Guess What I’m Eating Tonight?

The better question is, WHY is debby eating sugar free lime jello?  Didn’t she just declare in her last post that she LOVED FOOD?  Has she suddenly lost all her senses, especially her sense of taste?  Those of you who read this blog with a fine-toothed comb might remember this post. Yes indeedy.  This was my ‘prep’ day.  And to quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I’m gonna say about that.”  Except that, after  the ‘test’ tomorrow, I get to have a giant bowl of frozen yogurt at Pinkberry.  Yes, I am ten years old.

BTW there were some excellent comments and discussion in that last post.  Thank you all for your thoughtful input.  I have some more thoughts and discussion on that whole topic, but will save that for another day, when I get to eat real food and have more brain power available…

In the meantime, I will fall back on my two favorite subjects:  food and my dogs.

So I’ve mentioned a few times how very influenced I am by the food that I see and read about.  Fortunately for me, my ‘food network’ channel of choice these days is Pubsgal Eats.  Except today I couldn’t finish reading it.  I couldn’t read any blogs that talked about food or showed pictures of food today.  I’ll catch up with you tomorrow!  Anyway, back to Pubsgal, here is evidence that I am influenced by her food choices:

Filet mignon, green beans with a little olive oil and garlic salt (no garam masala yet,) and 1/2 of a small potato

In addition to being a confirmed devotee of the spackle, I have a pack of Trader Joe’s roasted and salted pecans in my cupboard, and nabbed a chicken leg at the latest potluck.  And the other day  I made myself a little quesadilla to eat with the fresh salsa that I made for the first time in my food processor.  Thanks  for all the new good ideas, Pubsgal!

Another recent influencee–my HealthNet newsletter had another recipe that looked very interesting to me.  The last time I tried one of their recipes, it was a winner–the potato cauliflower bake over on my sidebar is their creation.  This one was also most worthy.  Even though I don’t like wraps that much, and even though I try to avoid wheat, I decided to give them another go.  I bought the whole grain Flatout wraps to try.  IMO these are the most tasty high fiber low calorie wraps around.  Here’s what I made:

Breakfast fruit wrap

Doesn’t that look tasty?   It was! And only 231 calories, 9 grams protein, and 4 grams fiber.  Pretty impressive stats.  Here’s how I really ate it:

Topped with some butter spray and a sprinkle of cinnamon splenda.

Here’s the easy peasy recipe.

Yesterday I went to a charity fundraiser.  I know.  I’m becoming quite the social butterfly.  That’s two parties in less than a month with people I don’t really know.  And I had fun!   It was for the program that  my dog trainer runs called ‘Second Chance.’  She takes in dogs from the local shelters that are considered unadoptable and socializes them and trains them and then adopts them out.  It is amazing to see some of the dogs she works with.  Like watching my own private Dog Whisperer.

Anyway, they had a raffle and a silent auction at this event.  I bought $10 worth of raffle tickets, and ended up winning a $28 peony plant, a doggie bed that will fit in Noah’s crate (when he quits chewing on stuff, ) and 5  free visits to the new Doggie-self wash!  I’ve been wanting one of these forever.  In the summer its not hard to wash my big dogs outside, but in the winter its darn cold.  And I’m too much of a cheapskate/control freak to pay someone to do a job that I know I can do better.  Well, anyways, to me that is exciting.

In the silent auction they had two ipod shuffles and one ipod nano.  I kept bidding on all three of them at different times (so I wouldn’t end up with all three) and when the auction ended I was the proud owner of a turquoise ipod shuffle.  For $25–woohoo!  Hope I can figure out how to get the music into that tiny little box.

Here’s some pictures of the other members of the household.  And then  I am going to try to go to bed.

He's almost as big as that giant redwood tree LOL!

My little boy is becoming a man.



11 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Eating Tonight?

  1. I had wondered where you were – you don’t often go 4 days without posting, so when I saw the green jello, my immediate thought was you’d been sick. Glad the “test” is the explanation for the jello. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the “test” will be over! It’s not fun, but I applaud you for doing it. So many people don’t and it can save your life!!

  2. Good luck on your test – hope everything comes out okay! 😉

    I love going to auction things like that! And a Shuffle – how fun!!! You made out like a bandit, girl!

    Those fruit wraps are making me drool. 🙂

  3. Suddenly I have a craving for lime jello – you can make almost any food (not beets;) ) look good! Hope the test goes well and you enjoy your super-duper Pinkberry. Completely deserved for what you had to go through!!!

    That fruit wrap looks great, although I’m not the biggest fan of ricotta. I still will try it, though. Love the cinnamon/splenda topping – makes it even that much more appealing!

    Very cool, all the goodies you ended up with from that shindig! BARGAIN on the ipod – and the color is perfect!

    Sophie looking into the camera – “you love me best, right, Mom?” – and that one of her and Noah sleeping…they’ll be spooning as soon as the weather gets cooler! So sweet!

    • I’m not a huge fan of ricotta either. Think it has more protein than yogurt? and it is more dry, made the wrap actually easy to pick up and eat like a wrap. But how about using greek yogurt! And how about that oikos chocolate yogurt with strawberries–YUMM!!

  4. Congrats on that great haul at the charity event!

    I like to make pizzas with the flatout wraps. Just add sauce cheese and toppings and put in the toaster oven. Easy peasy.

    Good luck with the test!

    BTW – I got the Irish porridge at the Irish fest on Saturday. I know you were avoiding food posts, and that was past the cupcakes LOL!

  5. might be the best Sophie picture ever, and there have been a lot of good ones.

    pregnant with my now 16 year old meant I puked from the first day to the last. bed rest, IV’s, lived in PJ’s in a chair or the couch for 9+ months. And that was in the days where we didn’t have DVR’s and had to watch commercials. I had to put my fingers in my ears and hum loudly and squeeze my eyes shut for all the pizza commercials – got my stomach immediately, in a very bad way.

  6. Blushing like mad over here! And yet, tickled to be someone’s Food Network. 🙂 (Don’t worry, it’ll be there.)

    Hope the test went well! You definitely deserve every morsel of that Pinkberry, from what I’ve heard about said testing.

    Gotta say, you have much better luck at the silent auctions than we usually do – people really bid stuff up at our school one. And very cool that you won a great raffle prize, too!

    Doggies!!! Sophie’s first picture there looks like SuperDog – all she needs is a little cap flapping behind her. And Mr. Noah looks so grown up! My goodness, what a handsome fellow!

  7. After my test, I swore I wouldn’t eat anything lemon or lime-flavored until the next test (10 years, with luck.)

    Hope all work out well! It’s certainly worth suffering a little fake lime food to go through the screening. It just doesn’t feel like it at the time. 🙂

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