Truth in Advertising

Remember when I mentioned the other day that we can show little snippets of our life  but not really let people see the truth of their whole life?  I forgot to take my usual food shots tonight, and it occurred to me that it is just amusing, rather than embarrassing, the way I eat.  I thought I would share a little bit of ‘truth’ with you all.

This is how I eat many of my meals.  Sometimes I don’t even use the tray–I just balance it on my knee.  Just before I ate, I was working on a quilt project, and rather than clear it away, I just moved the threads to one side.  I had also just been talking on the phone evidently.  I couldn’t find my salt shaker, so I just brought the big container over.  Notice Sophie taking advantage of my temporary loss of vigilance while I took the picture.  She knows she’s not supposed to be up there when I am eating.

The food:  That is some leftover roasted cauliflower that I warmed up in the toaster oven.  Just as good the second time around.  I made Pubsgal’s Especial Soup–DELISH!  Pretty spicy on the debby scale.  I think I”ll add some fresh tomatoes into the rest of it–that should decrease the heat a bit.  Plus I like Pubsgal’s idea of adding veggies and even potatoes.  I had one ear of corn, so I added that.  Otherwise, I followed the directions for once!   (edited to add:  Oops.  I did substitute 3/4 cup of yogurt for the cream cheese/sour cream.) That muffin there is from a new batch of the oat bran muffins.  This time I used the original recipes’ add-ins of chopped apples and raisins.  So yummy, and fall-like.  In spite of our FIVE DAYS OF OVER-100 DEGREE WEATHER.  Go away, heat wave.

I’m five for five on the morning exercise before coffee challenge.  Noah and I were out quite early this morning.  Which is working out quite well with the heat.  We walk in the evening when it is almost dark, because its finally starting to cool down then.  No other exercise today, unless you count dusting and vacuuming and doing four loads of laundry, and cleaning my sewing machine, air conditioner filter, and keyboard.  I don’t know what got into me!

Here’s a few gratuitous doggie shots:

Monk got the 'place of honor' right next to me on the sofa.

Sophie is not pleased with this situation.

Noah is always happy, as long as he has a toothpick.

Sophie is much happier with this position (closest to me.) She was also asleep until I got the camera out. Sophie is a photog whore.

Mr. Monk tries a new position. "Its all good," says Mr. Monk.


16 thoughts on “Truth in Advertising

  1. LOL at Sophie’s look of death. Was that at Mr. Monk? How could she get mad at him? He is the epitome of sweetness. (I can’t believe how attached I get to other people’s pets just through pictures…)

    That soup looks mighty tasty! I often eat with the plate balanced on my lap at lunch. I multitask of work and eat, bad, but productive.

    I see you use table salt – ever try kosher? We became converts to kosher salt. I really does taste better.

  2. Sophie – love the ears down look…she was mad! Gotta love the emotional dogs!

    I like your truth picture – I should do that. Sad thing – you couldn’t find your salt shaker and I have them stashed everywhere I sit and eat. Although now I want to try kosher salt.

    You poor Californians and the heat…boy have I been hearing about it! 😉

    • Laughing at myself complaining about the heat. I kind of forget that it is NOTHING compared to Texas.

      You gotta just laugh at Sophie and her ‘moods.’

  3. I generally set my lunch on a throw pillow that sits in my lap so I can continue reading blogs while I eat.

    My husband reads your blog just so he can see the pictures of Mr. Monk, Sophie and Noah. Add benefit: he sees your recipes and says, “that looks good.” Remember, he THINKS he doesn’t eat health food!! LOL! I’ve got him fooled!

  4. was sort of surprised by all the salt talk.

    I didn’t know people still salted foods.

    I also didn’t know people still fried eggs in butter, but my husband was shocked to find his brothers still do this – that is how his mom cooked when they were little – she also salted everything and sugared (even things with fruit!) automatically. My husband broke all those habits when he moved in with me. We have never had salt shaker or sugar bowl.

    I knew people still used salt in some baking so things rise.

    • Really? You didn’t know people salted food?

      I actually work on NOT adding salt to food. But there are certain things I eat that I really want the salt on, i.e. the roasted cauliflower.

  5. I luv Mr. Monk. I just wanna run my fingers through his folds. Oh wait, I’ve got my own dogs for that . I feel bad for Sophie in that one shot, but I’ve seen her cuddling with her boys too. She’s just a typical diva, I guess. What can be said about Noah?..good boy, Noah.
    Thanks for the photo updates. Do Mr Monk and Sophie go outside much for walks?

  6. Aw, glad you liked the “Especial” recipe, even though it was a tad too spicy. (And I laughed a little about your following the “recipe,” because it was more of a guideline than a recipe I posted.) I definitely think it can be tamed with more veggies or even a bit more yogurt. One time we made it with HOT enchilada sauce, and oh my, it was painful. (That, and the chipotle pepper experiment…ow.)

    Thanks for the workout suggestions for improving leg and knee strength! I’ll see if that helps.

    Pats to the pups! They are so cute!

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