I know.  Its hard to believe that *I* could get in a funk.  By definition, I don’t think you can write in the middle of a funk.  Oh no, that’s not right.  There’s writers who have made a career out of writing while in a funk.  ANYWAY, for me,  that is the definition.  I am choosing to believe that the funk has ended, and things I will start looking up from now on.

It started yesterday at the dentist’s office.  Oh, you say, that is enough to put anybody in a funk.  I don’t think that’s what did it.  It was just a filling replacement, and except for about 2 minutes of anxiety and ‘almost’ pain, it was over quickly.  I think it was because it was in the middle of the day, which, for me, just throws the whole day out of wack.

I had actually walked Noah in the morning before I left, and I also hit the grocery store AND worked out really hard at the gym before I went to the dentist.  In fact, somewhere in the middle of yesterday afternoon I thought about writing a post about how enthused I was about working out hard with the weights and making progress and all.  But that all went out the window as the afternoon wore on.

So I came straight home from the dentist, and wanted to work on making a CD of my Africa pictures.  I am going to do a presentation at a women’s function in April, and I also wanted to share the pictures with some friends that I am going to visit today.  I chose 97 pictures, and figured out how to put them in a separate ‘album.’  Then I started trying to ‘burn’ a CD.  To be fair, I had trouble with this the last time I tried.  To make a long story short, and to prevent the rest of you from falling into a funk reading this, I was never able to burn the CD.  I tried so many different ways to do it.  I even made a ‘burn folder’ and tried to do it from there.  In the middle of all that, I thought, well, I’ll just have real pictures printed.  I tried multiple places/ways of doing that, and was unable to do that.  As a last resort at the computer, I thought, I’ll just check my bank account, and be done with it.  I know my bank account is good and that’ll cheer me up.  I typed my password in wrong THREE times, and ‘for security reasons’ they locked my account.

I gave up and watched a movie.  And ate.

Then, I tried again before I went to bed.  This time something else happened, and EVERYTHING on the computer was SO BIG that I couldn’t see the whole window of anythimg–internet, email, IPhoto–NUTHIN’.  Oh it was maddening.

So this morning I waited impatiently for 8am so I could call my BF and ask her how to fix things.  And she patiently told me to call Apple.  Again.  Why have I resisted calling them for so long?  They were so nice and personable.  Fixed the screen problem immediately, and gave me a few ideas about how to fix the CD burning problem.

In the meantime, the funk had already taken hold.  You know, where nothing you DO seems good enough, you don’t DO enough,  pretty soon YOU are not enough.  And soon enough, I just wanted to eat my way through it.  Everything I ate this morning was healthy.  That’s a comfort.  Its noon and I’ve only eaten 930 calories.  Oh well.

So I checked out a few blogs, and PJ had a great one titled If Not Food,  What? She had a whole list of things I could or should do.  I am going to choose to ignore the things I should do today.  Give myself a day off and do the things I could do.  Which is writing this blog to connect with you all and laying on the couch quilting and watching a movie.

I’ll bet people in Africa never get in a funk.


5 thoughts on “Funk-y

  1. Aw, I”m so sorry you’re not feeling your usual upbeat self. I know how you feel though, I’m kind of feeling that way right now. But good job on forcing yourself to push beyond it. Blogging always makes me feel better – just getting it out there seems to help.

    A day off to do the things you could do – hmmm. That sounds pretty nice to me!! I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  2. {{hugs}} for Debby. Those funk days really suck. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to get out of a funk, the deeper you fall. Or maybe the funk itself attracts other funk and that is why more stuff seems to go wrong.

    I think blogging, laying around reading and quilting is a great way to defunkify 😀

  3. Yeah – I’d have given up and stayed low too …probably would have cracked and eaten naughty things as well. Lots of.

    I hope your funk goes away quickly Debby.

  4. (((HUG!))) Aw, man, I’m sorry that the computer problems got worse. I’m glad the Apple people were nice and helpful, though! I’m with Lori – a funk is sometimes like quicksand – and I think you’ve picked a great way to defunkify, too.

    Boy, has this been a funky month or what?!? I too have felt the funk on & off this month. But funk-yness too shall pass.

  5. Nah, I bet even the people in Africa get funky. “Did the cheetah just eat the little deer with the spot on his head? Oh man, that was my favorite!” – things like that.

    I swear, technical difficulties throw me down a hole so fast. My oft-repeated saying is “why can’t things just work?!?” followed by “I pressed the button, now print, dammit!” Just know that you are not alone with all of that CD burning/big fonty screen mess.

    Glad you are giving yourself a day of good things. Hugs to you, and if I lived closer, I’d swing by and take you out for froyo!

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