It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Well you didn’t expect a creative title after a long day at work, did you?  I think this is the first post I’ve ever written after work.  I’m only doing it to stay awake for a little longer, so I don’t have to put the dogs back in their crates for a little while.  And because I can’t type and eat at the same time.

I can drink tea though.  Have I already told you guys about finding the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas?  I looked forever for them, in every grocery store I was in, and I finally found them on some end aisle, not anywhere near the tea aisle.  They are so worthy though.  Two of them (Gingerbread Spice and Candy Cane Lane) are decaf teas, so perfect for a treat in the evening.

Back to the storm.  Oh My Gosh.  This is a big one.  First thing that happened this morning was my alarm clock did not go off because there had been a power failure sometime during the night.  Fortunately, my bedside lamp went on and woke me up, so I was only a few minutes late.  I left this morning in the dark, driving out through some very wet snow–tree branches were bent WAY over the road.

In the morning I checked, and they were predicting two arctic storms coming through, dumping a bunch of snow down to 2000 feet (I am 2500.)  Later in the day I checked, and they were only predicting rain.  The predicted temperatures are right at that edge mark of 33-36 degrees.

When I left work, it was blowing heavy rain SO HARD.  For some reason I had brought my umbrella in to work with me (I’m usually not so prepared) and it was so windy it almost turned my umbrella inside out.    My pants and shoes got really wet–made for a nice drive home :((

When I stopped for gas–boy, I didn’t want to, but yes, it was necessary–I couldn’t believe how windy and cold it was.  That made me pretty happy, because I didn’t feel the wind blowing my car around like you sometimes do.  (This is the first winter for this car.)

Made it home, got the doggies in and out, and then it really started to pour.  Still no snow–yay.  And yay for me for being a little prepared for once.  I had some dry wood on the back porch and by the woodstove.  I got a nice fire going, and it is starting to warm up in  here.

I realize this is THE MOST BORING POST on the internet tonight, so here are the doggie views tonight for your entertainment.

Monk sitting in the dark. Not sure why he’s sitting up.
Sophie waiting hopefully for me to come back to my chair.
Noah and his ever-present bone. Being a very good boy tonight.
Christmas is coming, folks!   Here’s some early signs  I saw on our walk the other day (when the sun was out!)
Here’s a little book I got the other day–just tells how Christmas developed into this crazy giant-pile-of-gifts thing that it has turned into.  And then dares to suggest that there is a better, simpler, more joyful way to spend the season.  Well, I guess you can tell which side of the Christmas tree I stand on.  I don’t even know what that sentence means.
Okay, now the font got all weird on me.  Time for bed!  I’ll try to check in on everybody tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

  1. Hi Debby,

    I’m up very early this morning, so I’m visiting blogs and was delighted to find a new post on yours. Our weather has turned very cold here in Minnesota, also. It’s hard to take after such a lovely fall and coming back home after being in Vegas (70 plus degrees) for four days. I loved all your photos, especially Mr. Monk, Sophie, and Noah. They are really quite the group. Have a very nice Sunday. And…by the way, your post wasn’t boring at all.

  2. Your posts are never boring – I look forward to them. I love hearing what’s happening in other parts of the country.

    Not familiar with that book, but have read others by McKibbon and bet this one is a good one.

  3. can you picture those nice, zipped plastic ‘bags’ that new blankets, sheet sets, mattress pads come in? I use those and also 2 gallon zip lock bags to hold changes of clothes, work out clothes, socks, underwear, sweater, etc in the trunk of my car.

    the things I keep in there are NOT my favorites. But sometimes I am very glad to see them – dry and clean.

    I keep an old pair of athletic shoes and also an old pair of boots in there too.

    I have 4 fleece blankets in one of the larger zip plastic ‘bags’. The fleece rolls up nice and small. Four blankets do not take up much room. There are also pairs of fleece footies in that bag. The nice thick kind. More than once the girls and I have been wet and/or cold getting back in the car and have used these.

    • That is a great idea, Vickie. I might not have changed my pants, but for sure would have liked some warm socks and shoes for the drive home.

      I had a friend that was originally from your area of the country, and she did that too. Probably more important for colder climates, but you never know when us Californians are going to be caught in a freak snow storm!

  4. I love hearing about peoples day to day. I’m right there with you, cold and wet, coming in to change clothes and sit by the fire with a mug o tea.

    How about some of those snazzy rain boots that come in all kinds of designs. I wish I had a reason such as cooler weather and having some place to go, just for the purpose of having cool rain boots.

    I’ve been trying to psych myself up to look forward to cups of holiday teas versus the draw of carbs and sweets. I’ve got Harneys and Sons Christmas tea also (sold at Barnes and nobles). I like Celestial seasonings Nutcracker suite but haven’t found any–more almond,vanilla, cinnamon flavored.

  5. Mr Monk was posing for his Christmas card picture! Being the elder statesman.

    I can imagine how warm and snuggly your house would be with the woodstove and all those quilts during a storm.

    I can never find the holiday teas around here. We used to live in Boulder, where Celestial Seasonings is and took a tour of their factory. Absolutely amazing! They have one giant room that is closed off that contains all their peppermint. When you go in that room it is like an menthol explosion.

  6. Loved your post. Great descriptions. I was feeling the cold and the misery. It was a relief to know you got into your house with your fire and your puppies. I often wonder, at odd times when I’m not on the computer: How DO you keep Noah so pristine and beautiful? He’s so “all boy” I would expect him to be grubby with that fine white coat.

  7. This post cracked me up! You should write more after work! Heehee.

    I’m going to be saying “Guess which side of the Christmas tree I stand on” aaalll throughout the season!! That is so funny. Makes me giggle just thinking about it! 🙂

    What’s got two thumbs and is stopping by the store this afternoon with coupon in hand to get her some Candy Cane Lane? This girl!! 🙂

  8. I discovered those teas last year (via reading about them on blogs, lol) and love them – still have a few boxes (I found mine at the Dollar Store, of all places!). You’ve reminded me to go dig them out of the pantry – it’s time. 🙂

    Mr. Monk looks like he would like to be asleep but doesn’t want to miss anything, so he’s barely awake. Always love the dog pictures, I do!

  9. I always like your posts! Glad you made it home okay with the storm and all. And I’ll keep an eye out for that book…it looks like a good one! (And your “Well, I guess you can tell which side of the Christmas tree I stand on.” cracked me up! Like Jill said, I think that’s going to stick in my head all season!)

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