Hey hey hey, I’m back!  And I feel good.  On so many levels.  Maybe its the drugs they give you.  I hope not.

I hope it is because I got past my paranoia and fears and did something responsible and grown-up.  And it was not a bad experience AT ALL.  Like I told my friend, I could be the spokeswoman for colonoscopies  except that I don’t like saying that word out loud.  So I guess that wouldn’t work.  Well, I don’t want to write a whole post about it, but I do want to tell people that the whole experience was really very good.  The prep day was fine.  I actually liked that gallon of stuff I had to drink (with the crystal light mixed in.)

One of my paranoias was that I didn’t want be hungry.  It is okay to wait until I am hungry before I eat the next meal.  But to just be hungry with no food in sight?  I was really really worried about that.  I haven’t been able to make myself fast for spiritual reasons ever since I started dieting, so five years!  So even that part was really good for me.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I think that fear of being hungry came from the ‘hypoglycemic’ episodes I used to have where I would get all shaky and feel faint.  That hasn’t happened for a very long time, ever since I started eating right.

The during?  Just fine.  The nurses were very skilled and chatty.  Probably helps that I identify myself as a fellow UCDMC nurse.  And the doctor.  Kind of old.  Came in to consent me:  ‘blah blah blah blah blah.  I’ve done thousands of these, nothing is going to happen.  Blah blah blah blah blah.’ To the nurse:  ‘get her to sign the consent, will you?’

Oh, and guess WHAT!  I had a tiny polyp!  I know I should be concerned, but mostly I’m excited because it means it really was something I needed to have done.  Again, maybe its the drugs.

And the after?  Well, you knew Pinkberry was on the schedule.  But I kind of wanted some meat when I got done.  So we went to the Baja Fresh and I got a quesadilla and ate 1/4 of it, gave a quarter to my friend (who had already eaten,) and brought the other half home for dinner.  Then on to Pinkberry where we had a medium size which was just right.

I feel good enough that I am going to go to work tomorrow.  But I’m going to go to bed really early (like right now,) so will end with a couple of shots of Mr. Monk, who felt very left out of yesterday’s post.  He ‘struck a pose’ on Sophie’s usual perch, hoping for a photo op.


9 thoughts on “I’M BAA-ACK

  1. Glad you’re “procedure” went well. I had one when I was 54, and it was a no brainer. I actually took a pill prep (lots of bigass pills) so even that was fine. Like you, I had one tiny polyp that the doc said he thought would be fine, and it was; so my recommendation for the next was 10 years! Love your dog’s excellent face!

  2. glad to hear that went well.

    I went in for a scan some time ago where I had to drink what everyone else considered awful stuff. It tasted like a milk shake to me. In fact if they had told me I had to drink a second one for some medical reason, I would have been all smiles. The nurse couldn’t believe it. She said NO ONE likes this stuff. But I did. It was maybe a couple years ‘in’ and I still had a ‘hankering’ in those days.

  3. Glad it was a piece of cake for you! That’s something I’m going to have to do one of these days since my maternal grandfather died of colon cancer. My mom is totally Type A about her colon. It’s understandable, but weird. So are they going to do anything about the polyp?

    Mr. Monk looks so cute!! I love it! 🙂

  4. I’m proud of you, Debby – you (wo)manned up and faced something not-so-pleasant and showed me that when my time comes for this test (in 3 years but who’s counting?), I can do it, too.

    Your reward sounds yummy. They have Pumpkin Spice flavor at my Red Mango now – think I need to stop by there soon!

    Mr. Monk imitating Sophie – “Hey, it that’s what it takes to get my picture on her blog, I’ll do it!”

  5. Monkey maaaaaaan!!!!! (Yes, that’s me squealing, not Thing 2. She and Mr. Monk have made a pug fan out of me.)

    So glad your procedure went well! And glad that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. And I don’t think it’s the drugs talking so elatedly, I think it’s the relief that it wasn’t so bad after all! 🙂 Although it might be some residual Pinkberry effect. What flavor did you get?

  6. Ah Mr. Monk is such a venerable gentleman! I wish I could come and give him hugs. So cute.

    Glad your procedure went well. And good think you had it done. Hopefully even with the polyp finding they won’t have you come back for 10 years.

    Maybe you could be a spokesperson, we just need a new word for the procedure. How about Intestinal Viewing?? Or maybe GI TV?

  7. Good for you for getting through it in style–green jello and all. I’ve got procedure #2 coming up in a year or two, I guess I’ll find out when I go for my annual physical this fall. It’s very satisfying to have it “done” and over with for a few years. Somehow I missed your last post and I’d really been missing you. I’m glad you’re back! Loved the doggie pix in the last post.

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