In Search of the Holy Grail (of Frozen Yogurts)

When I first discovered my beloved Yogelina’s and fell in love with the frozen tart deliciousness, I did a little research online.  It seemed that Pinkberry was the granddaddy of this new trend of healthy tart frozen yogurt shops that were popping up everywhere.  Ever since then I have searched high and low for a Pinkberry within range of my travels so I could check them out.  A few months ago, I discovered that they were opening a shop in a town about an hour away.  A trip was planned.  Mapquest was consulted.  My friend and I drove up and something about the decor looked a little askew.  There were ladders and stacks of chairs… they weren’t opening for another three days!!!

So today I had a doctor’s appointment–for that stupid bump on my finger–and again we planned a trip that would include Pinkberry.  We decided to eat lunch somewhere where we could get a salad so we would be able to have the yogurt too.  Went to Baja Fresh.  They have a salad that I just love that is not on the menu.  If any of you go there, this is a great salad to order.  Its called a ‘side by side.’  Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado slices, salsa, a little cheese, a little guacamole, and it is all arranged separately on the plate so you can use as much or as little of each ingredient as you like.  I always get the non fat green salsa-like dressing (sorry don’t know the name.)  Anyway, this is a delicious salad, and a really healthy choice.  You don’t even have to eat the chips…

Anyway, we got to town a little early, and I saw a new grocery story everybody at work has been raving about.  Called Henry’s Farmers Market, they are supposed to rival Trader Joe’s.  They were relatively small, like Trader Joe’s, but quite a bit different.  Their produce section was HUGE, and quite beautiful.  We didn’t spend too much time there since we were traveling and it was too warm to keep produce in the car.  We did each score a large honeydew melon for $1.50.  We spent most of our time exploring the ‘bins.’  Oh that was fun.  The prices seemed really really reasonable compared to buying things in the boxes.  I got steel cut oats, walnuts, dried cranberries, some gorgeous crimson-golden raisins, and just a bit of trail mix.

Then dropped my friend off where she could shop for a bit while I went over to the doctor’s.  My blood pressure was 102/64.  I am pretty proud of that number.  The first time I went to the doctor, about 5 1/2 years ago, just a couple of months before I started the weight loss journey, my blood pressure was something like 146/90.  Just on the verge of needing medical intervention.  That number alone is worth all the work I have put into this.

So the doctor laughed a bit at my sketchy medical history.  She thought the bump on my finger was weird too, and ordered xrays.  Then I talked to her about my arthritis.  Its bugging the daylights out of me that my ankle is now hurting.  And guess what she said.  GUESS!  She said, well, its just a part of aging. Can you believe it?  She didn’t even try to soften it up.  But she said I could still keep trying to run.  That’s good.

Okay.  On to the point of this post.  Oh.  Wait.  She also talked me into scheduling a colonoscopy, a mammogram, and bloodwork.  I asked my friend if I could have frozen yogurt after the colonoscopy.  How old am I?  Ten?

FINALLY.  We got to Pinkberry.  ALL OF THEIR FLAVORS ARE TART!  Finally.  That alone makes them better than any other frozen yogurt place I have been to.  They were really friendly, giving us a complete ‘tour’ of their yogurts, free samples of the flavors, and an explanation of their toppings (all the fruit is prepared fresh daily.)  They are not self-serve, and their servings are a reasonable size.  We each got a small (a small is 150 calories.)  Oh my.  The deliciousness.  The creaminess.  The richness.  The purity and the tartness.  Absolute perfection.  My friend and I agreed it was the best frozen yogurt we have had.  It was so good we went back and ordered another small bowl  that we split and shared…


19 thoughts on “In Search of the Holy Grail (of Frozen Yogurts)

  1. by the end I realized (I think) you meant ‘tart’ instead of ‘sweet’.

    In the beginning, I thought you meant the little tiny thing in a sort of pie shell. And I couldn’t figure out how that tied in with yogurt.

    I mean this with a smile – you are such a foodie! I was trying to think if there was anything at all I would plan an outing, an hour away, in order to eat. I came up with nada.

    • Hmmm, trying to figure out a different way to word that. Coming up with nothing this early in the morning.

      I am a foodie, but in fairness to my friend, where we live we have to travel an hour in any direction to get to a major shopping area (except for grocery stores.) So it was really a shopping trip with Pinkberry added on. But of course, in my mind, Pinkberry was the point of the whole trip.

  2. Sounds like a familiar trip , but at least yours ended with yogurt. I tried again Sunday and still couldn’t find one. I may have to go to a mall…heavens!…to a Yofuria or look up Pinkberry and plan a trip.

    • Yes, PJ. Next time you are going somewhere, just google frozen yogurt and maybe call ahead to make sure they are actually open! Definitely a worthy destination. Much better than when I visited Cold Stone on these trips.

  3. Hmmm…we have a Wildberry in town – wonder if it’s similar? I’ll have to check them out!

    After a colonoscopy, you can have ANYTHING you want. I think you should do a post on that – because I’m going to have to have one some day (my maternal grandfather had colon cancer) and I want to know what’s coming. Glad you are going first!! 🙂

  4. You write a great post, Debby. I enjoyed it. Your Baja Fresh salad sounds marvelous. I’m hungry. And I’ll have to do some googling to see if we have any tart fro yo places around here (or Baja Fresh for that matter). I love your BP! I was seriously flirting with high BP two years ago. I take it daily and am proud to show off the numbers to my doctor at my annual visit. I hate that diagnosis from your doc–a normal part of aging. I opted for a virtual colonoscopy last time. You still have to do the horrible “prep” part, but the actual appointment was a breeze.

  5. I want to try some Pinkberry so bad! I just did their store locater and woohoo, they are at the Maui airport! Pinkberry, you and I have a date in a couple of months!!!

    On your ankle pain, at least you weren’t given the “it’s because you are fat” reason…so there is that plus. But yeah, “because you are old” is not fun to hear either. Good on ya for scheduling those tests – and you should absolutely reward yourself for each and every one!!!

    • Wow, Shelley, you are really a spin doctor. Never would have thought there was a worse diagnosis than ‘you are getting old.’ But you are right. I would prefer that 10X over ‘you are too fat.’

      Maui?? You are flying ?thousand miles for Pinkberry? Wow, I bet they’ll make you their national spokeswoman.

    • Ugh, the “you are fat” reason. Now you got me started. 😉 I know in some cases it is legit, but I wonder how often a harried primary care physician throws it out there to avoid really looking into something. Because it’s just too easy to tell people to “lose weight,” without giving them much help how. Not to mention, I wonder how many people ignore symptoms, because they feel they’ll get the “you’re too fat; lose weight; now run along” treatment.

  6. I forgot to tell you – I LOVED the Holy Grail title. Really cute.

    I don’t really eat out. I have a couple emergency food places I can rely on in times of crisis. One restaurant will steam plain veggies for me. And I can go to most any grocery and get single serving of Greek (low fat, plain) yogurt. I keep walnuts in the trunk of my car.

    I often wonder if people at my morning classes think I am a real foodie. Because I make a beeline out of my first class and EAT. I do it because I eat a very early breakfast and have to wait at least an hour after eating for cardio. So I have to space food (and water for that matter) fairly carefully. I only have 5-10 minutes between classes, so I am flying for the refrigerator and my carry in. I chuckle to myself over this constantly because of the perception that I am sure I make. No one ever asks me about it. And I have never figured out how to say – I am a serious weight loss/maintenance person, therefore I EAT. Because while you would get that 100% the average person off the street is not going to understand.

    when I read what you wrote about being out in the foodless boondocks: I then wondered if that makes it easier or harder. I know when you travel you are pretty careful to plan ahead and make any ‘away food’ really count/be worth it. And how do you think things could be if you lived in the middle of a food/nonfood Mecca – ?

    (I have stuff within walking distance of my house and pretty much turn up my nose. Someone couldn’t pay me to eat a frozen anything. So I find this whole thing very interesting. No offense meant.)

  7. And once upon a time my whole day was planned around carry out/take out food. I would get stuck on something (like a float) and then peat and repeat. It as less about the taste than it was about the cycle (I think). I do cycle now, but safe cycles – same breakfast, same(ish) snack at exercise. I have to be so careful or I am a runaway train. . .

  8. Closest Pinkberry for me is in Palo Alto. If I was going there for something else, I’d be curious to try it, but there’s a place called Harmony on my street at work that also has tart frozen yogurt, so I’d probably just go there instead.

    It’s weird, I used to be such a huge fro yo fan…and ice cream, and bakery stuff….So when I had to condition myself to get out of the habit of going to those places regularly, fro yo got included in that. I did try and like Harmony when it first opened, to satisfy my curiosity…luckily, it opened after I had formed other lunchtime habits, I think that’s why it’s easier for me to “overlook” its presence.

    I think part of it is what Vickie mentioned; living in the middle of a food Mecca can really work for or against me. For many years, it worked against me: I loved everything I ate, and we had a lot more disposable income to use in trying to eat it all! (My husband and I also worked at the same company, so I had a restaurant lunch and/or dinner buddy every day.) But there was really no way to eat it all. I still love having all the great food available, but now it’s more of a reassurance that it will be there (or something like it will be there) when I choose it…health and budget have helped me get more frugal and choosy.

  9. I am not a huge fan of the tart frozen yogurts, but I would like to try the pinkberry.

    I am getting some of those comments about age at the doctors as well. My eye doc said to me, “You are going to need reading glasses soon because you are of the age”. I didn’t even complain about any problems reading, he just thought it would be nice to bring that up. Weenus.

    Congrats on the BP. There are so many great things we can do for our health without resorting to meds.

  10. I’m loving the self-serve option at our new fro-yo place, because I serve myself smaller portions than the small sizes at my other yogurt haunt. My pocketbook stops me when I’m tempted to go over. 🙂

    I had my baseline colonoscopy last year, and after a full day of fasting, my response would be YES, you can have anything you want. 🙂

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