Happy Birthday Noah!

Today my little boy is one year old!  We both made it through this year in one piece.  My dad always says he thinks God brought Noah into my life to teach me patience.  Okay…

Anyway, to celebrate his birthday, I thought I ‘d make a little video to share with you.  Before you watch the video, I want you to know that there was no rehearsal, and it was completely unscripted.  There was not a second take either.


24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Noah!

  1. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! Ahhh, the chaos of dogs – just another normal moment in your life, I’m sure. Sophie is like the child who blows out the candles on the birthday kid’s cake. And I LOVE the sweet look Noah gave to the camera when everything was going on – like “I had nothing to do with this” and then BAM!

  2. Alternate narration:

    Sophie: Mom. Mom. Mom.mom.mom.mom.
    Noah: Love you mom (sneaks quick lick to ear)
    Mr. Monk: Oh no…the Queen will not be happy to see me.
    Sophie: How DARE you get near my mom?!?
    Mr. Monk: I’m outta here.
    (Sophie with Noah’s help scare away poor Mr. Monk)
    Sophie/Noah: Thug life, yo.

    • Now I’m laughing inappropriately at work. I can’t figure out what’s going on when Monk does that, but maybe you’ve got the right interpretation. I only know my main concern is for Noah to NOT escalate and join the ‘fight.’ The video shows Noah’s complete innocence in the whole fray. I laugh every time at the last scene of him walking away stiff-legged with his tail curled over his back (interpretation: this is FUN!)

  3. Hahahahahaha! Unscripted? No way! You did it again and again to get just the right effect. Noah looked positively regal on his birthday. And I agree with Shelley, Sophie’s not having anyone else horn in on HER time with you. I hope we can see more of Mr. Monk (Monkey??) in Take 2.
    Love your hair, BTW, I hadn’t realized you’re growing it out.

    • Yes, Sophie is really the root of the problem, I am convinced. Monk either reacts negatively to her, or sometimes I think HE thinks he is protecting Sophie from Noah, when we all know that Noah is the one who needs protection.

      Yes, I’m afraid I call Mr. Monk Monkey way too often. I like Jill’s nickname for him better: Monkaroni.

      Oh, thanks for the comment on my hair. Actually, I was thinking this morning that it looks a little like your cut. Its the first time I’ve tried to grow out my bangs in many years.

  4. Oh, is it wrong that this made me laugh so hard?!? I love that glance Noah gave to the camera. Sophie cracked me up at her iron determination to get on your lap. (No, sitting next to you was Not.Good.Enough.) And little mellow Monkey Man wisely trying to stay out of the fray.

    Gotta say, though, you look fantastic in all the chaos – is that a new hairdo?

    • No its not wrong–I’m still laughing at it. When I got up I never thought I would use it to post, but it was just too funny.

      Thanks for saying I look good–that’s the great part about having a big dog–makes me look smaller LOL. Yep, new hair. I think I like it…

  5. OK, I have to say it. I actually LOL’d at this post! That Sophie is a little princess. I’m sure Victoria Stillwell would have some words for her. Happy happy birthday Noah!

  6. Oh my gosh!! I’m trying so hard not to laugh out loud (I’m at work) but I can’t help it!! That was just too funny!!!

    Noah – what a crack up! And the whole Sophie/Monkaroni saga – gah! Oh my gosh I’m cracking up again just thinking about it. And Noah looking at the camera – that was priceless!

    But most importantly -YOU LOOK SO GOOD!!! LOVE your hair like that – really looks great. 🙂

    Okay, I gotta watch this again…

    • I was WAITING for you to see it!

      I know. For a ‘video gone wrong’ it actually showed some good shots of Noah (the main point of the video) and yes, I am surprisingly happy with how I look in it. Especially since earlier in the day I was sure I had gained 30 pounds….

  7. What an adorable–but hilarious trio you have. They each have their own place in the family–just like siblings! Noah is like the typical 3rd child–so innocent and probably enjoying the older two getting in trouble with Mom. BTW–you look great!

    • Thank you Jane.

      Yes, they are like siblings that you adopted at different times from different countries, all having different upbringings that you are not quite sure about. Its definitely an adventure!

    • Oh no. Sophie is like a Jack Russell Terrier with short legs. She is very busy. Except when she gets her way and gets to stay in my lap or on my chair.

  8. if you are trying to get Noah on film another time – put camera behind you for part of the time – then we will get front of him. AND you look marvelous. Simply marvelous.

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