Poor Noah’s Birthday Presents

First of all, thanks for all the fun comments on the last post.  I think some of you understand my dogs better than I do.  Shelley gets the award for understanding Sophie the best (she is a former dachshund owner/lover.)  “Sophie:  Mom.  Mom. Mom. mom. mom. mom” I’m still laughing over that one.

So I filmed that yesterday because I had to work today, on Noah’s actual birthday.  And of all days, my babysitter was not available today.  That is a long day to leave a young energetic dog alone.  So when I got home at 9pm tonight, I threw his favorite plastic milk jugs out in the dark yard for him to retrieve.  Then I walked him around and around the yard in the cold with a flashlight for a while (had to be on leash–a little late for enthusiastic barking.)  He found a 12 foot stick–I’m not exaggerating–and carried it around for quite a while, until I was too cold and made him come inside.  Then I made the ultimate sacrifice.  I held his ‘toothpick’ (tiny nylabone) so he could gnaw on it for quite a while.  I don’t know why he likes this.  And amazingly, he has never bitten me when he is chewing.  But most of the time I won’t hold it for him.  You can’t really do much when one hand is covered in slobber.

I guess Noah doesn’t really know its his birthday.  He’s probably puzzled about why his mom was so nice and patient after work.  And tomorrow he will get at least two nice long walks.  Probably a short one with the house monsters too.


7 thoughts on “Poor Noah’s Birthday Presents

  1. I didn’t take time to comment yesterday, but I agree that the video is just too funny. I am so glad you posted it! Mr. B reads your blog (and he doesn’t read many other than mine!!) totally because of the dogs. Great part about that is he also sees your recipes and sometimes says, “let’s try that.” This is very, very good! You haven’t mentioned retirement lately – still on track for that as your posted a while back?? As you know, I highly recommend it!

    • Thanks for the retirement encouragement, Sharon. I am trying to have a good attitude every day at work, and find that I am really enjoying it. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll get to June 30 and not want to retire. But I really think that part of the reason I am enjoying it is because I know there is an end in sight!

  2. Dog slobber is one of those things I can never get over. I have wiped kids noses and behinds for 13 years now, but dog slobber still makes me shudder. Blech!!

    You’re a good DogMommy to hold it for him!! 🙂

  3. I’m with Jill – not a fan of dog slobber. I actually choose my dogs based on their propensity to slobber!

    Can Noah not hold his own Nylabone? Chloe does.

    Sounds like you did the best you could to make his birthday enjoyable. 🙂

    • “Can Noah not hold his own Nylabone? Chloe does.”

      Was that meant to make me LOL? Because it did,

      Yes, he can hold his own nylabone. He just likes me to hold it for him. Oh, do I sound like a defensive mother who is still holding her five-year-old’s bottle for him ‘because he likes it?” LOL at myself.

  4. Watching Sophie brings back such good memories of my Jackie, and boy, did she make me laugh a lot! You know if I ever come to your house I am going to dognap the Queen, right? 😉

    Love that you gave Noah extra special birthday attention – you are such a good doggie mom! Very cool that he found a gigantic “stick” on his birthday, too. 🙂

    Obviously I got distracted by the dogs, but I meant to tell you that the first thing I noticed when I watched the video was your hair – love it! You look so pretty, and thin! That shirt is a gorgeous color and looks great on you. And funny how you said you were feeling like you’d gained 30 pounds…the proof is in the picture, my friend, and you are looking awesome!

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