The Way Not to Eat

Just so ya know.   When I post a day of eating like that last post, I really did eat exactly that stuff that day.  But every day does not go exactly like that.  Today started out good, with a big bowl of ‘Custard oats.’  Yumm.  I grabbed an apple and a couple of lo bars to take with me and headed out to church, planning to work out at the gym afterward.

There were a couple of special missionary guys there today, and so they had a luncheon after.  I wanted to stay and hear more, so I did.  I had one excellent cookie while I was helping to set up, and then I looked over at the table of food.  All I could see were sandwiches and chips.  And a giant array of desserts.

Well, it turned out there were a couple of salads hidden in there, so that was excellent.  I took just a few chips to enjoy.  And I picked out one dessert.  Then the premier baker in our church, a lady I love, showed me the desserts she had made.  So I took one of each ‘to take home.’

Then I went to the gym. Had an EXCELLENT workout.  Followed the same pattern as the day before–30 minutes on the weights, down to the treadmill.  Had been hoping to run this time, but my ankle was really bothering me.  So I just cranked it up to as fast as I could walk, and put it on a little incline.  Oh, and I figured out how to use the headphones and watch tv–FUN!  I got some extra inspiration because there was a horse race with the lead/favored horse being a 10 year old female!  I had been thinking I was going to quit or slow it down, and that really got me going.  So I did 20 minutes there and then went out to the pool for 20 minutes of lap swimming.  It was a little chilly today, so I went in the spa afterward.  Lovely.  So during my workout, I was thinking about….drumroll…FOOD.  What else?  Thinking about those desserts.  Thinking about ‘my food’ that I like so much.  How was I going to fit it all in?  By the time I got to the car, I decided to taste the desserts, and just as I thought, they were not ‘worthy.’  They were not what I really wanted.  So I mashed them up and ate the lo bar and the apple on my way home.

But once I got home, I was kind of at loose ends.  Noah was restless, so I really couldn’t do anything.  It was too early for dinner.  And I wasn’t really hungry.  So I just kept snacking.  Aaaack.   Finally decided to take Noah for a walk.  Which was good for him, and it stopped the snackage.

So on my walk I thought about….drumroll….FOOD.  What else?  Now I was really full.  What was I going to do for dinner?  I felt like I needed to get some vegetables in.  But I didn’t really want to cook.  Its Sunday night.  I usually like to have a ‘treat’ on Sunday night (never mind that I just had 233938948 treats during the snackage.)  Then I came up with a pretty good idea.  I could make some zucchini custard oats out of the leftovers from this morning’s breakfast!   That would get the veggies in, and it would be nourishing, but kind of like a dessert treat.

So I shredded some zucchini, put it in the microwave for a minute, grated some lemon  zest into the custard oats, and stirred in the zucchini.  And that’s what’s waiting for me after I finish writing this blog.

After I fixed that, I took the two house monsters and Noah for a walk.  Since its been cooler these past two days I have started doing this.  Unfortunately, I think Mr. Monk really is as old as they told me, and he tires out pretty quickly.  He very gladly accepted my offer of carrying him home.    Yikes, I got in some extra weight lifting there.  The little guy weighs at least 20 pounds.

So actually, this post is just an excuse to post some doggie pictures.  Saturday I took Noah to dog training.  I was so proud of him.  The trainer said she thought he might be ready to do a recall off leash.  I was sure he would just do his own thing–visit the other dogs or take off running.  But he came to me!!  I was so excited.

I was really tired, so I spent most of the rest of the day on the couch, watching episodes of ‘The Dog Whisperer.’ I am finally starting to ‘get’ some of his concepts.  Here is the view from the couch:

Mr. Monk got the ‘place of honor’ right next to me:

Noah is such a handsome boy, isn’t he?

I think Sophie wants to be friends with Noah…

Sophie and I practiced ‘rules, boundaries, and limitations’ a la Cesar.  Sophie ALWAYS wants to be on top of me.  And usually I am most happy to comply.  But if I don’t want her touching me, it is quite a war of the wills.  Her expression in these pictures cracks me up.  She REALLY wants to be touching/on top of my leg.

And lastly, a classic picture of a classy guy:

10 thoughts on “The Way Not to Eat

  1. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard at Sophie’s expressions! She is trying so hard to do what you want, but it’s KILLING her. LOVE her!!! That sleeping picture of Mr. Monk is adorable! So glad he has you for his twilight years. And good boy Noah – to come when called?!? Excellent!!!

    Now, onto the food…I have some days like that, where it seems like food is on my mind Those desserts would not have made it home with me. I hate it when I get obsessed over them. So happy for you that you recognized the unworthiness of them – I’m always surprised when I manage to do that.

    Hope your veggie custard oats were satisfying!

  2. Great pictures – post them any old time you want!!

    It always encourages me when one of my 100+ pound loser blog heros posts about throwing away food because it isn’t “worthy.” I have a hard time doing that because the “think of the starving children in Africa” was hammered into my head.

    You may have felt you gave in to snackage, but seems to me it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

  3. how much do you think the topic of the special missionary guys had to do with all of this food thinking? Emotions that came up in you because of their stories?

    • Interesting thought. I did have a lot of stuff swirling around related to the missionary stories and my coming trip to Africa. But I think it might have been more related to just getting a little too lax with my food choices over the last few days. (Thursday perfect, Friday cake at work, Saturday perfect, Sunday dessert at church…)

  4. Oh the sleeping Monk picture is too cute!!! And poor lil Sophie – she wants her mama!!! And Noah, well you know how I feel about him!! ♥

    Snackage – got me over the weekend too. You handled yourself much better than I did though. 😦

  5. I love your pix. Noah is so handsome, Mr. Monk so cuddly comfy snuggled next to you and little Miss Sophie trying so hard to be a good girl. Neat news about Noah’s training off leash recall success. That’ll be huge in your relationship.
    So sorry my Mr. Munch seems to have come to visit you. Good job on rejecting the baked desserts and on getting in a veggie fix in your custard oats. I’m glad your weather is calming down a bit so you can enjoy being outdoors more. Maybe you can get a stroller or a wagon to avoid having to carry Mr. Monk. Have a great week.

  6. Oh, the weekend. Mine was sort of like the intro to Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.” You did lots of great stuff, even around all the food stuff: you got in a great workout at the gym, you took Noah for a walk. So in a way, it was The Way to Cope with the Way Not to Eat.

    Aw, love the pups!!! Sophie’s facial expressions were cracking me up. Glad Noah is growing into a handsome *and* well-behaved boy. And Mr. Monk…well, he’s starting to make a Pug person out of this Corgi girl, that’s all I can say.

  7. Heehee – Sophie’s face says so much! She is certainly the queen, isn’t she?

    We all have those food thought obsessed days. What an awesome workout,though. Think about how a few years ago you might have eaten all the snacks and not even worked out.

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