Four Days and Counting

Or, three days and counting.  Depending on what you’re counting down.  Hope all of you are taking some quiet moments in your days to relax and contemplate the meaning of this season of the year.  Me, I’ve found a few moments here and there, but not as many as I’d like.  Which is amazing, considering how much I’ve pared down the excess Christmas stuff.  I think something else is on my mind, even though I’m pretending its not.

But some of us have no problem taking it easy.  Here’s the king of taking it easy, doing what he does best:

Well, Monk’s not the only one taking it easy.  I was trying out my new cozy travel pillow!

Noah was taking it easy too.

I saw this image and thought there was a striking resemblance:

Sophie has a hard time taking it easy.  Even on the bed, she seems to spend a lot of time worrying.  And keeping track of everything going on outside AND inside the house.

I’m hoping to take a little travel quilt project with me.  Here’s the pretty stack of fabrics I am going to use–wool and cotton!

“My” little girl in Tanzania (Compassion) sends me the prettiest little pictures, and the minute I saw them I knew they would be great quilting motifs.

Yesterday’s party was so fun.  My friend is very creative, and she had all the supplies there for us to make a collage.  I was quite pleased with how mine came out.   It started out with a picture of a little porch overhang that I would really love to have, instead of the constant waterfall of rain that comes down right outside my front door.  (Sophie would also love to have this overhang!)  Anyway, as I made it, and then thought about it afterward, the collage became about my retirement, what I might do.  Things I dream about…

Regarding my coming trip to Africa (eeeeeeeekkk!!!)  people keep asking me if I am excited.  And I have felt a little weird when I would say I was not.  Then my pastor’s wife said she had a word for me.  ANTICIPATE.  At the time I thought it was a little strange.  But now I realize it is the perfect word.  Excited is more of a ‘fun’ word in my mind.  Anticipate seems to be a bigger word to me.  I am anticipating that the whole direction of my life might possibly be changed by this trip.  It seems similar to the time 25 years ago when I felt led (again, by God) to become a registered nurse.  That sure changed the direction of my life.  And the timing of this does seem providential.  I planned on taking this trip over a year ago.  And I didn’t plan on taking retirement until a few months ago.  So I am anticipating…

13 thoughts on “Four Days and Counting

  1. I have that white rooster! Target, right? About 10 years ago? How funny!

    OK, the sleeping dogs are so cute – looks like everyone is hibernating for winter. Jackie was like the queen in that she was always on alert even when she was sleeping. Then we noticed that she finally seemed more relaxed and didn’t bark or get up at every noise, thankfully. Turns out her hearing was starting to go just a little (she could still hear food being poured into her bowl from three rooms away!) and it was actually very nice for all of us, lol.

    Love your collage – you have such an artistic eye! And I’m amazed that you are bringing quilting material on your trip…me, I’d leave room in my suitcase for all the souvenirs, lol!

    Looks like the travel pillow is going to work. 😉 So excited for you – Africa is almost here!!!!!!

    • How funny about the rooster lamp. I got mine from a friend who had bought two for herself but only needed one. She got it from Home Goods who no doubt got it from Target!

      My gosh, Jackie and Sophie could have been birthed from the same parents. Come to think of it, Sophie started her life in Texas! Hmmm. Also, it gives me hope that someday she will lose her hearing a little and will not ‘alert’ Noah to every drop that goes by outside.

      That’s funny about the souvenir room. I am not big on souvenirs. But can’t imagine 2 weeks without my ‘security’ handwork. That pile of quilting stuff is very small–about 4x4x4 inches. Of course I’ll have to add a little more stuff to that…

  2. It sounds wonderful, Debby! Looking at your pictures, I also love the way you incorporate fabrics, patterns, and colors into your life. They are lovely and say so much about you.

    Since I have a dog too, I wondered where your “guys and gal” will be when you’re gone. I’m sure you have a good place in mind. Have a lovely, peaceful holiday weekend.

  3. I can feel the nervousness you have about your trip – almost like you are holding your breath until you can get there. Have you been reading Annie lately? She’s going to Scotland and she is also anticipating what might happen as a result of that trip. I think you are going through the same thing. I think this trip is going to be more than you could imagine (more what, I don’t know), but I anticipate a great moving inside of you. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear what you learn! Hang in there and be safe, my friend. 🙂

    Now for the fluffy stuff – I LOVE that collage. You are so creative! I can’t wait until I can start dreaming of retirement!! 😉
    Noah is just like a big floofy polar bear!! Love him and his siblings!

    • Thank you my friend. I emailed you.

      Noah has an underbite, which makes him look more bear-like in certain situations. It cracks me up.

  4. You may not use the word, but I am so excited FOR you, Debby. Africa! I cannot wait to hear about your experiences, your impressions, dare I say it … your adventures.

  5. You may not be excited, but I will be extra excited for you! What a great opportunity just to expand your horizons more than just for the purpose that you are taking the trip for. Traveling is one of the best things you can ever spend your money on, I think.

    I’ll miss you while you are gone!

    Why are sleeping animals so cute? Is it because they are staying out of trouble??

  6. Merry Christmas, Debby!!! I’ll be hoping and praying that your journey to Africa will go smoothly and be all that you anticipate. That’s a good word. I was thinking of “stress-cited,” the term MizFit coined for that blend of stressed & excited, but “anticipate” seems more appropriate for a trip of this magnitude.

    I’ll miss you while you’re gone, too! But I will anticipate getting to hear all about your travels when you get back.

    Sophie looks like she *knows* something that’s going to rock her world is up….Noah looks nice & calm (that must have been some walk! ;-)…and aw, Monkey Man! He just looks like his cuddly self.

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