Morning Walk

Yay!  First day of vacation.  Its been lovely.  Started out with a wonderful banana nut protein pancake and some quality quiet time.  Then got out for a nice walk with Noah.  I got a very nice email from Marianne Burr (the quilt artist I like so much) encouraging me to take lots of pictures in Africa, especially close-ups.  So I took my camera along this morning to see if I could find stuff to photograph close-up.  All the rain we’ve had gave me a chance to get some interesting images.

A pine seedling:

Water droplets on weeds:
Close-up–looks like fairy magic or something, doesn’t it?
I like stumps, especially when they are covered with moss.

Christmas stick:
Action dog:
TWENTY-SEVEN SHOTS later these were the best pictures I could come up with…
After the walk, I hurried around and got a few things done, got cleaned up, and went to the gym on the way to meet a good friend for lunch.  We went to a place that has really good, homemade, fresh food.  EX-PEN-SIVE.  Very nice, but we decided that once a year was often enough to visit there.
Hey, guess what?  I’m starting to get excited about my trip!  I got a few more essentials today.  And tomorrow I’m gonna drag the old suitcase in and start packing.  That will make it seem more real to me.
I’m falling asleep in my chair, so I’m gonna click ‘publish’ and probably be back with another post tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Morning Walk

  1. I’m glad you are excited about your trip now. You can turn the anticipation over to me. I am anticipating long posts with lots of details. You may need to retire early so you can write about your trip!

    BTW, what will be your meal arrangements? Any preliminary knowledge of what to expect or will you just be flying by the seat of your pants? (Maybe not a real good analogy there! LOL!)

  2. Lovely pictures! And have you ever seen a professional photographer’s contact sheet for a photo shoot? They shoot dozens to get one shot, so 27 to get that great one of Noah sounds about right…it’s just that you (we) get to feeling ridiculous taking so many pictures of a dog (not that I do that or anything;))!

    I’m excited that you’re excited about the trip!

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