Quilt Show!

Finally, a little picture show from the Pacific International Quilt Show that I attended a few weeks ago.  Like I said, I took 200 pictures of the quilts.  Don’t worry, I won’t show them all.  I usually go through the show, and take a full shot of each quilt that I like, and then one or two close-ups to show the details of stitching or piecing or quilting.  Here are a few of the pictorial quilts that I really liked.  (p.s.  you know you can click on the photos a couple of times to see them larger, right?)

The theme of the quilt show was “Escape,” and this was her interpretation of that–how she escapes through working on her art–the background is all that she imagines while she is sketching.  I want to live in her dream!


This next one I love!  Oh heck, I love all of these quilts.  I am not a giant fan of the sea, but I do love the rocky structures along the shore.  This was not a ‘real’ place, but a place she pictured in her mind.


This next quilt was one I saw several years ago, by a well-known quilt artist from Australia, Gloria Loughman.  I love her work, her imagination, her use of color, and the detail she adds with stitching.

Ooh, I LOVE this next quilt!  I don’t think I even saw it until the last day I was there.  I love old barns anyway, but the way this artist captured details of broken windows and old barn siding is really special.


More quilt show tomorrow.  Now for the important stuff–more about me LOL.  Here’s a shot of one of my favorite breakfast or snack meals.  Plain old yogurt and plain old muesli.  Yummy, nutritious, and satisfying.  That’s Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, but you can make your own.  My mom likes mine better than Bob’s.  I like Bob’s better because it is chewier.   Just start with oatmeal (or you could use a mixed grain cereal, and add some of your favorite stuff–nuts of all sorts, sunflower seeds, raisins or craisins, dried fruit, etc.  I really like the date bits in it.  I have found these occasionally at grocery stores or specialty shops–bits of dates rolled in ground oats so they don’t stick to anything.

I got an urge to make broccoli beef (had some already cooked steak in the freezer) so I googled ‘broccoli beef, healthy recipe’ and came up with this one. I didn’t have hoisin sauce, so I googled ‘hoisin sauce substitute’ and found this.  Man, you can find  anything out there!   I pretty much followed the recipe as is, only I added carrots.  As much as I like carrots, I can see why broccoli beef is a classic, and broccoli-carrot beef is NOT.   Very tasty, not something I would have every day.

This morning Sophie was in her element.  On my lap, that is.

She is cute, isn't she?

Its nice to be adored by the Queen...

12 thoughts on “Quilt Show!

  1. Oh, my! Thank you for the quilt pictures…especially that you gave the close-up pics too. I’ve never seen such quilts, and I’m in awe! The puppy pics are great too. Such a nice touch, holding Sophie. Wow love for her mommy!

  2. By the way, I have to comment on Sophie. What a sweetheart, and she loves you so much! She reminds me of my little Sophie (a Cairn), with the same look in her eyes. Dogs are amazing!

    • Oh, another Sophie! Its such a nice doggie name, isn’t it? I didn’t name Sophie, but I really like the name. Cairn terriers are so cute–when I was a dog groomer, I loved working on Cairns.

  3. Those quilts are astounding! The talent of the quilt artists is amazing… the incredible tiny detail they can get out of material and thread!

    My favorite bit was the detail of the path from the house with the Doggie sitting there, looking like he was patiently waiting for someone he loved to come home.


  4. LOVED the quilt pics (and Sophie of course) very much worth waiting for. And please keep posting them. No, probably don’t want to see 200 in one post, but absolutely okay by me if you stick a few in every post.

  5. It always amazes me what one can do with a quilt. The detail is astounding! So pretty!!

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask – is there any special way to hang a quilt on the wall?

  6. The quilt pix are amazing. I especially like the close-up from the sea shore quilt. About being adored by the queen, I’m not sure which of you is the queen and which is the adorer. It seems to work perfectly both ways . . . .!

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