Astounding Oatmeal

Oh I have lots more important stuff to share.  Great pics loaded and ready to go.  But what do I need to share NOW?  I can’t wait another minute to share this new discovery!  Tonight I checked Lori’s blog, as I always do, and she posted her recipe for Almond Joy Oats.  Mmm mmm.  That sounded good.  Then I took the three doggies out for our evening walk.  And of course I thought about food.  What I would have for dinner?  Mmm.  Those oats might be good for dessert tonight.  Hmmm.  Do I have all the ingredients?  What if I tried this?  Oooooh, that might be a good addition…

And just almost by happenstance, here is the wonderful bowl of oats I came up with–just a little different version of Lori’s original.  If these are flavors you like, this is truly a wonderful dessert.  It will banish any thoughts you might be harboring of Halloween candy or cookies.  Of course, I’ll add the recipe over there on the other blog.

My version of Almond Joy Oats!

I think what made this bowl so special was starting with a cup of unsweetened almond milk that I cooked the oats in, and then I had the brilliant idea almost too late (one lone date was sitting on the countertop) to add a date to sweeten it.  I mashed the date as good as I could against the side of the pan while the oats were cooking.  Would have been easier to mash it at the beginning, like Lori illustrated with the banana.

Anyway, this was creamy, chewy, mildly sweet, with just the right amount of chocolate topping, so you got a taste of chocolate in every bite.  Best of all, you had the satisfaction of knowing you ate something nutritious, it was very filling, and did not leave you wanting more (like the candy bar for which it is named, or a cookie.)  Of course it would be a great breakfast too.  My recipe came out a little higher in calories than Lori’s.  The bowl shown is half the recipe, which is more than enough for dessert, and comes to about 225 calories.  You could adjust the amounts of add-ins to bring the calories down a bit, and eat the whole bowl for breakfast.

When I knew I was going to have this for dessert, I decided to have a relatively light dinner–had one of those delicious pear/walnut/blue cheese salads, with spinach as the greens.  Yumm.

Gotta run.  I’ll try to post more quilt pics tomorrow.

Aw, here’s one for Vickie:


7 thoughts on “Astounding Oatmeal

  1. thank you! and the first thing I thought – the center block with all the perfect little circles had to have been HARD to applique. to get the circles right and then all the rows even/straight. Love the colors.

    • Wow, Vickie. I didn’t even notice that. This was part of a display of ‘Rose of Sharon quilts’ I believe. They were all unbelievable, and all needle turn applique, I believe.

  2. Beautiful quilt! It’s so pretty!

    You’re so funny with the oats – I just can’t get into oats that much. This sounds really good, but I can only handle oats every so often. Sometimes the texture makes me gag. Hate that. 😦

  3. Wow, those oats looks incredible! You know, I’ve never tried the custard-style oats yet. I think I’ve got yet another recipe for my to-do list….

    And what a gorgeous quilt. I like how the dark blue makes the other colors pop.

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