITY make you eat stuff.

    And that *is* a lovely tank top you’re sporting!

    • Thanks for siding with me. I felt so much better just writing this. And then to get such fun comments. Well, blogs rule (to quote Mr. Monk…oh, I guess he said Pugs rule…) Anyway, thanks everyone. Its been a terrific afternoon after all.

  5. How ’bout ‘spunky’ ? Thats a good word. Sweety i would never, NEVER label you ‘HOSTILE’ 🙂 Trust me working at Lowe’s i run in ‘hostile’ every day! I know me some hostile customer and employees alike!

  6. I’m not picking up on any hostility at all. None. Nada. Zilch.

    Of course, Comcast just canceled (without notice) the “special package deal” they offered me and cut my line-up in half. I called them and was NOT HOSTILE at all. I was practically cheery, in fact. It’s not my fault we were cut off abruptly in the middle of the customer rep’s fourth time through the same spiel about their right to adjust the line-up at any time.

    Wishing you more NOT HOSTILE days ahead,

    • Oh if only Comcast knew. The entire future of their company is in the hands of a few disgruntled ‘healthy living’ bloggers (is that what we call ourselves?)

      Anyway, hilarious comment, Cammy. Thanks for giving me a laugh.

  7. You’re not hostile, Debby–you’re just taking care of business. I can understand being “NOT HOSTILE” with the cable and internet folks. Dealing with those people would try the patience of a saint. Sorry so many “NOT HOSTILE” events occurred so close together. Nevertheless, you persevered and didn’t get into the food in spite of being “NOT HOSTILE.” That’s a triumph!

  8. Oh, Comcast gets me hostile in about a half a second!

    Can you elaborate more on “my counselor”? Because the quotes have me confused.

  9. Shall we change the name of your blog to NOT HOSTILE WEIGHS IN? You’re so funny when you’re being NOT HOSTILE! I love it, but I’m sorry your having to deal with all these cruddy situations. And spillage on anything electronic send me into orbit! Oh that is so frustrating!!!!

    The fact that you did not eat emotionally in any of this really says something about how far you have come. Really, you deserve a medal or something. Seriously.

    I LOVELOVELOVE ByeByePie. June is like my dessert when I have finished all my blog reading – I save hers for last because I know she is going to crack me up! Which reminds me, I have over a week’s worth of BBP to catch up on. (I loved Noah’s post btw – very cute!)

    Okay that’s all for me. Try to be NOT HOSTILE to someone else today so you can write about it and make me laugh again,k? 🙂

    • It was almost worth having those frustrating situations to have that much fun writing something and hearing from everybody. Gotta love your bloggie friends.

      And that’s how I think about June too! Well, if only I would read her and NOT eat dessert too…

      So far so good at work. Had a peaceful interaction at parking services. Thought about that verse about blessing your enemies on the way over to their office… almost lost it when I had to go and apply for a new password for something else, and they made me answer three ‘security questions,’ one of which I had to make up and then they kept rejecting my password because it was not STRONG enough. Give me a break. Your precious information is not that valuable. As someone said, what is someone going to do, break into the system and LEARN something? Fortunately, I was in the library and so I couldn’t really say anything NOT HOSTILE because that would have involved NOT RAISING MY VOICE.

      • [Pubsgal’s Public Service Announcement]

        Oh, passwords. For a strong password, use more 7 or more characters, and make sure it has a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers…punctuation, too, if they’re allowed. Something like this may be appropriate:

        iM!Ir8! <- "I am NOT irate!"

        It's a pain, but to maintain your NOT HOSTILE state of mind, use different ones everywhere. Mr. H&H got his iTunes account hacked, and the damage control was not pretty.

        [End Pubsgal's Public Service Announcement]

  10. Oh good lord, if YOU’RE hostile, I don’t even WANT to know what “they” would call me 🙂 Give me that customer service rep’s phone #. I’ll show them hostile. Call it my gift to you. LOL

    I want to be you when I grow up.

  11. This was such a fun post! Not hostile…! It takes a special knack to see the Funny in a Not Funny situation. Or, at least someone who is knackered. Oh well, off to check out Bye Bye Pie.


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