Walking Machine

Hey, maybe that’s what I need for Noah–a walking machine!  But really, I was referring to myself.  Because that’s all the exercise I’ve been doing lately.  Between working a lot more than usual, and the cold that my SIS (super immune system) couldn’t quite knock out, I just haven’t been able to get to the gym for a while.  But I’m quite pleased with the walking I’ve done, both the quantity and the quality.  In the mornings, Noah and I have regularly been walking 3-4 miles.  Instead of trying to run, I just try walking faster and varying my stride.  And in the evening, I take all three dogs for a walk.  Mr. Monk has also been working on increasing his endurance and distance, and we are able to go almost a mile on the evening walks.

Today, finally, I worked in the garden.  I had bought the BIG BARGAIN BAG of daffodils at Costco, and had a few little plants I wanted to get in.  There was also a LOT of moving heavy pots and soil.  I feel like I got a real workout in.  And, there are still more daffodils to plant…

I really worked hard all day.   Because tomorrow, I am going to the QUILT SHOW!!  Yahoo.  I look forward to this all year.  It is the Pacific International Quilt Festival, and there are hundreds of gorgeous quilts to look at, in addition to tons of vendors to check out.  I am going to take one class to learn a new technique.

And then, on Saturday, I am going to pick my brother up from the airport!  This is something we started doing quite a while ago.  It is just too difficult for my dad to travel via plane, so I encouraged this yearly get-together mostly for my brother and my dad to have some time together.  Of course, I enjoy seeing my brother too!   We are all going to go up to Tahoe for a couple of days.  Maybe this year it won’t snow!

Did you all listen to the latest ‘Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone?’ I loved it.  I especially LOVED that Miz’s favorite book of the year was by one of my most favorite authors, Donald Miller.  I also loved his newest book, ‘A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.’  The subtitle gives you a hint of what the book is about:  ‘What I Learned While Editing My Life.’  He is an engaging writer.  You can ‘t help but like him.

Unrelated, but newsworthy to me.  I usually listen to the same old music stations.  Usually contemporary Christian music.  One day I woke up to my clock radio playing a song that caught my attention, ‘Someday.’  I LOVED it.  The melody, the sentiment of it.  The words.  The musical arrangement.  It was just beautiful.  Turns out it was by that Rob Thomas, the guy who wrote and sang ‘Smooth‘ with Santana.  I LOVED that song too.  He’s a pretty talented songwriter, eh?  Oh, I also heard a bit of another of his songs that intrigued me–‘Her Diamonds.’

Then yesterday, I decided I wanted to check out the country stations.  The first song I heard was the best.  Just googled it–it was ‘Farmer’s Daughter,’ by Rodney Atkins.  Very fun and very clever words/story.

Okay.  I’m not avoiding any kind of accountability here or anything, just not much to report.  I have been eating very well, making good choices.  Not any slip-ups to speak of.  Don’t know my weight because I haven’t been to the gym.  But pretty sure it is  staying the same.  Because I am staying the same.

Oh, and here’s another tidbit.  Somebody somewhere questioned the amount of protein I was eating, so I counted up my protein intake on three normal eating days, and I always ate about 60-64 grams of protein.  The recommended amount of protein for women > 25 is 50-65.  So I am getting plenty.  Which is interesting to me, because I don’t eat that much meat any more, and I don’t like beans.  I usually get about 3 ounces of meat in a typical day, the rest of the protein is from dairy, nuts, and eggs.  You also get a little protein in some of the vegetables.

Alright.  Somebody somewhere also said you weren’t supposed to write long-winded posts.  FAIL.  Oh, well.  I probably won’t be able to blog for the next week, but I’ll be back with lots of pictures to share!


13 thoughts on “Walking Machine

  1. Have a great visit with your family – take advantage of every moment you have together.

    Funny, “Farmer’s Daughter” was playing when my radio came on yesterday morning. Rodney Adkins has got the country “twang” mastered, doesn’t he???

  2. I think it is truly lovely that your brother flies in and you all go somewhere and spend time together. It is nice you do this in regular times and not just in crisis.

    do not ever feel that you are ‘just’ walking (that it is lesser than running). a good stride and varying it up (as you said you do) is REALLY GOOD exercise. It is the pace, not the impact, that makes it exercise/cardio. and your body will thank you in the long term. running is hard on the joints.

    enjoy your quilt show!!!! be sure to take lots of pics and tell us about the technique.

  3. LOVE Rob Thomas – I have Smooth and Her Diamonds on my mp3 player. I just love him. And I love country music too. Actually I like a lot of kinds of music – it just depends on my mood. 🙂

    Quilt Festival yay!! and visit from brother yay!! Sounds like you have a great lil vacation planned!

  4. There are no rules in blogging – write as much as YOU want! I come here to read about your life, so please, don’t self-censor.

    I think walking is awesome! Plus you are making the doggies very happy – win/win for all involved.

    Hope you have a great visit with your brother and dad – Tahoe sounds wonderful. One of these days I will have to get back there – think the last time I was in Tahoe, my oldest son was a baby. Too long to not go to such a beautiful area!

    OK, I’m going to check out those songs now. 🙂

  5. Rules, schmules. People still read books, don’t they? Those are long. I love your blog posts, and the more content, the better!

    Walking is seriously underrated. I remember my diabetes educator telling me that for exercise as tool for diabetes management, it’s more about the duration than the intensity, although doing intervals where one varies one’s walking pace is good for calorie burn.

    I did listen to the latest 2 Fit Chicks the other day and loved it. I was desolate, though, that my library system didn’t have that Donald Miller book, but with so many recommendations, I’m going to see if my neighbor’s bookstore has it.

    Hope you have a fantastic time with your family!!!

    • That’s pretty funny. Yeah, books are long. Hey, if you don’t find that book, I will stick it in with that yarn (that I still haven’t mailed) and you can get it back to me sometime.

  6. Poo on the long-winded posts. Do whatever you want!

    I love all that walking you are doing. And hooray for Mr. Monk getting his land legs going 😀

    I think it is a good thing that you are not stressing about the scale or anything. You have some mindfulness going it sounds like.

    I eat so much protein in a day. I average around 100 grams!

    Even if you don’t eat meat, there are good proteins in yogurt/dairy and grains as well. It adds up fast.

    • Yes!! The mindfulness is working! I stopped at the gym on my way out of town, and my weight was actually down 3 solid pounds since the last time I weighed. That was a nice way to start this trip.

  7. Walking is good (better for your body than running). I’m sure you will enjoy your quilt show and the time with your family. I’ve been putting off planting my daffodils and tulips, but your post has spurred me into action–tomorrow is the day! Take care, Debby.

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