Pumpkin Protein Snack Bars!

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe since the day before Thanksgiving when I had the pumpkin bars that were ridiculously full of sugar. I wanted to use the same amount and type of spices to make a healthy dessert and see if the spices would work.  I think they did.  This is just a variation on a theme–started out with my Apricot Oatmeal Bars and just tweaked the recipe a tiny bit.  Instead of apple sauce I used pumpkin, and instead of apricots, I used the rest of the pumpkin that I had thawed out to make a filling.  The recipe is here.

Here’s how I really ate it.  With a little topping of Reddi Whip Lite, and a big mug of Christmas Cheer coffee.  I was really pleased with how these turned out.  With just a half a cup of sugar in the whole recipe, they are just lightly sweet.

I spied this camellia in the yard.  It blooms at the oddest time, when its too cold to actually enjoy, and the blooms hang down so you can’t really see them that well unless  you are standing on your head.  Quite beautiful, though.

I thought Noah looked quite majestic in the yard, so I tried to get a shot of him.   Twenty pics later, this was the best I could get.  He doesn’t hold still for too long.

Hope everybody’s having a good weekend!

9 thoughts on “Pumpkin Protein Snack Bars!

  1. O.K. this culinary challenged blog friend wants to try these today. They look wonderful and I was given two pie pumpkins I need to use. We are expecting lots of snow, I can’t get to the store, so here are two questions. Will SOY protein powder work and could I substitute maple syrup for the agave nectar? If not, what could I sub?

    What a gift to have that flower in your yard and yes, it blooms at an odd time.

    I LOVE that mug! Snowpeople (we have to politically correct, you know!) are my winter “thing” and lighthouses are my summer “thing.”

    Have a great Sunday!

    • Well Sharon, there is a big difference between how soy and whey powder act in baking. Basically soy is ‘dryer’ than whey, I think. But since it is just one scoop, it might be okay. Maybe add a quarter cup more of pumpkin? Or cut the baking time by 5 minutes?

      Yes, maple syrup would be a wonderful substitute. Yumm.

      Good luck!

  2. He certainly has grown into a handsome boy. That camelia is beautiful. My grandmother had camelias in Florida. And azaleas. Lots of things that won’t grow in my neck of the woods. Pumpkin bar looks good girl!

  3. The recipe looks delicious, and so does Noah (lol). What a handsome guy! Our little Sophie is having a difficult time with all of our many inches of blowing snow. Potty time involves shoveling the deck, carrying her out, and cajoling her into doing what she needs to do. It’s tough to be out in this snow when you’re just a little cairn terrier. She needs lots of TLC when she comes back in.

  4. Noah looks all “Yes, I know I’m a HANDSOME boy, now let me go find a stick, lady” – he’s so fluffy and studly all at the same time!

    Yum to the pumpkin bars. I swear if you ever started a mail-order service I’d be in trouble!

  5. Hi Debbie.

    Noah looks beautiful.

    Now I have a problem and I need your help because I know how much you like Frozen Yoghurt.

    I tried to turn my smoothie into Frozen yoghurt to make a nice change for lunch on hot days. It froze so hard you could call it an ice-block.

    I can’t spoon it out until it begins to thaw. That wasn’t the idea. I want something a little closer to ice-cream in texture/softness.

    Do you have a recipe for Frozen yoghurt. Please.

    I will also do some internet research. *smiles*

    I’m stooging along not doing as well as I’d like but not going backwards either. The itchy skin continues to be a problem. Dr. diagnosed fungus infection but her treatment doesn’t seem to be working. I took advice and take an antihistamine tablet before bed but even that has limited power to reduce the itching. I just might go crazy with this problem.

    Sometime after Christmas and New Year, when we are settled back into normal life I think I’ll take a month long break from all dairy. That will be a HUGE CHALLENGE

    • Thanks Debbie. I thought I might have to do something like that. Use either serving size containers or iceblocks. Didn’t think of whizzing it too to get the right consistency. That’ll work. Several times I haven’t felt like eating much and this just fits the bill as simple to prepare, nutricious and within my guidelines. Plus it tastes better than icecream. *smiles*

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