Faded Pajamas

I like pajamas.  Don’t you?  Even at my heaviest, I could usually find some pretty nice nightgowns in size 3X.  So when my friends and I hit up the Ross/Marshall’s/TJMaxx stores, I usually check out the pajama aisle.

One day  shortly after I had started this weight loss journey we went shopping .  I think it was far enough along that I actually had some hope that it might ‘take’ this time.  Because long ago I made a personal rule that I would never again buy clothes that didn’t fit.  I wouldn’t knit a sweater for myself in the hopes that someday I might fit into it.  I only bought clothes that fit me that day.

So when I saw these pajamas on the rack in a size large, they represented a distant dream.   I actually couldn’t conceive of ever being that size.  But I guess I had some hope, because I allowed myself to buy them.  I thought they were so delicate and feminine–creamy pale yellow with little blue moons and stars on them.  And just a little ruffle on the edges.  And I put them in my drawer, hoping for the day when I would lose enough weight to be able to wear them.

That seems like such a long time ago.  Now they are faded and a little worn.  But I still get a thrill when I wear my dream pajamas.


10 thoughts on “Faded Pajamas

  1. You realize, don’t you, that this fun post is going to start an avalanche of comments much like the fuzzy robe post a while back………my fav PJ’s are just like yours except the stars on them are pink! I’m wearing them right now and speaking of avalanches, we woke up to several inches of snow this morning so it may be an all PJ day! We rarely get snow in December and the city has come to a standstill!

    • Oh how fun! Maybe we should have a virtual PJ Day in Blogland where we all get to stay in our pajamas all day long and read and write blogs to our heart’s content. And we have to post a PJ pic on our blog, of course!

  2. Those jams are sweet! I was drooling over the pajama section last week when I was at TJ Maxx – they are stocked to the gills with really pretty sets! Unfortunately, I needed to buy men’s socks for a gift (I don’t know how I managed to wander all the way over the woman’s jammies, really I don’t!) and I’m trying VERY VERY hard to not do the “one for them, one for me” type of Christmas shopping this year. But it’s harrrddddd!

  3. Love the jammies! How awesome that it “stuck” this time and you get to wear them until they were faded and worn. (Jammies seem only to improve with age, no?)

    And yes, I too have the “only buy what fits me now” policy. I should have the “only keep what I actually wear” policy, too. Cozy jammies are definitely on that list! 🙂

  4. I don’t think I really appreciated pajamas the way I should have up until a couple of years ago. And Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Ross always has the BEST, softest, most luxurious PJ’s at good prices. I bet your faded ones are so broke in they’re even better than all that!

  5. Those are so cute! Wouldn’t that fabric make a nice blanket, too?

    I love that you have “dream jammies” 🙂 I’m sleeping in long underwear decorated with penguins these days and they’re the comfiest things ever.

    By the way, I love the holiday layout. Your blog is as comfy as your jams, hon!

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