Winter Walk

Been busy!  Since our last post, hmmm…  Had another mini-binge at work Monday–5 cookies from the breakroom.  It was an EXTREMELY stressful day psychologically and mentally for me.  One of those situations where there is absolutely no good solution (and I like to solve problems.)  It was bad enough that it ‘hung over’ to the next day.  The only good thing about it was that physically, it was completely not stressful.

Anyway, I did make a list in the morning (Tuesday) of things I wanted to accomplish, and it seemed that without even thinking about it, I just went from one thing to another and got ’em done.  I was cleaning out the car with Noah attached to me, and he jumped in the back seat, so I said, yeah, lets drive out and take a nice walk.  It was a gorgeous winter day and it lifted my spirits a bit, and I got some good pics.

We walked down to the Indian Grinding Rocks State Park.  This gorgeous old oak is in the middle of the Park.  I like to think of it as being there when the Indians actually inhabited this land.

This is the Chaw Se Indians roundhouse.  It looks like it is built right into the side of a hill or something.  They still use it for their gatherings, evidently. I took this picture from really far away using my ‘spy cam’ setting!

I seem to be able to get back on track pretty good when I’ve overindulged in junk food at work.  Maybe its because I’m not as worried about it.  Oh, except now I remember.  I was a little worried about it, and I went back and read Georgie’s comments about what causes you to obsess about food.  I thought it was really a well-written article.

Today, I woke up really early (hello, my twin Lori!) so got a good start to the day.  I drove down to the bay area to pick up my dad for an overnight trip to my house!  Whew.  Adding one extra ‘stranger’ to a little house full of three dogs–pandemonium for a bit.  And, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT (Vickie) there is a mouse in my kitchen tonight???  Really?  Tonight you had to make the first appearance of the winter?  I am almost afraid to try to go to sleep…not because I am afraid of the mouse.  Because I am afraid the dogs will bark at every extra little noise…

We had frozen yogurt for lunch.  And for dinner I fixed a delicious lamb sirloin from the local butcher’s shop.  My dad loves leg of lamb.  But yikes.  They were very large, and were $45!!  I spotted this little loin, and it was only $11 and was completely delicious.  I fixed some eggplant for my dad–couldn’t make myself try it, which is ridiculous.  I’ve ‘hated’ it ever since I was a kid I think because of the name.  And I fixed a great salad.  So my food was ‘within budget’ today.  Although I have to admit, my budget is pretty loosely organized these days.

So I’ve been getting some great walks in, but no gym since Sunday.  I get to go tomorrow while my dad has a visit with my pastor.  Hmm, when I write that out, it sounds like a visit with the principal, like I am in trouble or something.

I guess I’ll end and write more when I am more coherent.  Habanada ya’all!


13 thoughts on “Winter Walk

  1. I think we are up past 1/2 dozen mice (caught) so far this fall. You are very lucky you don’t have more, because you are ‘in the woods/fields’ like we are.

  2. Great loooong post debby! I know what you mean about mice. HOw do those little suckers get in??? I think we’ve blocked every hole! But Jinx is ver interested in whats under the couch and that has me worried. Have a great visit with your dad!

    • Hey deb, don’t know if you’ll get this reply, but I’m pretty sure you have a blog. Your name does not link–can you leave your blog name here?

  3. Since no one else has mentioned it, I hope I’m not hallucinating, but I love your new blog look. When your post first popped up, I thought it wasn’t you, but then saw Noah! The pics are just gorgeous.

    BTW, you and Lori have a triplett. I’m up naturally (no alarm clock) between 5:00 and 5:30 every morning. IMHO, the absolute best part of the day!

  4. I’m up early most days too…4:15 or so. Gotta get my run in you know.

    I don’t even have pets but every time dear Little Helen comes home for a visit, I cannot believe how much of an uproar it seems to put the house in. Funny how we get used to “our” space, isn’t it?

    I’m loving the new blog look. I had to scroll back up because I thought I was reading the wrong blog!

    • Ooh, yikes Helen. You get the award for VOLUNTARILY getting up the earliest! What time do you get to bed? I have to get up at 4am on the mornings I work, but that’s only 2 days a week now.

      I do like it when I get up early, but only if I’ve gone to bed early and feel refreshed.

  5. Sorry for the stressy week but sweet move getting back on track. (I have the same fortune of being able to move right back to it, once off the path. I think when our overall focus is on health, it’s easier to switch back to eating the right foods and exercising.)

    • I think you’re right, Cammy, about the overall focus being on health. I still get off track pretty easily in my thinking, but fortunately I remember soon enough.

  6. Aaaaahhhh, the soothing power of walks and nature! What a beautiful place that state park is for a walk. And that oak tree is massive – I imagine it was there when the Native American tribe lived there, too.

    Your post reminded me a bit of Lynn’s “Maintenance Mind” post recently over on Refuse to Regain. Keeping that mindset, in the face of pretty powerful combinations of other forces, seems to help us “course correct” on a seemingly constant basis, rather than “tomorrow” or “Monday” or “day after New Year’s Day…oh, wait, that’s still on a weekend, let’s make that January 3rd.”

    And how sweet of you to make eggplant for your dad, when you yourself don’t like it! 🙂 Me, I love eggplant. And no, it doesn’t taste like eggs. 🙂 But it seems to be one of those veggies people either like or hate; I think it might partly be due to its texture. Like most veggies, it becomes heavenly when roasted: crisp and carmelized on the outside, mushy on the inside. Or sometimes the whole piece gets crispy. If you get a chance, maybe try baba ghanoush, which similar to hummus but uses roasted eggplant instead of chickpeas? Often times people enjoy that even if they don’t like eggplant (Mr. H&H being the exception…yeay, more for me! And he can have all my deviled eggs.)

    Hope the rest of your dad’s visit goes well, and that you have a safe trip to the Bay Area & back again!

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