A Different Kind of Workout

Strange day, really.  I had a guy coming over to clean my chimney and sweep about five years worth of pine needles off the roof!  So I started the day by getting outside and bagging up my garbage in the hopes that he would also do a dump run for me.  Worked on various outside chores for about an hour.  Followed by a short walk with Noah, and then off to dog training while the guy was here working.  I told him to leave the pine needles because I liked raking.

Dog training is not much of a workout for me, but evidently its quite a drain for Noah, because he is always out like a light for a couple of hours afterwards.  Which worked out great because my box of goodies from Amazon arrived in the mail today!  Whee!  I got  four new books, on four different topics.  So while Noah napped, I had a cup of coffee and some pumpkin custard and looked over the books.

The  cookbook is very interesting.  I heard about it over on Jenn’s  blog. The author definitely has some different ideas about how we should eat.  I’m sure I will be sharing a LOT with you all from this book in the weeks to come.

Then it was on to the mounds of pine needles.  I should have taken a picture!  Anyway, I moved about 10 large wheelbarrows full of needles to distant locations (not the front of the house!)  Then I raked the leftover needles.  Then I swept the needle crumbs.  And then I used the blower to get rid of the last bits.  Ah, if only I could use the blower on the clutter INSIDE the house!

Another break to eat an early dinner or late lunch, whatever.  By now it was 4:30.

Wrap 'a la Lori' stuffed with sliced Fuji apple, chicken breast, laughing cow cheese, lettuce, and mustard, with a side of sweet potato 'fries.'

That wrap was good enough that I’ll tell you what brand it was–Toufayan. The package says it is low carb and low fat.  3 grams fat, 15  carbs, 8 fiber, and 13 protein, 140 calories.   I forgot they had so much protein.  Mostly I’m telling you because they tasted good and were moist and chewy.  I don’t like a lot of low-cal high fiber wraps.

Then it was out for the evening walks!  Gonna have to get going a little earlier starting tomorrow.  I walked Noah probably a mile and a half and then decided to go back and take the little guys along with us for a shorter walk–you know, the power of the pack, as Cesar says!  All in all, an hour of fairly vigorous walking for me.  Which I was pretty proud of, because at the start I was feeling pretty achy in the joints.  But the longer I walked the better it got.

The road home:

Ooh.  I also finally got the microwave popcorn popper that Tish recommended.  Of course it had its maiden voyage already, and I am most impressed by it.  Best of all, I can make a small batch, instead of microwaving a whole bag and then either wasting half of it, or eating too much.

Somewhere in between there, I did a couple loads of laundry, which involves running up and down stairs, and vacuumed the carpet.  It wasn’t a visit to the gym , but I’m gonna say I got a good workout today.


15 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Workout

  1. I love days filled with functional exercise! Besides the feel-good endorphins from the movement, something always looks shiny afterward. 🙂 Today is another leaf day for me, and I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I love days like this one! You feel so accomplished at the end of them. I smiled when I saw Ernie Zelinski’s book in your “treasures” from Amazon. I bought that book while contemplating full retirement in 2002 and you should see it’s tattered pages from years of referring back to it. I also enjoyed another of his, “The Joy of Not Working,” although it had some of the same things in it. Let me know how you like it! You are creative enough on your own that it may not contain any earth shattering new information, but for me, it helped put an “it’s o.k. to live this way” kind of stamp of approval on my decision to leave CorporateLand.

    • Oh, so fun to know that you enjoyed his book too! I chose it after looking through a bunch of books on Amazon. The way I am retiring does not match up with ‘conventional wisdom’ and his book seems to say that’s okay. It looks great so far.

      Yes, I don’t think I”ll be one of those people who are bored after they retire. But I do want my life to continue to be meaningful.

  3. I love those kind of work outs – you get so much done!!

    I definitely want to hear more about that cookbook – sounds really interesting!

    I’m super nervous about hanging my quilt – it seems wrong to put a hole in that beautiful thing!! 🙂

    • Jill is referring to my recommendation to just use a nail to hang a quilt. Right or wrong, this is what I usually do at home. I try to use fine, very smooth sharp small nails, like for hanging pictures, and I put the nail through the quilt at the intersection of the edge of the quilt and the binding. I know there are a lot of purists that will be horrified, but it works for me.

      • You know, I’d been meaning to ask you the best way to hang the quilt. And I’m cringing a little reading about putting nails through it. Then again, it’s been stuck with needles probably more than I have, so maybe it’s not as cringe-worthy as I’m thinking.

  4. Poor Noah – dog training probably exhausts him because he has to really work his little doggy brain. I get like that, too, on days where I have to do a lot of mental work.

    Hmmmm… leaf blower inside. That would take care of dusting in a hurry!

    I am looking forward to reading about more about that cookbook! I love those that challenge traditional thinking. 😀

    • You made me laugh so hard at Noah’s LITTLE doggie brain. I’d better not tell the dog trainers about that. Noah will get a reputation (like he doesn’t already have one. Yesterday he was ‘done’ with class about 20 minutes before class was over. The best way I can describe it is he is like a small child acting out.)

  5. I love that kind of day. I just got finished trying to run the rest of the gas out of the lawnmower…so much for that. I need to start walking the dogs again. We all miss our journies.

  6. Pubsgal, here’s the whole answer I gave to Jill, with links to options:

    Wanted to answer your question! Well, many quilters put a ‘sleeve’ on the back of their quilt, which is a nice way to hang a quilt. Unfortunately, your friend does not like putting sleeves on quilts. You could do it yourself if you want—here’s a link to directions. http://quilting.about.com/od/decoratingwithquilts/ss/quilt_sleeve.htm Or you could find some little quilt hangers at a quilt shop—little wooden gizmos that just ‘clip it and hang on the wall. http://cgi.ebay.com/Set-2-Mini-Ash-Quilt-Hang-Ups-Clips-Clamps-Hangers-NEW-/110587122996?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19bf819534 Very nice, I’ve got a couple. Or you could do like I do to most of my quilts—just drive a nail right through them! Yep. That’s what I do. As long as you use stainless or whatever, so it won’t rust, I figure it is only breaking one or two threads at the most. I’m quite sure you will not find this recommended on any other quilt sight though.

  7. Sounds like a great functional fitness day! I was on my feet most of today cooking things, since it was rainy out. I went on a gorgeous hike/jog yesterday, though, on the bluffs behind the HMB airport.

    Love the pictures of your area…the trees are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  8. I have that microwave popper, too – bought it at the recommendation of some blogger, but I can’t remember who now. LOVE IT.

    Love that Noah gets so worn out at dog training…it’s like when my kids were little, we used to go run them around the back yard in the late afternoon so they’d sleep good for the night.

    Oh, and the leaf blower inside the house? That would be so helpful – like a reverse vacuum, but more fun.

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