Its A Very Merry Birthday. Mostly.

Warning:  Food talk ahead.

Well, its been an eventful birthday season.  Started out with a little binge on, of all things, ‘white trash cookies.’  Have you ever heard them called that?  Those soft sugar cookies with a lot of soft icing on them.  YES.  They were in the breakroom.  And I really like those cookies.  That was Wednesday.

Thursday was my first day off.  My plan was to go to the movies, have movie popcorn, and also maybe a peppermint brownie from Starbucks.  I decided I would actually RATHER go to the gym for a little longer time, and get some of Vicky’s healthy cookies,and have some good popcorn at home.  I KNOW.  I would rather go to the gym?  Eventually I will go to the movies.  But I would rather wait and see the new Narnia movie that is coming out.  This turned out to be a wonderful day.  I got the carpets vacuumed and shampooed, then hustled Noah into the car, walked him around the parking lot of the shopping center, and then took him to the dog wash!  Brought him home, had lunch, and then went back to the gym for my workout.  Had some popcorn and one of Vicky’s cookies, and a piece of See’s candy in the evening while I watched (let’s say it all together) more episodes of The Dog Whisperer. It really was a great day!

I LOVE my new microwave popcorn popper! (Thanks for the recommendation, Tish!) Made with a little coconut oil, and about a teaspoon of melted butter drizzled on it.

White doggie!

Dinner was 1/2 a baked sweet potato topped with turkey, caramelized onions, and broccoli--very delish!

Friday was the day I was going to ‘the Big City’ to shop, and eat out, and celebrate my birthday (which is actually today.)  Started the day with a protein pancake topped with mashed banana.

I had so many mapquests to various places because I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to do.  Okay, who but me would find it exciting to go to TWO grocery stores for their birthday?  Went to Whole Foods, got a few items, and one of my most favorite cookies for tonight for my ‘birthday cake.’  The other store was Henry’s, which is really a great little store.  GREAT produce, much cheaper than Whole Foods, tons of stuff in the bins, and other interesting stuff like Trader Joe’s.

I ended up going to TJ Maxx, which was not on my plans, but I scored BIG TIME!  Another pair of Saucony shoes, even  better than the ones I just got, for only $35, and 3 Wacoal  ‘b’s’, in the right size, for only $17 each–usually $64 each!!!  I went to BJ’s  for my planned lunch of a really great burger.   I only ate half the bun and half the fries, but still it was a lot.  Did a little more shopping, and then got a Starbuck’s coffee and PINKBERRY yogurt (wheeeee!!!) for the drive home.  No way I was hungry for dinner, but I did manage to end the evening with a very special homemade cookie sent from my BFF.  Its an oatmeal cookie with a little mincemeat filling.  And I had a little trail mix.  I got a couple of irritating messages that put me into a little funk for a while.  That’s the ‘mostly’ part of my merry birthday.

So the funk continued for a little while this morning.  I even wrote in my little journal about feeling like an insecure 10 year old instead of the 56 years I am.  Part of that was ‘feeling fat’ and worrying about how much I ate yesterday.  So I made myself add it up.  It was about 2600 calories, trying to be very honest about it.  That is not actually too bad for a single day.  I decided to eat really healthy and ‘clean’ today, except for my birthday cookie tonight.

Started the day with some goatmilk yogurt that I had gotten yesterday–double yumm on this stuff!  Topped it with half a pear and some muesli.  Then I decided I would get out for a long walk with Noah.   You know.  Hoping a little of those endorphins would kick in.  It was really windy outside.  Its unusual for it to be windy around here, but when it is, these tall skinny pine trees just sway back and forth.  I don’t know how they stay upright.

I noticed that I was wearing all white with my white dog and decided to capture the moment.  Even though I like colors a lot, I really like white and black clothes.

Aren’t the colors and textures in this picture pretty?

Sticks have become an occasional part of our walks again:

We walked about four miles today.  It felt really wonderful, and the sun even came out for a little while.  I took a JayBar with me, but was most pleased that I was able to keep from eating it.  Instead had a most excellent lunch when we returned home–this delicious brussel sprouts medley, and a bowl of cottage cheese and red grapes.  Most satisfying.

A bunch of Brussel sprouts sauteed with 2 tsp coconut oil, topped with chopped walnuts, cranberries, and about 1 tsp brown sugar.

This is my version of a pumpkin spice latte:  gingerbread spice coffee, almond milk, a little pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice all whirled up in the blender, with a little caramel syrup swirled on top.  I am not as proficient at the swirl as John!  I might have one of these when I finish this interminable blog!

Gratuitous doggie shots, especially for Mr. Monk’s Number One Fan!!!  ( Pubsgal’s daughter.)

I hope for this evening to be as peaceful as this!  Hope you all are having a wonderful peaceful weekend.


16 thoughts on “Its A Very Merry Birthday. Mostly.

    • That’s pretty funny. I just put on my ‘pajama clothes,’ because I wanted to be comfortable today. Its an outfit I got at a thrift store. And I topped it off with my $7 WalMart Jacket.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!!! Your day sounds (mostly) wonderful. Sorry for the irritating messages – I just hate it when that happens. 😦

    You look so great in your pic, but Noah doesn’t look very pleased to have his walk interrupted by a picture!! I just love the scenery where you walk – someday I must come and see it for myself!! 🙂

    White trash cookies – that’s funny because when I talk about white trash cookies, I usually think of the generic vanilla sandwich cookies. I think they taste like a redneck trailer park!

    That latte looks really good. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Candy Cane Lane tea – I think of you every time I drink it! 🙂

  2. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEBBY! I loved your photos, especially the one of you and Noah, both in white. …so pretty.

    I know exactly which cookies you are talking about when you say “white trash cookies.” Doesn’t everyone love them? Haave a great weekend, Debby. I’m so glad I found your blog this year.

  3. Happy Birthday! So glad you made an event of your special day – and woohoo for getting Pinkberry! 🙂

    You and Noah both look good in white. His fur looks so silky after his bath, and your outfit really is gorgeous. Of course I adore curled up Sophie – my girl!

    What is it with cookies? I’ve wanted some (not one, mind you – SOME) all day long. Shared half an oatmeal raisin with Jeff, but I want more, darn it!

    BTW, total score at TJ’s!!!

    • I KNOW!! SOME cookies! I told my friend that in the past I would have eaten all four cookies that she sent me! I put three of them in the freezer IMMEDIATELY to stave that off!

      I love that pic of Sophie too. It is so rare to get one of her relaxed and asleep when the camera is around.

  4. Happy Birthday Debby!! It sounds like a really wonderful day.

    Those soft cookies with a lot of frosting would be my kryptonite. That is so up my alley.

    That picture of you and Noah looks so fall-like. You do look very put together 😀

  5. Happy Birthday, friend. Your celebration sounds great. I have an idea. How about a reprise next week and I’ll come out and do it all with you! (I wouldn’t mind being 56 again either LOL). Glad you like your popcorn popper. I love mine. Mmmm–no popcorn for me tonight, it’s too late–almost bed time.

    I went to a friend’s house today and she has Mr. Monk’s twin, Linda. Linda was napping happily in her crate, but very sweetly came out and said hello when asked. She was a rescue dog and is most happy to live with my friend and her cat, Elizabeth (a rescue cat).

  6. Lovely photo in white. Happy birthday! mincemeat / cookie..sounds good.
    I’ve never heard of those cookies. I’ve always heard of ‘white trash’ referred to a kind of chex mix with white chocolate /powedered sugar covered over it.

  7. Of course I wasn’t here over the weekend so I missed your birthday – boo!

    BUT HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so glad you spent it doing and eating exactly what you wanted. That’s how a birthday should be.

    Love the white photo, so beautiful!

  8. Belated happy, happy birthday, Debby!!! Sorry to have missed the day itself, but I sure hope you’re stretching out the celebration as long as possible!

    Other than sucky messages (the NERVE! I growl at them like beeg dog), what’s not to love about your birthday time? Beautiful walks, happy & clean doggies, gym fun, delicious food, successful shopping, cookies from a BFF, and Pinkberry! *sigh*…sounds delightful! And what an awesome photo of you & Noah – you both wear the color cream beautifully and look so vibrant & alive!

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