Be Still

This seems like an appropriate sentiment on Christmas night.  I hope you all had a wonderful day.  And I hope that you will take some time to think about the ‘reason for the season.’  Today on our morning walk, I was thinking about my faith.  I have a hard time sharing my faith–it is a grand mystery!  But my ultimate thought was that life does not make sense to me without faith, without God.

So today was the most unusual Christmas I can remember.  Most Christmases are somewhat marred anyway by having to work the eve or the day, and if I have the whole thing off, then I am usually off and away visiting family.  I REALLY like being home for Christmas.  There is something so wonderful about being in familiar surroundings during a special time.  That’s the problem with our global families, isn’t it?

I started the day with another perfect banana nut protein pancake.  Lots of quiet time and reading.  Then headed out for a walk with all three doggies because it looked like a storm was blowing in, and I didn’t think we’d get an opportunity to walk later in the day.   Monk was a trooper, and we went about 2 1/2 miles.

Came home to a delicious lunch of a slice of ham, a pear, and a bowl of yogurt topped with that trifecta of perfection–walnuts, chocolate chips, and muesli.

Then I hit the ground running!  Started packing, and started going down the long list of chores that needed to be done before I leave.   When everything was just about done, I left to go to the gym for a ‘last chance workout.’   I have been working on getting back on track, and going to the gym was part of that.   I weighed myself, and my post-holiday weight is 172–4 pounds above my goal weight.  I will be interested to see if I gain or lose on this trip.

I also stopped at some friends who have taken this same trip to Africa to watch their home movies of Africa.  That gave me a better feel for what the trip is going to be like.  I asked about the food.  It sounds pretty Americanized, but the portions are small (good!)  Not much dairy though!!  You know how I love my dairy.  I really am not worried much about the food.  Well, I do have some Luna and JayBars, and some trail mix packed.  I’m not too worried.

Back home again, and I fixed myself a scrumptious Christmas dinner.  This is exactly what I wanted.  As you all know, I am fully capable of fixing myself whatever food I want.  But again, wanting to get back on track, eat healthy and fresh, and DELICIOUS.  This is so important to me.  When I was eating all the cookies and extras, I thought about all my favorite healthy foods that I was missing.  Just these two days of eating really well has reassured me that I am not going to revert to my old unhealthy food habits.  The good exercise is like the icing on the cake  (oops, probably not the best illustration…)

Oh.  Anyway, here is the dinner I had:

Apple slices with that chunky cranberry spread.

Christmas salad! Isn't that pretty? Baby greens with turkey, avocado, goat cheese, cranberry sauce, and roasted pepitos. No need for dressing with all that good stuff!

The doggies all got Christmas presents–I ordered these elk antler ‘bones’ for them. Oh, they are crazy about them.  Only thing is I have to supervise their chewing, because, well, let’s just say they haven’t learned that lesson about how good little doggies always share with the other doggies.

So there it is.  I will make this an au revoir message as well!  Be back in a couple of weeks with a whole new set of topics to discuss!  In the meantime, be good little boys and girls, and keep away from that sugar/salt/fat combo as much as possible.  It’s lethal, I tell ya!

Oh, I wanted to share one more thing!  Very fitting to end the Christmas season with the Hallelujah Chorus!

14 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Merriest Christmas, Debby! Yep, there’s something to be said about spending Christmas with immediate family now & then, whether it be canine or human. 🙂 Sounds like you had a great one.

    Have you heard of the men’s a capella group, “Straight No Chaser”? I got the Mr. that CD this year (for the song “Let It Snow” and the humorous “Who Spiked the Eggnog?”), but their “12 Days of Christmas” song made me think of you. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to listen before you go. Here’s the link ( – if that doesn’t work, a You Tube search will do the trick. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. 🙂

    (And singing that Hallelujah chorus in a big group is SO much fun! Back in our choir days, we had a coastal carol sing with all the local church choirs, and that piece with all the choirs singing was always the grand finale.)

  2. I am glad you had such a good day. Our local newspaper did an article on the nurses who “give up” their holidays to take care of those who can’t be home. I think sometimes we forget that those people have families and loved ones too!

    Have a wonderful trip. I hope it’s everything you’ve dreamed of, and more.

  3. After having been away from home this Christmas, I totally agree with what you said. Being in Florida was the right decision for us this year, but we hope to never be away again. It just doesn’t feel right.

    I wish for you a life changing experience in Africa. Can’t wait to hear about it when you return. I will truly miss your posts. Safe travels, friend – you will be in my prayers!

  4. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with the rest of us. It sounded very right and peaceful. I am also excited for you, because you have your wonderful trip coming up. I can’t wait to read about it later in your blog. You have such a wonderful way of describing and putting perspective on things. I’m glad I found your blog this year. Peace and blessings to you, Debby.

  5. have you said specifically WHERE you will be visiting in Africa? And is this a vacation type trip or missionary type work? You might have said all this when you started talking about it (long ago) and I have just forgotten. Is this sort of a trial run for possible future volunteer work (after your retire)? and is this work based on your RN experience?

  6. Thank you for your blog this year. I have totally enjoyed it. Have a blessed time in Africa. Loved the music clip there is such beauty in the human voice it gives us a small taste of heaven and being with our Savior.

  7. I love the Be Still and Know banner on your post. Did you make it? Your Christmas day sounds perfect. It’s nice to know what you want and how to make it happen. The Christmas salad is making my mouth water. I hope you have a wonderful experience in Africa. Even if you don’t get to read this before you go, know that you’re in my prayers. We’re waiting here to hear about your adventures. Hugs.

  8. Dangit!! You’re already gone and I didn’t get a chance to say “buhbye”! Anyway, I hope you have a really meaningful time in Africa and I can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back!!

  9. Dawned on me that you had slipped pretty far on my blog list, that i hadn’t heard from you in awhile then it hit me……….She’s in AFRICA!!!! I hope its everything you dreamed it would be and more! deb

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