Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Well, lucky for me, my funks are usually very short-lived.  Enjoying a great evening of food and fellowship with my friends was good therapy. It helped that I had my pictures of Africa on a CD so I could share that with them.  We watched a great sermon by this guy (I know.  But that’s what we do for fun.)  Had a great discussion after it was done.

So today while I was in a boring class, I was listing what I had eaten for the day, and I noticed again that I am not getting anywhere near the amount of veggies that are recommended.  The whole Weight Watcher’s thing is only partly why this is on my mind.   There was that study from the Nutrition Action Healthletter that I quoted a while ago.  Anyway, I am going to try to eat at least 5 veggies and 3 fruits every single day for a week and see if it changes the way I eat overall.  I have a theory that fruits and veggies are self-limiting.  In otherwords, after a while, you don’t want to eat so many of them any more.  I think that’s why W.W. can make them 0 points.  Anyway, that has been my experience in the past.  After a while I want something harder or chewier than fruits and vegetables.  Thus the increase of grains in my daily diet.  But I also know that I have changed other food habits in my life and become happy and satisfied with those changes.  Its worth a try.

So the pictures today have very little to do with my fruit/vegetable theory.  They are just what I had on the camera for the last day or two.

I wanted some roasted veggies (because that is the easiest way to cook vegetables, it seems.)  I didn’t have anything but these carrots, but that sounded very tasty to me.  WRONG.  I only ate a couple.   The rest went in the garbage.  They had a weird plastic-y taste to them.  Has anyone else experimented with roasted carrots?

This is that Fabulous Quinoa Breakfast. You guys have to try this!  Its simply…well, its fabulous!  I had a really big Cameo apple that I used in it.  Not quite as sweet as a Fuji, but very tasty.

Ooh, this was dinner tonight.  Also quite fabulous.  I’m glad I made a big recipe–6 servings.  Its that Chicken with Balsamic Tomatoes that Mizfit reviewed.  I’m not going to post the recipe on my site, because I followed the recipe almost exactly.  Except I didn’t serve it over pasta.  I had some sauteed onion/mushroom/zucchini that I served it over.  Very wonderful.  I also think it would be great over a baked or boiled potato.  Maybe even on top of a bed of lettuce. (Trying to be creative and get those veggies in.)  Anyway, it had a wonderful flavor to it.  I added a little oregano, basil, and garlic to the sauce, because I didn’t think the canned tomatoes had that much in them, and then I took the chicken out and cooked the sauce down a little bit longer to thicken it.

And here is my most favorite little boy, in the funniest position on the back of the sofa.


11 thoughts on “Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

  1. Vegetables are the most difficult food for me to get into my daily plan. That’s probably because they are my least favorite form of nourishment–especially prepared in a low calorie way. During the winter, I also have a difficult time eating salads as a main dish! They make me feel—so cold! I haven’t roasted veggies before, but I’m going to start. The food in your photos looks very good–even the carrots. Monk looks very good too. That boy really knows how to relax!

  2. ITA with you about the fruits/veggies thing. After I while it makes me want to chomp down on a big steak (or some other protein)! It’s how I know, even though I love veggies, I could never be a true vegetarian.

    When I roast carrots, I do it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They come out sort of tart-sweet. But I have to say, carrots are usually the last veggie I’d choose to roast.

  3. I get enough fruit, but because I don’t cook real meals most evenings (I assemble instead), I don’t get enough veggies. Now I want to roast some carrots Helen’s way, because I love balsamic vinegar.

    I’ve never seen Mr. Monk look so relaxed! But where is the Queen???

  4. Mmmmm – that chicken recipe looks very good. I’ll try that this weekend – I am always on the lookout for things to do with chicken.

    I have roasted carrots before but it isn’t my fave way to do them. I don’t much like the texture. Much nicer to poach them in chicken stock, or steam/boil them in water then toss with 1/4 tsp sesame oil and/or some sesame seeds. That way you retain some of the ‘bite’.

  5. I love Mr. Monk! I so wish I could meet him (and you) in person 😀

    I struggle with the veggies. I usually get 1 cup of broccoli in or brussel sprouts, but unless I have salad, which doesn’t happen much in winter, I find it difficult. Fruit is never a problem for me. I am not sure if fruit is self limiting for me or not as I can pack it away if so inclined.

  6. Quinoa bfast looks very tasty!! I’ll have to try that this weekend.

    I have a really hard time getting in my veggies, but I went to the store here in town that has the best produce and bought a boat load of veggies to roast. Now if I can just find the time to roast them…

  7. I’m a big fan on Fuji apples too. My sister turned me on to them the last time we went to Cali (Apple valley?). As far as roasting carrots, I don’t think I’d like that either. One of the reasons roasting is so wonderful is that it brings out natural sweetness (think cauliflower). Carrots are already so sweet it’s kind of overkill. I like them raw or in soups.

    • Yes, I think that’s a good analyzation of carrots and roasting.

      Apple Hill–their mountain Fujis are the sweetest apples I’ve ever had!

  8. Your roasted carrots made me chuckle, because Mr. H&H tried it the other day and had the same result. I think you might have been able to salvage them in a soup or something, though. I’m with Juice – I prefer my carrots either raw or in a soup, but not cooked on their own. (Lest I come across like some sort of veggie expert, I’ll ‘fess up to my eggplant disaster: I roasted too hot and too long, and I ended up with a tray of burnt eggplant rounds…or should I say, carbon chips? Because even if they had been even slightly recognizable still as “eggplant,” I would have happily eaten them. Pity my poor family, who had to endure not just the smell of roasting eggplant, but burnt roasting eggplant.)

    I’ll have to look into that chicken with balsamic roasted tomatoes recipe, it looks really tasty!

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