The Way to Eat

**This entry was actually written on Thursday, but it made that post entirely too long, so I decided to split it into two.

So, in case you or I did not think I was influenced by what I see, here is what I had to eat today.

Saw Lori’s protein waffles on her blog last night, and decided that was what I would have for breakfast.  I was out of  cottage cheese, so substituted yogurt.  they didn’t look nearly as pretty as Lori’s, but they tasted great.  I have not been happy with the blueberry sauce when I have tried to make it, but decided to try one last time, and had the idea of adding in a little apple juice.  That made it just right!

Yesterday I had a hankering for honeydew melon, so stopped at the farmer’s market to get one.  It was gigantic, and cost $8, but oh man, most worthy!   So sweet.   That’s what I had for my mid-morning snack.

At lunchtime, I spied the strawberries that I had purchased at the FM, so took those out.  I decided to go ‘a la Lori’ again, and just had the strawberries with some yogurt and topped with the crumbs from the above bars.  That’s a pretty small lunch for me, but I knew I wanted a mid-afternoon snack to try the bars.

Late afternoon:  Starbuck’s iced coffee and the energy bar.  It had 3 chocolate chips in it!

For dinner, I had noticed Pubsgal’s fish from the night before, and it put me in the mood for a simple fish filet.  Pan-fried (with Pam) over medium high heat with just garlic salt, and then the juice of a whole lemon  squeezed over the fish when it is done cooking.  Paired it with this excellent salad.  This is the first time I have bought goat cheese, and I loved these little individual rounds.  One round is 70 calories, and I only used 1/2 of one.   This was so tasty.  Usually I only have a ‘big salad’ as a meal.  Oh, and I had a home grown tomato on the side.

Pear,walnut, goat cheese, and spinach salad.

Plan to finish out the night with that perfect trifecta of desserts:  a little greek yogurt with a bit of muesli, walnuts and chocolate chips on top.   Come to think of it, I could just crumble half of one of those bars on it, and I would have about the same thing!

Trifecta reminds me of triathlon.  A big congratulations goes to my friend Pubsgal, who just finished her third triathlon!!!   She does a great race report.  Go on over there and congratulate her on such an amazing accomplishment.

And if you just need a bit of cheering up, or inspiration of some sort, check out this video.  Has everybody heard of this guy except me?


6 thoughts on “The Way to Eat

  1. That salad looks right up my alley – yum!

    Isn’t it funny how we get influenced by other bloggers? I guess I had better not start that cupcake business LOL!

    Love that video. It just makes me happy to see it. He dances a lot like I do, kinda goofy.

  2. I have not seen the Matt Video since it first came out and was very glad to see it again. I watch it as a mom and it always brings tears to my eyes. (but I do love it)

  3. I find that my menu’s often are influenced by things I see in blogland. It’s a great way to get inspiration to try something new. Hope your weekend continues to go well.

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