Tried out a new recipe today, and decided that it would be just right to bring to Cammy’s Virtual Holiday Potluck!

This recipe is straight out of my new Nourishing Traditions cookbook.  The name intrigued me:  Crispy Pecans.  (Imagine that, Pubsgal!)  and the recipe intrigued me even more.  I wondered if it would be a good substitute for the Trader Joe’s roasted salted pecans that are so addictive.  The answer is yes.  No oil added, just a hint of saltiness.  Yummy, but I don’t feel the need to keep eating and eating them.     Best of all, the author says they are better for you (more digestible) prepared this way, and they have a pretty long shelf life (4 months) without needing refrigeration.

This book is so interesting.  Every page has recipes in the center, but the sidebars are full of interesting quotes from old and new scientific studies, nutrition information, and information on how these foods are used in other countries and cultures.  Something about the enzyme inhibitors in nuts that can make them difficult on the digestion (although I haven’t noticed a problem with the substantial amount of walnuts that I eat.)  Anyway, this was a really easy recipe, and I thoroughly recommend the results.

Crispy Pecans

Just click here for the recipe–so simple, only three ingredients.  But it does take 19 hours to make (tee hee!)

Thanks for the invite, Cammy!


7 thoughts on “Potluck!

  1. That is so weird!! Soaking them and then baking them for-ev-er??? But seeing as how I’ve got eleventybillion pecans all over my yard, I might have to try this recipe!! I love fun and different things like this. 🙂

  2. I think I’ll just pop on over to Trader Joe’s… 😉 If I didn’t have two within a mile of my workplace, I’d be all over that recipe. Those look so yummy!!!

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