Funny Stuff

Here’s another interesting tidbit from my Nourishing Traditions cookbook.  I hope ‘they’ don’t get mad at me for directly quoting them too much.  Hoping the linky link to their book on Amazon will keep them happy.

In 1960, researchers at Ann Arbor University performed an interesting experiment on laboratory rats.  Eighteen rats were divided into three groups.  One group received cornflakes and water; a second group was given the cardboard box that the cornflakes came in and water; and the control group received rat chow and water.  The rats in the control group remained in good health throughout the experiment.  The rats receiving the box became lethargic and eventually died of malnutrition.  But the rats receiving cornflakes and water died before the rats who were given the box–the last cornflake rat died on the day the first box rat died.  Before death the cornflake rats developed schizophrenic behavior, threw fits, bit each other and finally went into convulsions.  Autopsy revealed dysfunction of the pancreas, liver and kidneys and degeneration of the nerves in the spine–all signs of ‘insulin shock.’  The startling conclusion of this study  is that there is more nourishment in the box that cold breakfast cereals come in than in the cereals themselves.  Loren Zanier, designer of the experiment, actually proposed the protocol as a joke.  But the results are far from funny.  They were never published and similar studies have not been repeated.  If consumers knew the truth about breakfast cereals, vast fortunes would be jeopardized.

I used to like corn flakes…


6 thoughts on “Funny Stuff

  1. Wow Debby thats amazing and scary.Need something to cheer you up?? Go to my blog and on my blogroll click on the voodoo lady and watch the cat video she posted. Hilarious!!!! You’ll be glad you did! Hugs Deb!

  2. First, I’ve been away awhile. Gotta say, I love your sexy new blog theme. Wow. You’re goin’ first calss here, Debby.

    Second: Wowsa. I wish the box experiment surprised me, but it doesn’t. Thanks for today’s smile (and cringe).

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