Reporting In

Feeling a little bloglaziness around here.  Sorry bout that.  Don’t have the excuse that I am running around like a crazy woman doing that Christmas thang.  Nope.  Just trying to enjoy the season.  I do have a little busier social schedule than normal.  Quilter’s Christmas party was yesterday.  I made a wonderful salad (forgot my camera.)  Here’s the recipe anyway.

Christmas Salad

Dressing:  2 Tbsp olive oil, 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 Tbsp mustard, 1 Tbsp agave syrup , 1 Tbsp cranberry sauce

Salad:  Baby greens.  Toss baby greens in dressing, and then top with:  1 Fuji apple chopped, 1 red pear chopped, walnuts, dried cranberries, roasted pepitos.  Avocado would have been good too, but I didn’t have that.

That was the healthiest thing at the potluck lunch.  Actually it was the only healthy thing.  Whatever.  I was actually shocked at the first bite of a couple things–the fat content was…well, it was shocking.  How do people eat like that and not gain weight?  Or maybe they don’t eat like that at home and just bring it to potlucks?

Today I went to the movies.  I had the baby popcorn and a baby package of m&m’s.  Tomorrow I am having lunch out with a good friend.  And Friday is a ‘finger foods’ party.  That one will be easy to negotiate.  I will eat a bunch of vegetables for dinner before I go.

Oh, this is boring.  Let’s change the subject.  The Nutrition Action Healthletter had a feature on bone health ” The Latest on Food and Fractures.”  Yikes.  One more thing to worry about.  Evidently their research is leaning towards too many grains being a cause of bone fractures.  The thing that was most interesting to me is that they recommend at least 11 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  Yikes.  If we all ate that many fruilts and vegetables, we wouldn’t have any room left for grains!

So between that article and all the buzz about the new W.W. regimen, I stopped at the store and stocked up (again) on fruits and veggies.  I’m going to try to eat a few more veggies.  And it wouldn’t hurt me to eat my fruit sans accompaniment (like cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts,  peanut butter, laughing cow.)  None of those things are bad at all.  They just up the calorie count for the day.

Oh.  Here’s something a little more interesting. I’M LEAVING FOR AFRICA IN TEN DAYS!!!! La la la la (fingers in ears) trying not to think about it. La la la la la!

Actually I’m thinking about it a little bit every day.  It seems like I should be doing more.  And that’s what makes me  nervous. I have a reminder list in my purse.  I have a drawer that I throw stuff in so I will take that stuff.  Ooh.  I got a new ‘travel pillow’ at Costco.  I am very excited about that.  The flights are so long.  And I am a good airplane sleeper.  But dang, those seats are uncomfortable.  I would actually like to have two pillows–one for my neck and one for my lower back.

Thanks to Pubsgal’s excellent advice, I have decided to go techno-free to Africa.  I had visions of taking something and blogging all along the way.  But you guys will just have to wait ’til I get back.  And then I’ll probably never stop talking about it.  I’ll have to start another blog ‘debby goes to africa.’  Anyway, I am just taking a simple paper journal and my trusty camera.

Confession:  I got the flight itinerary, and there is a 12 hour layover in London.  They have arranged for us to take a tour of London while we are there!  And I am more excited about that than about Africa.  That seemed weird to me.  I decided that that is because it is more familiar to me.  I have thought a lot about London/England/Ireland/etc.  Because of all the fiber arts I do, I feel a little more connected to England I think.

Oh.  I made a fruitcake today.  I had to go and buy regular flour and sugar for it.  Oh, and brandy.  I don’t know if I’ve ever bought regular alcohol before!  My mom likes fruitcake a lot.  And she is very difficult to buy for.  I have gotten the ‘holy monastery’ fruitcakes for her the last couple of years.  They are VERY tiny.  And they cost over $30.  Anyway, it smelled heavenly in here all day.  I wish I could taste it.  And this fruitcake is probably three times the size of the ones I bought!  I only put whole candied cherries in it, because they are pretty.  Other things I added:  dried pears, dried apricots, some giant raisins, walnuts and pecans.  You put half a cup of brandy in the cake, and then you are supposed to put 2 Tbsp of brandy on it every day for two weeks.  Ya gotta love the internet.  I looked up fruitcake recipes.  This was practically the first one I found, and it said it was her 90 year old grandma’s recipe, and I thought well, that’s good enough for me.

Gonna end for now.  Sorry about the lack of linkage–its not working on WordPress tonight.


21 thoughts on “Reporting In

  1. I think people bring those types of things to potlucks because they are for a “special occasion” therefore it justifies the fat. However, I notice that usually the lighter fare, like the salads, are the first thing to be eaten!

    Where in Africa are you going… it’s a big continent you know! My daughter just got back shortly before Thanksgiving and finally sent us the link to her photos… 320+ of them! If you would like to see them email me and I’ll email you back the link!

    • Helen, I’d LOVE to see your daughter’s pics! Thank you.

      I’m going to Kenya. I know. I’m geographically impaired. I just recently looked at a map to see where in Africa Kenya was…

  2. Oh I made a salad and went to the movies and oh by the way I’m going to AFRICA IN TEN DAYS. I love how you are so blase about it!!! I knew you were going, but I forgot when. How long are you going to be there? Are you going with a group? I’m kind of mother-henning you here, but I need to know these things so I won’t be worried while you are gone! 🙂

  3. Wow! Africa! I’m afraid you scooped your other news (more fruits & veggies, less grain, fruitcake and that yummy salad dressing). Good luck getting ready. Your drawer to toss things into sounds like my typical pre-trip planning. Hope you have a great Christmas. Hugs.

  4. So excited for you!!!!! Me? I’m not nearly that adventurous. London, though…having been an English major, London’s been faintly calling me over the years.

    That made me chuckle a little, the drawer approach, because we have 3 pages of checklist just to tote our little family down state for a few days. 🙂

    But greeeeeaaaaat, now everyone’s going to hate me because you won’t be posting when you’re gone. 😉

    That salad sounds awesome!!! You would have loved the potluck I went to the other day. It was mostly healthy dishes, and the star was my co-worker’s roasted Brussels sprouts!

    “If we all ate that many fruilts and vegetables, we wouldn’t have any room left for grains!” <- Yes. The food pyramid would have one believe otherwise, but the nutritionist I saw when first diagnosed had no problem with my subbing veggies for carbs in my way of eating.

    That's a good idea re: the fruitcake. I'm sure yours will be much better. Mr. H&H ordered one of those "holy fruitcakes" one year (it's from a priory near where he went to college), and he found a long ol' hair in it. Ew!!! The place's jams, though? Wowsers, it's good.

    • Laughing out loud at your greeeeaaaat comment. You just told me what I knew deep in my heart already. Like Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Kind of.

      • “Glinda the Good Witch,” eh? LOL! Well, except for the trilly voice and the big pink dress, the resemblance IS pretty astonishing, no? 😀

  5. Your fruitcake sounds really good. Your Mum should be more than happy with it.

    Only 10 days. I can’t believe it’s suddenly here, right in front of you.

    Take lots of photos. Try not to be shy while being sensitive to the people. They are worth so much when you get home. Paper journal with daily notes is enough. I find I often get too tired and regret not making the effort to write up every night. Trivial stuff is important later so even things that seem silly like cost of lunch, distance travelled, cost of bread, coffee, menu details, what people were wearing. impressions of gardens or lack of, house and building styles and materials. Of course the people are your primary interest but these other things enhance memories. On our first trip I kept a detailed record of all our spending. Al these things trigger memories along with the photos.

    You can write all about this for us. We will be eagerly waiting. Meantime the next 9 days will fly by. I’m a last minute packer but I know many people, my husband included, who pack weeks, (or so it seems to me), ahead.

    • Well, if I become a world traveler, I will definitely invest in one of those little computer books or an I Pad, so I can do a travel blog. I love reading those.

  6. I can’t believe your trip is coming so soon!!! Just a word of advice from what I learned on my two Hawaii trips – take time to write down EVERY EVENING what you did, where you went, interesting things you ate/saw/etc…it becomes a mumble-jumble really quick otherwise.

  7. I take advantage of the opportunity of a potluck to have a dibble or dab of foods I don’t normally eat, and I’ve found that the dibbles and dabs are MORE than enough to quench any lingering desire for those foods. Until the next holiday season, that is. 🙂

    I’m excited for you and your trip! I have cousins on a missionary trip in Africa now, and it’s quite the experience for them.

    • I was just talking to some friends who took a similar trip. It is sounding a little less intimidating and a little more of an adventure to me today!

  8. I have a love/hate relationship with potlucks. While I really like some of the foods, potlucks are a temptation and a minefield for me, because they invariably have foods that I don’t make and eat regularly. Therefore, I sometimes go overboard.

    I am excited to hear about your Africa trip when you return–lots of pictures, please…
    BTW–your salad sounds wonderful, and I’m going to make it this weekend.

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