Eating Reasonably

What do you think about that phraseology?  Is that a better word for some of us than ‘intuitive?’  That’s what I think about the way I”ve been eating most of the time recently.  Its helped that there hasn’t been much junk food in the breakroom.  Even when there was, it seems like I’ve been better at controlling the amounts of junk I ate.

Here’s how I ate yesterday.  Confession first.  I did not take Noah for a walk FIRST.  It was a conscious decision.  Dog training was coming up, and I have a long-standing ‘date’ to talk to my brother on Saturday morning (6am my time, 8am his time, ) and share a cup of good coffee.  So I started out with one of those little protein bars, only 50 calories.

At 9am, right before I left for dog training, I warmed up a leftover banana chocolate chip pancake, spread a little greek yogurt on there, and rolled it up.  Topped with a spray of ‘butter’ and some cinnamon splenda.  BTW, this was Georgie’s creation, and quite yummy.  Very similar to our protein pancakes, but she decreased the amount of cottage cheese and added some banana. Most delicious. Her recipe makes two big pancakes, thus the leftover.  Calories:  280.

By the time I got back from dog training at 12:30, I was pretty hungry.  I had gotten a package of ‘sopas’ [ingredients:  corn, water, and lime] at a new market, so had that with a little cheese on  top, and my ‘simple salad–just romaine, home grown tomatoes, and garlic salt.  I had a 3 ounce piece of beef, and a fuji apple.  Pretty big lunch for me, but very satisfying.  BTW, the sopa was similar to those ‘little puffy corn tortilla thingies’ that I was eating a while ago.  Remember I said they only had 115 calories?  Yeah, that’s what the package said.  When I went back to get them again, the package said 230 calories.  Which actually makes more sense…  Lunchtime calories:  500.

Now, this next part might not seem reasonable to you.   But that new market that I had checked out?  Kind of like Whole Foods.  And I was thinking about how I DIDN’T get any of their fancy desserts.  And how I was wanting something special.  So I decided I could have two of these ‘red velvet brownies’ I had made a while ago.  They are not exactly ‘health food,’ but they are definitely better than  ‘junk food.’  The red in them comes from BEETS!  Total calories:  320.  Most satisfying on a lazy Saturday afternoon  watching the Dog Whisperer from the couch.

Dinner:  I roasted some beets from above market, and made a salad with some baby greens, walnuts, beets, and a little blue cheese from the same market.  My first blue cheese!  I feel so grown up.  I was starting to feel like I was getting a cold or a sore throat, and I wanted something cold, so I had a small bowl of that delicious combination (from Vickie) of cottage cheese, crushed pineapple, and walnuts.  I could get in trouble with this stuff if I wasn’t careful.  Calories for dinner:  480.

Late dessert:  I tried something new.  Shelley keeps talking about the Oikos Chocolate yogurt.  I just can’t find that stuff.  So I got the idea to melt some chocolate chips and mix it into some homemade greek yogurt (plus a little splenda.)  Quite tasty.  170 calories with the walnuts on top.

That’s 1800 calories for the day.  Not losing weight calories.  But reasonable maintenance calories.  Lets see, I got in some whole grains,some veggies, some fruit, some dairy, some meat, and some chocolate.  All the major food groups covered.  I don’t eat that much every day, ESPECIALLY the two brownies.  Some people would disagree with adding the calories up.  That’s not reasonable, they would say.  But for those of us with long-term food issues, it is comforting to add up the calories honestly and see that a day of good food was still within reason.

In the interest of full disclosure, here are a few unreasonable eating habits I am working on.  I started taking a little bowl of walnuts, raisins, and chocolate chips to bed with me every night.  NOT  a good habit, and one I am working on stopping.  One of my strategies is to save my ‘planned dessert/snack’ for as long as possible.  Then I am pretty full, and not as tempted to take my ‘trail mix’ to bed.

Second, debby’s supply of ‘healthy baked goods’ can get a little out of control.  I like to bake, and I like having a variety.  But for goodness sake.  There’s only one of me.  So I don’t get to bake any more goodies until the current stock is all gone.  When there is too much food on hand, I am tempted to overeat.  (don’t want it to go to waste…) I will just have to be content with  bookmarking promising new recipes.  Like this one.

Today after church I still felt a little puny, so I changed my meal plans.  Something cool for my throat, and something warm and comforting for my tummy.  Just right!

Banana smoothie: frozen banana, ice, water, and whey (leftover from straining my yogurt.)

Classic custard oats with cinnamon, splenda, walnuts, and raisins.

This reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to mention.  I really believe that eating healthy foods and exercising has vastly improved my immune system.  I just don’t get sick that often.  And usually when something starts up like this, it is mild and short lived.  I also noticed that my complexion is a lot better.  Anyone else notice these positive side effects of the healthy life?

And now, in spite of not feeling 100%, I am heading out for a walk.  Because you-know-who has been very patient for as long as he can.  And maybe I’ll feel better for it too.  BTW, PJ asked if the little guys get to take a walk.  They do!  They used to be content to stay home and have a cookie while Noah and I walk.  But once I started taking them, they really want to go too.  Its quite the hoopla getting them all leashed up, but once we get out there we’re very organized.  So I usually take Noah for a longer walk, then loop back, and take everybody for a shorter walk.


21 thoughts on “Eating Reasonably

  1. It is so great to eat good food and not go overboard. It really is a big victory. Some people don’t understand how easy 1 bar can turn into 3, and then a dessert from the fancy store bakery, which actually ends up being 2 (one for the drive home and one for *at* home). Yep – sounds like a very good day to me.

    Hope you aren’t getting sick.

    I thought about you during my camp and pack trip this weekend. I think you would have enjoyed it very much.

  2. Hmmm, I’m curious about which part of CAMPING you think I would have enjoyed? Must have been the food–LOL. I’ve never been much of a camper, but maybe I should try it one more time?

    • I forgot to mention that I took some to work and shared them with the ‘healthy living’ people, and everyone thought they were most worthy!

  3. Debby,
    You do such a great job with your food. I admire how you put things together to come up with new recipes. I have also noticed that I don’t get sick as much since I have changed my eating habits. Also, when I eat on plan and curtail the fat and sugar, my skin improves almost immediately.

    By the way, I think you have a cookbook in you. Do you have plans for one?

      • Maybe when you retire? You seem to love to cook and experiment with new recipes. I enjoy just looking at your food, and would probably enjoy eating it even more.

  4. I think for people like us, eating reasonable has a different definition. Because we still know how easy it would be to go down “that” path…so making better choices when some things sound so good is very reasonable!

    I love your idea of melting the chocolate chips for the yogurt – what was the ratio?

  5. I think the food coop here has dark chocolate chips. I have never stopped to compare the ‘stats’ but it would be something to consider.

    I don’t think I have ever written about food = acne

    but that was definitely the case with me also. the quality of the food definitely impacts the quality of the skin.

    I am always amazed you can maintain with the food you love. It isn’t the calories that would get me, it is the number of carbs. Really shows the difference in the body types. I would gain with those ratios (carbs, fats, protein). I am very glad the balance works for you.

    And you are right, I definitely like the phrase “Eating Reasonably” better than ‘intuitive’. for most of us, our ‘intuition’ is exactly what got us weight loss/maintenance blogs. I think intuitive could be accurate it we had been raised in different households. but most of us were raised in households where the answer to everything (good, bad, sick, celebration, holiday, boredom) was food. And often in that day and age, it wasn’t actually food. it was nonfood.

  6. I hope your superior immune system has kicked in! 😉

    Eating reasonably – very good!! I have never like the term “eating in moderation” – very broad definition there, eating reasonably signals that you should use your brain instead of your emotions. I like that phrase and I’m going to think of it today when I eat.

    Those banana chocolate chip pancakes look DIVINE!!! yum!

    • Superior immune system seems to be on!

      I also forgot to mention that I thought those banana ch. chip pancakes would be a good ‘healthy recipe’ for the whole family. Really easy to make, and moist and delicious any which way. The first time I had them I topped them with some mashed banana. But they would be good with a little maple syrup, or almost any pancake topping.

  7. I do notice that i seem to only get a glancing blow of whatever sickness is going around if anything at all. I’ve never gotten a flu shot and i have yet to come down with it in full force. But that may just be luck on my part.

    I think you are doing very well eating reasonably. and getting your exercise in. One day at a time woman! I think Lori meant you would like all the dogs at camp! 🙂 deb

  8. Oh, I hear ya. I’ve been much, much healthier since I started caring properly for myself, although I still get the flu shot every year. And I just have so much more energy than I used to have.

    “Eating reasonably” sounds like a good way of describing your way of eating, especially when you consider the nuances of meaning: according to reason (logic); not extreme or excessive; moderate and fair (in this case, being fair to one’s health). It could even be “inexpensive”, unless you have a Whole Foods habit like me…although I’m considering another “WF fast” this month, to keep things within reason.

    Beets…in your brownies?!? Intriguing….I might have better luck with the banana pancakes with my family. (I do love Georgie’s recipes!)

    • Honest, you can’t taste the beets. Its the same as using applesauce in recipes. Just a moisture-filler. Only red.

      Oh I like the idea of eating reasonably also meaning inexpensive. I try for the most part to be thrifty. And I am thinking more about it as retirement approaches.

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