The Way It Went

So here’s how my day went.  It seems like you can’t predict 100% how a day is going to go, you know?  But I went to bed with a plan in mind–the whole ‘eat your fruits and veggies thing’ and also a plan to do housework of some kind until noon, and then I could do what I wanted the rest of the day.  I have been letting the housework thing defeat me lately.

So today was one of those days that just worked!  In spite of getting a late start, I got a LOT done around the house, and finished up by noon.  And I let myself sit on the couch and watch a few episodes of the Dog Whisperer while I worked on a couple of quilts.

Foodwise, it worked too!  I decided to do today a la Pubsgal, and photograph everything I ate.  Started out with a wonderful bowl of custard oats, topped with some ‘honey caramel’  and some walnuts.  I am really enjoying the old fashioned oats cooked in almond breeze.  Very creamy.  That honey caramel is decadent.  I thought when I bought it that it was just some honey that tasted like caramel.  But as soon as I actually tasted it I thought, ruh roh, there’s something more in there.  So I called the maker and she very nicely told me there was some cream and brown sugar in there.  I will be using this stuff very sparingly…

Mid-morning snack of some big cherries.  I look forward to these great cherries from Chile every January and February.

Pre-lunch snackie of some baby carrots, while I waited for my beets to roast.

Big bowl of baby greens with Wendz’s great salad dressing, topped with roasted baby beets, goat cheese w/cranberries, and walnuts.

And a couple of ‘fiber doodles,’ one of Vicky’s new creations.  They have no sugar in them, and are only very mildly sweet.  Full of good stuff–applesauce, bananas, prunes, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, psyllium fiber.  Quite yummy and satisfying.

Mid-afternoon snack of a small fuji apple with some of that Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter, and a cup of coffee.

Dinner was a big artichoke with a tablespoon of light butter, and

that balsamic tomato chicken stuff over 3 ounces of boiled red potatoes.  Have to admit I was really looking forward to this, but I preferred it over the vegetables last night.

Had to prepare dessert ahead of time so I could include it in this blog.  Half a d’anjou pear with 1/3 cup of yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon splenda.

I made it!  Five veggie servings and three fruit.  It was a VERY satisfying food day.  I just don’t know if I can keep it up (and for sure I will not keep up the photographic evidence) but it is a good exercise, and I plan to keep it up for a week.  There  will be a couple of tricky days in there, but I’ll just do the best I can.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much Noah has changed (and how much I have changed.) I want to go back when I have some extra time and read all the craziness blogs I wrote about growing up with him.  When I see him in the house, laying next to the wood stove, and NOT being too hot, it just surprises me.  There was a period of time when I thought he was too hot in the house.  Now I think he was just anxious.

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s still a lot of work to do.  You see there is still a leash attached in most of the pictures.  And there is a lot of collar putting on and taking off all day.  And my yard pretty much looks like…well, it kind of looks like a giant doggie playpen.  But most days are very peaceful around here.  And every evening we enjoy a nice quiet relaxing time, quilting and watching a movie, or reading blogs and such.

Mr. Monk is the king of relaxation.

The Queen?  Not so much.  But she did grace us with her presence this evening.  Probably because the bed is freshly made–too ‘stiff!’


Lynn wrote a blog about maintenance that is very good.  I have been thinking A LOT about how its still such a lot of work, and sometimes (like now) I feel like I’m just hanging on by a fingernail.

And Wendz and I seem to be on the same wavelength regarding fruits and veggies and whether or not a day is going  to go exactly as planned.

So that’s the way the day went.  Tomorrow is a work day, and then Sunday I get to see my BFF, who is down here visiting family!  Have a great weekend everybody!


11 thoughts on “The Way It Went

  1. Isn’t it crazy (in a good way, of course) just how much food we can eat when it’s healthy? I can get to the end of my day and think and feel I have stuffed myself SILLY but then look at my tracking and see I am not over my points. Nice.

    If only I can get to that point of thinking, “Oooh broccoli…yum yum”, I will be made!

    Photographing everything you eat is tedious, isn’t it. Not something I could maintain long term. But it’s interesting to see what other people nosh on – like being a gastro-voyeur.

    Your life appears so tranquil and calm Debby – and that Mr Monk! Love him. 🙂

  2. I so loved your posts about Africa, but it’s these just “normal” days that I enjoy so much. It’s just a sort of calm encouragement that I feel seeing a day in the life of my maintaining friend on the other side of the country.

  3. Yay, you did it! I teared up a little when I saw the artichoke…you know how much I heart the artichokes 🙂 I also love that you have hand weights under the heater. I imagine you leaping up from a quilting project, doing 3 sets of biceps curls, then sitting back down. Or I could be wrong…LOL

    Yeah, the maintainence thing is a balancing act, no doubt. BUT the fact that you’re thinking about it means it’s part of your life and not just a place you get to and then move away from to get back into the old “normal”. This right now is your new normal. {{debby}} You rock 🙂

  4. Its not easy getting in the fruit and veggies is it? It really takes some forethought. Probably why not a lot of people do it. I love my fruit and veggies and eat quite a bit but i don’t make a ‘point’ of it. And i surely don’t get the required amount. I get way more now than in ever did at 250 pounds. I’m so looking forward to watermelon and strawberries coming back in season and grapes at 99cents a pound…..ahhhh summer….if only it wasn’t 100 degrees. Hey deb! Aren’t those weights under the stove too hot to handle????? 🙂

  5. I was thinking that your weights would be nice and warm, sitting under the fireplace like that. No cold steel for you! 🙂

    Noah looks HUGE when he’s lying down. Such a fluffy boy!

    The Queen appears to have a red spot on her nose – does she “bury” her bones in the carpet? Jackie used to do that and her nose would be a mess, naturally, because every time she checked, the bone still wasn’t buried! We had to put them out of sight so she wouldn’t destroy her poor little nose.

  6. Did you hear a faint *squeee!* the other day? Yep, that was Thing 2 and me, looking at pictures of the dogs (especially Mr. Monk). We went to the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show yesterday, and we thought of Mr. Monk when we saw the pugs. I think I like them almost as much as Pembroke Welsh Corgis now. 🙂

    • Eek! Golden Gate Kennel Club? That was the first dog show I went to as a kid, and almost the first dog show I entered! VERY sentimental show for me. And one of the only ones left in the U.S. where you can see the dogs benched. I still come down to go to it once every 5 years or so. (It does get so crowded it is overwhelming sometimes.)

      • Yep, we hit it at prime time, so it was packed. I was bummed, because I wanted to pet the pugs, and all these kids kept shoving in front of us. :-/ By “seeing the docs benched,” do you mean out in the exhibition halls? I liked being able to see all the dogs out there. Some of the displays were really over the top, and I loved them. You would have especially enjoyed the Rhodesian Ridgeback area – all decorated with African safari theme.

        If we go next year, I’ll have to time it so we’re there for the dog fashion show. I think Thing 2 would have liked that part quite a lot.

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