debby cooks real food

Hey hey hey!  Guess what I did last night?  Didn’t anybody notice something missing from my messy sidebar over there?

I finally organized my recipes!  And to do that, it seemed that the easiest way would be to start another blog.  You can still find any recipe from this blog.  Click on recipes over there on the side bar, and then you can click on any particular recipe and it will take you directly to that recipe.  In the meantime I have a cute new blog (its cute, isn’t it?) to play with.  And after sending all those recipes over there, I realize that I like it a LOT better if there is a picture to go with the recipe.  So now I feel all this pressure to make all these recipes just so I can take a picture of each one.  Just kidding.  But it does seem like a good excuse to overeat–it was just for the sake of the masses….

I was tickled that I got the domain name   But then I ‘named’ the blog debby cooks real food–OMGOSH I just realized as I typed that that I got that from Kath Eats Real Food.  I don’t always read her blog, but that is where I got the link for those delicious looking banana chocolate chip cookies that I have to wait to bake.  SORRY BOUT THAT KATH.  I’ll change the name to something else, like debby cooks and eats and eats and eats ….

Not too much else to report.  My s.i.s. (superior immune system) seems to be operating correctly.  I still have a little cold thingie hanging on, but it didn’t keep me from taking a nice long walk with Noah this morning.  We’ve had just a bit of rain, enough to wash the dust off of everything, and it actually felt like fall this morning.  Here’s the first little signs of change:

I got my teeth cleaned, and then met a friend for lunch.  I controlled myself so well at the restaurant I could hardly believe it was me.  Once again my tastes are changing.  I could hardly wait to go to this restaurant and have their little pizza and salad, and it just wasn’t as good as I remembered.  Not worthy.

When I finally got home, took all three dogs for a walk.  Tried to get some photographic evidence.  Do you know how hard it is to hold three leashes and  a camera.  Oh, and three dogs who all have a very different opinion about what a walk is supposed to be.

Sophie doing her dachshund thing:

The look:

Back home, couldn’t figure out what felt right for dinner (or should I say reasonable?) Anyway, had leftover classic custard oats, and fixed a bowl of beets to go with, and a light cantaloupe smoothie.  (same as the banana one yesterday only with frozen cantaloupe.  Very light and refreshing.


13 thoughts on “debby cooks real food

  1. Ha ha! I often wonder what kind of madness a person has to be to take multiple dogs for a walk. You need a good sense of humour I’m thinking. I’ll pop ove now to look at debby cooks and eats and eats and eats ….

    • As long as we’re moving forward, everything works together quite well. Little dogs on the right and the big guy on the left.

  2. Can’t wait to to look at your new blog. I’ve used several of your recipes and secretly (?) are using you and some other of my new blogger friends as inspiration to become a fabulous cook!! (Mr. B is eating his cereal right here beside me – can you hear him laughing???) BTW, he’d never admit it, but he loves your blog. It’s the pics of the dogs!!

    • Thanks Sharon.

      Thanks Mr. B for enjoying the doggie pics. Who knew when I started out this blog on ‘thoughts on weight loss and life’ it would end up being taken over by the dogs?

  3. I always enjoy the dog pics
    good for you on your new blog
    I think you will enjoy having everything organized and in one place.

    did you write that you have a set time you contact your brother every week (or am I thinking of someone else?) I think that is wonderful.

    we have had a few NIPPY days.

    • Hi Vickie. Yes that was me that calls my brother every week. It has turned out to be something we both look forward to. Since we live so far away from each other, its second best to getting to see each other more frequently.

  4. I’m glad you changed the name – makes it completely yours. Love the layout and the look, and it’s so easy to find what I’m looking for!

    Glad your SIS is working!

  5. Yay for the new blog – it looks pretty snazzy! You are lining up all your projects for retirement LOL!

    I walked 2 dogs at a time this weekend and both dogs’ noses were taking them all over the place. I’ll just take Pixie, thanks 😀 It was nice to see Mr. Monk not sleeping…

    • Always cracks me up when someone else picks up on something I think is funny. When I posted that picture I thought, oh this will be novel for people to see that Monk can actually stand on his own four legs. Although his preferred position does seem to be the ‘down’ position. on a soft chair.

  6. Love the new web site! Jill’s observation that it looks like a kitchen was spot-on.

    Glad you’re feeling okay and got to take the doggies for a walk. (I saw a guy walking a pug this morning and thought of Mr. Monk!) Our Bela used to be difficult to walk solo – always wanted to stop and sniff everything! – but enjoyed group walks with the dog walker. That look on Sophie’s face – priceless! I take it She was Not Amused?

  7. Who knows what goes on in the mind of Sophie. Monk, Noah, and I usually just ignore her ‘looks.’ But yes, I think you have correctly interpreted The Look of The Queen.

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