Noah the Big White Dog

I was reading another blog about the Harry Potter books and movies, and my mind just did a little fantasy flight thing and I thought, I could write a whole series of books by Noah.  They would be best sellers and the movies would FASCINATE everyone.  My very next thought was that Noah’s first book, written today, would have to be titled ‘Noah the Big White Dog is Bored.’ End of book/movie deal fantasy.

Like the opening paragraph would have to be:

If the lady tells me to ‘down’ one more time I am going to poke my eyes out.  Ooh, or maybe I’ll just chew on the edge of her robe.  Or maybe that piece of paper over there.  Hey, I wonder what’s UNDER the linoleum?  I bet I can get it up if I try hard enough!  What?  We’re moving to a different room?  DOWN AGAIN?  If only I had thumbses, Chloe, I WOULD poke my eyes out.  Then the lady would be sorry.

Its not that I don’t like laying down.  In fact its my most favorite position when I am not patrolling the yard and barking at necessary annoyances.  I just don’t like HER to tell me to lay down.  Remember, ‘Great Pyrenees are extremely intelligent and capable of independent decision-making apart from human direction.’



The end.  Whew.  Writing a book is hard work.  Who knew?


Not only is Noah bored, Debby is unmotivated today.  Its raining AGAIN.  Raining enough that I don’t want to take Noah out for a walk.  The computer says its snowing here in Pine Grove.  Harrumph.

Visit to the bay area was good.  It was supposed to be a ‘Thanksgiving’ visit with my dad.  Fortunately, he doesn’t like to eat large volumes of food any more, so instead of going out for a big lunch or dinner, we had some cottage cheese/crushed pineapple/walnuts that I had brought with me, and then went out for some frozen yogurt after we did a little shopping for him.  It was a good day.  He is so appreciative of the simple little things that I can do for him.

The commute home was AMAZING.  Usually if I try to leave the bay area by 3pm, it just crawls along until you get ‘over the hill.’  This time I left his house at 5pm and thought it would be even worse.  But somehow, the traffic never slowed down!  I had in mind that I wanted a cheeseburger without bun like Pubsgal occasionally has, but I didn’t want to jinx the commute by stopping and eating, so I remembered that In and Out does ‘protein style, and stopped and tried it.  Pretty darn good.  They used substantial fresh leaves of iceburg lettuce to wrap the burger in.  It was every bit as secure as a bun.  It did feel weird going to a fast food drive through–I bet its been three years since I did that.  Not going to make that a regular habit though.  Its just not a good path for me to go down.  I did think about waiting to get home to fix my own (I had everything needed at home) but decided that would be too late and I would be too tired.

Anyway, it was a great day all around.  But I guess that’s why I slept until 9am this morning???  Okay, enough prattle. I think I’ll get up and take on the day.  Which will involve getting wet, no doubt.  Yuck.  Oh yes, to be content in whatever state I am in.  Does that include wet, God?


12 thoughts on “Noah the Big White Dog

  1. You should definitely write a book by/about/for Noah!! That would be so fun!

    I love how Sophie keeps looking at you while you take pictures – “mom, will you let me on your lap now? Mom, will you sit down so I can get up in your lap? Mom, when are you going to put the camera down so I don’t have to lay here next to the Big White Annoyance????” heehee!

    • THAT is Sophie’s conversation to a ‘T.’

      Did you get the tea? Do you like it? I guess I should ask these questions on your blog!

  2. You interpret Noah’s voice very well and I agree with the others, you have a best-seller just waiting to come out! And Jill has Sophie pegged perfectly, lol. 🙂

    I can appreciate the drive with good traffic – how nice for you!!! And good to know about ordering a “protein style” burger…just in case, right?

    We are in the midst of a heat wave – think tomorrow is the last day. I envy you your snow. It’s November, for crying out loud! OK, I’ll quit complaining. 🙂

    • Could we have a little weather exchange? I wouldn’t mind a warm day right about now.

      Yes, you and Jill have a very good understanding of Sophie. Maybe Sophie will have to write a book too LOL.

  3. I loved the Noah story. You definitely have him all figured out. I think there might be a children’s book lurking there. Keep at it–you never know what might happen! Have a blessed day tomorrow..

  4. Oh, that cracked me up, Debby! Love the idea of Noah starring in his own book! I’ll have to run it by the “test audience” over the holiday and see what she thinks. 😉

    So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving visit with your dad. Also glad you liked the “protein style” burger at In & Out! It gets a little bit sloppy at the end, but they’re so yummy. They’re the only fast food hamburger I’ll eat anymore, after having a bite of a “nasty patty” at Carl’s Jr. on one of our family road trips. *shudder*

    Hope you all stay warm & dry! We had frost here this morning, and I’m sorry, but it felt way colder than mid-40s here during the daytime.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Debby! I’m thankful that we got to meet in person this year! 🙂

    • Oh! I didn’t even know you ‘did’ In and Out–I was more thinking about the delicious pictures of the gourmet burger or your homemade burgers you have had. Ooh, I also had a ‘nasty patty’ at Carl’s–was Sooo sick! Many years ago now.

      Yes, I agree, cold on the coast is MUCH colder. And I was thinking this morning that I hope we will be able to get together again sometime, maybe just for a burger or frozen yogurt!

  5. I am picturing Noah running on a treadmill on these bad weather days.

    VERY interesting about the burger/lettuce substitute bun place. Was it rolled or two pieces like a traditional bun or what? Toppings? (I use steamed cabbage leaves to ‘hold’ all kinds of things and lettuce leaves too.)

    • They used about 4 big iceburg lettuce leaves to overlap and wrap around it, and then that had a paper wrapper holding it in place. It was very secure! I just checked the stats–hamburger was 240 cal, cheeseburger 330 cal. Topped w/tomato, onion, sauce. Not terrible, but not nearly the nutrition you could get for that many calories, esp. the cheeseburger.

      Never thought of the treadmill for Noah. Really, we don’t get enough bad weather to justify that big piece of equipment for either him or me. Its not so bad going out in the rain for an hour or so, when the rain is letting up, of course.

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