This ‘n That

Oh dear.  I really don’t like it when I stop blogging for a bit and leave the last blog entry such a silly one.  Oh well.  That was a fun blog to write, and even more fun to get all the feedback from you all.  I am over my little temper tantrum.  It helped that my boss actually completely agreed with me that parking services were evil and hostile.  She had some pretty funny stories to tell about them.

Well, I have more important things to say, but I think today I will just do a little picturama blog and talk about daily stuff.

Here’s a meal I had the other night.  I actually eat like this a lot because I don’t use big plates.  And sometimes I don’t want my food to touch.  Pubsgal showed a sushi meal and this is how they do it.  It made me feel kind of chic instead of kind of weird.

Today I decided to drive to the end of my road and walk Noah down to the state park.  Me and Oliver used to make this trip quite often, only we walked all the way from home.  My excuse is that that is a little bit long for Noah’s puppy bones.  The truth is, it is a little long and a little hot for my old bones.  So we did 2 1/2 miles round trip, and it was a lovely walk.  I decided to share the sights with you.  The name of the park is Indian Grinding Rocks State Park.  The Miwok Indians used to live there, and well, grind stuff on the rocks.  Here’s a pic of part of the grinding rock.  It is really immense, but difficult to get a good picture of.

They also had these ‘tee pees’  darn it they called them something else.  Anyways, they are made from strips of bark.  I am always impressed when I see things like this.  A very good life can be lived quite simply.  I am not minimizing the amount of work the Indians had to do to exist day to day.  I am just saying we do not need all of our junk to be happy.

I love the big old oaks at this park with their twisted and gnarled trunks and branches.  To think that they existed at the same time as another whole civilization was there.

Good deed of the day.  We noticed this dragonfly kind of buzzing/flopping around on his back.  I got a stick and turned him over.  Not sure if it helped or not, but we felt better for being a good Samaritan!  Aren’t his colors fascinating?

Hot and happy and heading towards home.  Noah really loves riding in the car.  Can’t wait until cooler weather so we can go more places together.

Lunch today was particularly scrumptious.  BBQ chicken salad.  So simple if you have the ingredients on hand.  Pre-cooked chicken strips in the freezer, thawed and mixed with some chopped onion and BBQ sauce, romaine hearts and carrots chopped up, a few walnuts, a bit of bacon  crumbles (I’m gonna use up that giant Costco bag yet!) and a wedge of laughing cow cut up on top.  I’m loving how long it takes to eat a salad.

Back to work for a day tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everbody!


11 thoughts on “This ‘n That

  1. That is just the best picture of you and Noah!!! Love how happy you both look, and with your hair flying in the breeze, I get such a “life is GOOD” vibe!

    I am going to make your BBQ chicken salad this week – every time I see it I start to drool.

    • Haha–my hair is flying in the air conditioning! And that was a ‘life is good moment’–Noah just stuck his big old head up there next to me and I had to snap a pic!

      I even drool over my BBQ chicken salad pics! Don’t know why I don’t make it more often…

  2. I had the same dinner! salad red onion, tomatoe, olives, and romaine with 5 chickfila chicken nuggets sliced up with a little bbq sauce for dipping..I figured it was around 200 calories-maybe.

    Noah and you look so joyous

  3. I loved your picture of the bark homes (wigwams?) and your comment: “I am just saying we do not need all of our junk to be happy.” A good reminder.

  4. How fun is your meal! I’m a sucker for lots of little dishes, that’s for sure. (And now I want to go eat some roasted cauliflower.)

    And what a gorgeous park! It’s wonderful having beautiful outdoors places to go, isn’t it?

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