Hurts So Good

First of all, let me say thank you for all the nice comments.  I could do a whole post around some of them.  Blogging sure is fun when you have the time to do it.

So I’ve noticed a pattern with these out of town trips.  Usually I am trying to make them as fast as  I can (so I don’t have to leave the dogs too long) and I am also trying to give the maximum amount of time to both my dad and my mom.  How it often works out is like this:  I have a day or two of work, and then I get up and leave the next morning.  I could stop at the gym, and I usually consider it, but then I decide I should ‘give’ that time to my mom or dad.  And when I get to the hotel I am tired and don’t want to work out.  And the next morning I am in a hurry to get to the other parent’s to give them the max time.

If you are following this, it means 3 days with a LOT of time in the car driving, and no workouts at all.  Which makes me feel REALLY old and REALLY stiff.  I’m not kidding.  I get out of the car and I swear it is an exact imitation of my 83-year-old dad walking.  But I don’t correlate it at first with all the car driving/lack of working out.   I just start thinking I am really getting out of shape,  and aging quickly.  And sometimes–I’m sure none of you has ever experienced this–that faulty thinking just sort of implodes on you and its harder and harder to get out for the walk or to go to the gym.

I don’t have to keep repeating that pattern, and I am going to take steps to change it.  There are several things I can do.  I can stop at the gym for a workout on my way out of town.  I can also stop at the gym on my way back into town (the gym is on the way to almost any place I am traveling from my home.)  I can take some fun  equipment with me.  I bought some cord things for just that purpose.  And of course, I have a litany of bodyweight exercises that I can do without any equipment.  I can make sure I make a reservation at a hotel with a gym.  And I can just get out and go for a walk before I head over to the parent’s.  I just have to make it a priority like I have done with bringing good food with me.  AND I AM GOING TO DO THIS.  I AM GOING TO REPEAT IT ENOUGH TIMES THAT IT BECOMES A HABIT.   AMEN.

Anyways.  Back to the topic at hand–hurts so good.  So even though it is deathly hot here, I took Noah for a quick walk this morning.  Then I had to go out for an appointment, but I made sure to take my gym bag with me.  And I FORCED myself to go to the gym before I went home.  Once I got there, everything was okay.  The weights felt a little heavier than usual.  But I was able to pick up where I left off.  I worked out on the weights for half an hour, then headed downstairs for something new.

Worked up all my nerve, and asked for a tutorial on the treadmills.  Which I really didn’t need, since I have used them at hotels.  But I am so intimidated to try something new.  Over a year at the gym, and this is the first time I have even APPROACHED the treadmills.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing ‘the right equipment’ for running, but that was okay.  I walked at a fast clip for about a mile.  Then headed out to the swimming pool for some wonderful laps–about 20 minutes worth.   And now I hurt, but its a different hurt than that ‘feeling old and stiff’ hurt.  This hurt makes me walk faster, hold my head higher, and pull my stomach in.  This hurt makes me feel good about myself.


In yesterday’s comments, Vickie quoted Barbara Berkley of Refuse to Regain, and it is such a brilliant quote I really hope you will all go read it.  It states exactly some of the side benefits to losing and maintaining a weight loss that are actually better than a smaller size.  These are things I have noticed and appreciated but have forgotten to point out on this blog.  My complexion is so much better than it used to be.   I stopped wearing make-up a long time ago because it really bothered my eyes.  And now I think my skin looks so much better than it used to.  It used to be kind of ruddy and blotchy.  I have also noticed that I seldom get sick any more.

PJ posted some words of wisdom from her doctor about losing weight slowly.  I am begging you girls who are so impatient to lose your weight to go and read these words.  I’m telling you, they are THE TRUTH.  You can lose it as fast as you want, but there is still a ton of work that must be done that has nothing to do with getting the weight off.

14 thoughts on “Hurts So Good

  1. Hi Debby,

    I completely understand about riding in the car and what it does to the body. I have seen my reflection in too many glass doors and windows of restaurants, etc. getting out of the car and looking like I’m a 90 year old. It doesn’t feel great either–to be as stiff as a board. Also, thanks for printing the links to the comments. They are very helpful. Great discussion on your post yesterday.

  2. I love that you are going to change up your whirlwind visits to include caring for YOURSELF – you are a wise woman. Long car rides can be brutal and as I am facing one this weekend, I’m going to take your advice and at least do some walking and stretching throughout the trip.

    Glad you asked about the treadmill – why is that so hard for us to do??? And by “right equipment” would you mean a sb? LOL 😉

    I really liked that link from PJ – and I LOVED that her doctor said she, at 5’2″ shouldn’t drop down to crazy skinny – that jerk of a doctor that I went to could take some lessons from him. But I’m not bitter. 🙂

  3. ” I am begging you girls who are so impatient to lose your weight to go and read these words. I’m telling you, they are THE TRUTH. You can lose it as fast as you want, but there is still a ton of work that must be done that has nothing to do with getting the weight off.”

    AMEN to that.

    The inner work and all the secondary work is THE focus. People think it is the food and the exercise ALONE. But it is not. Food and exercise are just the parts easily seen. But all the other work is just as important.

    And those who are fixated on a number on the scale ONLY tend not to do well in maintenance. It is the building of the habits (and then the number on the scale is just sort of a side product of those habits) that is KEY.

    In my opinion, weight loss is practice for maintenance. And it is maintenance that COUNTS.

  4. you might take into account how long the ride is and then plan several stretching stops. As in fast walking with arms swinging and exaggerated marching in place with arms swinging and then punching from side to side to work obliques, etc. (If you are doing stretching, stretching then must march or something first to be totally warm.)

  5. I put “How about looking at maintenance with a completely bold vision?” which is the first line of the second quote from yesterday in Yahoo’s search engine and the only match was ME. (which was a very weird feeling). I agree it does sound like Barbara, but I am not sure it is since it did not link to her. . .

  6. I just went and read PJ’s post – I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read that. I’ve been doing a push-pull in my head lately about GETTING IT DONE and TAKING IT SLOW. Taking it slow is hard, thoughtful work, but I KNOW that ultimately it’s the only way to go. My ego wants these extra pounds off NOW and it’s taking a lot of patience and kindness on my part to shut my ego-voice up, but I hope I’m getting there.

    • Yes, I only use the weight machines, the free weights, and the little studio that has balls and steps in it. And the pool, of course. Its not just ‘gym shyness’ although that was a big part of it. I just mostly feel like I want to do my cardio outside. But it gets so dusty this time of year, plus I have a little plan that I will post soon.

  7. I’m realizing that a lot of my comments on yesterday’s post are more applicable to this one. Oh well, you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the link to PJ’s post. That was brilliant! And it helps explain a lot about why my body seems to have reached a resting place of good health (if not “ideal size” by scale-based BMI standards) and is staying for awhile…maybe for the rest of my life, who knows? I’m just darned happy to be feeling physically and mentally good again. (And yes, the “Refuse to Regain” site has been really helpful for me, too, especially when I was starting out. I had my eye on the prize of maintenance from the very beginning.)

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