I Made a Pickle! (Tee Hee!)

I don’t know why it makes me giggle to say I made pickles.   I am actually so excited about it.  Ever since Jill brought the topic up, I have had a hankering to try making some.  Then I got a magazine with a simple pickle recipe in it. Then my neighbor started offering me cucumbers. Finally, I remembered to get a few ingredients at the store.  I even had one jar ready.  Everything was in place for pickle making!  This recipe did not call for the true canning procedure–sterilizing and all that stuff.  So these pickles will only be good for a couple of weeks.  That’s okay.  By that time the novelty of my own homemade pickles will have worn off.  This is all kind of weird because I’m not a giant pickle fan.  When I used to get a hamburger I would get it with the pickles on it, and then pick them off because I liked the flavor but not the texture.  Anyway, I made these, and I tried one just a few hours after I made them and it tasted like a real pickle.  Only without that ‘fingernails on the blackboard’ texture.  Yahoo!

Right after I made them, still hot in the jar. I thought the diet coke can added 'interest' to the picture, no?

A couple hours later, they were already turning ‘pickle’ color.

The recipe was really simple.  I had about 8 little cucumbers, 2-3 slices red onion, and 3 sprigs of dill.  Layered them in the jar.  Brought to a boil on the stove:  4 cups vinegar,  1/3 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 Tbsp salt ,  and  some pepper.  When sugar and salt dissolved, poured hot liquid over stuff in the jar, and put lid on.  Left on counter to cool, and then put in  the refrigerator.

I had a terrific day.  Got so much done and a good amount of relaxing too.  I DIDN’T get in any exercising except one walk/run with Noah.   That’s how it goes some days.

In the afternoon I tried another recipe I had bookmarked–Georgie’s Double Chocolate Bran Muffins.  She warns you that they are so good you’ll want to eat a second one.  She was right…

The rest are now residing safely in the freezer.  As usual I made a few substitutions.  But this time it was only to replace the wheat bran with oat bran, and the whole wheat flour with spelt flour.  The frustrating thing about all this baking that I do is that I would be glad to share it with other people, but most people are used to the processed tasting stuff, and even if they want to eat healthier they have not done the work to change their taste buds yet, so they wouldn’t even like most of this stuff that I find so delicious and satisfying. Does that sentence make sense?

Georgie's Double Chocolate Bran Muffins

One more day of work tomorrow, and then I am off Friday on an “excellent adventure.”  You’ll have to wait ’til I get back to hear about it!


12 thoughts on “I Made a Pickle! (Tee Hee!)

  1. Making pickles is better than being in a pickle! (Har, har!). I don’t care for sweet pickles, but those are so pretty, I might have to make some unsweetened ones.

    And I saw that recipe of Georgie’s! It looked good. I know 3/4 Opposite Family members likes her coffee cake, so I might have to give those muffins a whirl. (And yes, what you said about the taste buds made sense. I’m listening to “The End of Overeating”; at chapter 13, I’m wondering that it’s at all possible to do so! )

  2. I totally get what you are saying about sharing your yummy things with others that don’t get it. The few things this domestically challenged soul makes fit in that category perfectly. My granola has been ridiculed, laughed out and spit out by “friends” yet I’ve eaten it every morning (almost) for four years and am not tired of it yet. In fact, just finished this morning’s portion while reading your post. Same goes for my Soy Protein Bars and a couple of muffin recipes I make. Heck, if I like em, who cares???? LOL!

    • You are right, Tish. That is a crazy ridiculous big bunch of dill I had to buy to make a little batch of pickles. I will definitely try your carrots, and maybe I’ll make some pickled beets too. Although maybe they don’t need dill…

  3. I never did make any pickles. Just couldn’t find the time or the motivation to get it done! Maybe next year…
    I like your recipe though – I might have to try that one first. Is that what they call Refrigerator Pickles”?

    I would be more than willing to try some of your healthy baked goods!! Send ’em on over!! 😉

    An excellent adventure???? I want to go on an excellent adventure!! Can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

  4. Your pickles (giggle) look so good! Are they more on the sweet side, or more on the dill? Sounds very easy – just my kind of recipe!

    And I know what you mean about your taste buds liking healthy things – like I am used to whole wheat pasta now, but wouldn’t dare bring it to a gathering as I’m sure most people would do what I used to, which is to say “ick!”

    Your chocolate muffins look excellent – love the description!

    So does your next adventure include another visit to Pinkberry?

  5. Thanks for trying my recipe and I’m so glad you liked them! They didn’t last long around here. And I love the idea of making pickles! I will definitely give it a try! They’re such a guilt free snack. 🙂
    I agree that healthier good taste different, and what I like with my health-buds may not make the cut for someone used to Little Debbie. But that’s okay, as someone else, said, as long as I like it who cares! When I do share some baked goods (made MY style)
    a lot of people appreciate it because they don’t feel so guilty after, and the less sweet, whole grain tastes/textures are enjoyable themselves.

    Georgie Fear RD

  6. oh my gosh , if only you could send me your healthy baking leftovers. i don’t bake”regular ” stuff and don’t bake at all much because it sets meupfor carboverloads and binges. But this Fall I want to make some small 1-2 serving muffins and enjoy..all the fiber I can handle.

    Ok, I cheat on the pickle thing. I fell in love with Trader Joes bread and butter pickles. When I finished the first jar , I saved the juice and cut up onions and cucumber and just stuck them in the juice to marinate for a day or so and then ate em ..yum

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