Is This Turning into a Photography Blog?

Merry Christmas Everbody!

I was just experimenting to see if I could get an action shot of a snow globe.  Anyway, I dunno.  Seems like lately I just take pictures and then tell you about what’s happening.  Maybe I should take a photography course when I retire.

Okay, is it selfish that for me the very best part about somebody coming to visit is THE DAY AFTER?  That’s how I almost always feel.  I did a good enough job of entertaining (I’m never really satisfied that I did it right,)  everything is cleaned up, and I can completely relax.  That’s what today was.  Most excellent.  To top it off, Noah was extra tired today (he was on alert pretty much the whole time my dad was here.)  So we relaxed around the house, did laundry, did a little quilting, watched a little Dog Whisperer, and only took one long walk today with all three dogs.

Yesterday morning I took a long walk with Noah while Dad relaxed at home.  I had the idea to take a bunch of pictures on the walk so I could show them to Dad when I got back–he could kind of take a virtual walk.  Only we ran out of time.  So you guys get to see them.

Misty morning:

Light through the trees:

Closer view (love the textures and colors):


Path to the stream:


The little stream was really full from all the rain we’ve had:

My dad and the Queen:

So that was that.  I did drop my dad off for a visit with my pastor, and I did get in a good workout at the gym.  And I did weigh myself, and was very surprised that I still weigh the same–168.   Woo hoo, I guess…

Come back tomorrow for a new recipe!





11 thoughts on “Is This Turning into a Photography Blog?

  1. From all your pictures, I’ve created this wonderful vision in my head of where you live. A cozy little cottage back in the woods with all these amazing places to walk close by. And you’ve got a stream! WoW!

    Glad your visit with your dad went well and yes, I hear you loud and clear. I love “the day after!”

  2. Hi Debby,
    I know exactly why you enjoy the day after hosting a social gathering. I am the same way, and with good reason. As much as we enjoy entertaining others and get satisfaction from doing it, it’s hard work too. The next day we can rest our bodies and have a day just to ourselves, and at the same time, feel as though we connected with others in a meaningful way.

    BTW–I love your photos! Miss Sophie is quite the Queen Bee. So is my Sophie. You just gotta love ’em!

  3. Yes, I believe yours is a photo blog much of the time. You have a really good eye for composition and texture. And I love the variety — nature, dessert, dogs, quilt details. I’m surprised to learn you HAVEN’T taken a photography class yet. You’ll be teacher’s pet, no doubt, when you do.

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