Hey thanks for the cheery comments, guys!  Had to share my success.  I decided to run to town (my little town,) to try to get a new CD to try.  First the grocery store.  No.  Then the pharmacy.  No CD’s.  So I went to the video store (thankfully I had two videos to return) and told him my tale of woe, and asked if he had one blank CD he would sell me.  He gave me one, and Eureka!  That was the problem.  Evidently three years in my closet is not a good thing for blank CD’s and DVD’s.  They should put an expiration date on them.

Gotta run now, to try and fit in a little walk with the doggies, and then to go see my friends WITH my pictures of Africa!


5 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Weird that the CDs were old, but then again I don’t understand this new-fangled computer magic anyway…the important thing is that you got it to work – GO DEBBY!!!

  2. onion/mushroom/zucchini is my husband and my pasta substitute too. Works very well. We use green beans (whole) this exact same way and they are great too.

    I (personally) eat NO pasta, bread, cereal – I think of all of these as processed and I totally avoid processed. Processed ends up around my middle in no time at all.

    The vast majority of people are eating a lot of carbs. Sometimes they realize it is a LOT, but do not understand it is a huge percentage, like nearly all they eat. I think every single weight loss person, especially those who carry their weight around their middle, should track carbs/protein/fat within calories. some people need to track it always (instead of just tracking calories/points alone) and some just need to track for a few weeks until they get their percentages in the right place.

    just yesterday there was a women in free weights (with a spare tire) around her middle, really upset that she can’t get rid of IT. She didn’t ask me, I don’t really know her. But I know how she eats from just looking at her. I always feel very sorry for these women. But I am not the ‘anti carb fairy’. And, she probably wouldn’t ‘apply’ even if I explained.

    good post

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