F-V Challenge, Day 5

Darn the breakroom!  I can’t actually blame the breakroom.  I have to figure out a way to just STOP IT!  Stop eating that stuff in the breakroom like it doesn’t matter, like it is free stuff, like I have no control over it, like there is no way out.  STOP IT.

Okay, rant over.  Other than about 700 calories worth of damage, I had a great day of food LOL.  Started pre-work with a blueberry scone (1/2 fruit) and coffee.  (On work days I have two breakfasts.  Nothin’  wrong with that.  Right, Lori?)  Ate some cherries on the way in the car (1/2 fruit.)  Breakfast at work was pineapple/cottage cheese/walnuts–yummy combo (1 fruit.)

Snack of baby carrots (1 vegetable.)  Lunch was the leftover chicken with balsamic tomatoes over red potatoes (2 vegetables.)  This was better left over!  And an orange (1 fruit.)

Late afternoon snack of leftover sauteed brussel sprouts/walnuts/dried cranberries (2 servings vegetables.)  And for the drive home, an apple with some of Justin’s chocolate almond butter (1 fruit.)  Honestly, this stuff makes the apple into a true dessert.

So another problem I am having is wanting a snack when I get home.  Now I figured out I can adjust for this by taking a little less to work.  But when you eat all that extra stuff at work…  Anyway, I did make a good choice–had a pear and a few walnuts (1 fruit.)  And then, just maybe, I had a few more walnuts… (nuthin’ wrong with that, right, Pubsgal?)

So that brings my total to 5 fruits(!) and 5 veggies for the day.  I have to really plan to get in 5 veggies at work.

Don’t worry. I am not going to write incessantly about fruits and veggies.  Just a little while longer.  Thanks for keeping me company on this journey.


8 thoughts on “F-V Challenge, Day 5

    • Well the HOLES don’t have any calories, do they? I mean, how do you even pick a HOLE up? Har har. Guess who is too tired and is still trying to make clever comments on her own blog?

  1. 5 veggies – I am impressed! I find that very difficult for me. Fruit is never a problem.

    Wish I had some kind of excuse about the break room. Sometimes I feel like that about our pantry and working at home…

  2. Are you working 12h day shifts? Because that is like 3 meals at work ugh! I always eat two small breakfast at work I have this low blood sugar thing going and I get famished and I have to eat (do you ever get into the graham crackers they are like crack to me) but it never seems to happen at home go figure 🙂

    • Yep–12 hour day shifts. I get up at 4am, leave the house about 5 am, and return home at 9pm. So I have to plan and pack all the food I need to eat for the whole day. The wanting a snack when I get home is a relatively new thing. I think it is because I try to stay up for a while with the dogs (notice how my dogs get blamed for a myriad of my problems…)

      We don’t have graham crackers on our floor. Once in a while when I am working the delivery room, I will get into their stock of saltine crackers.

  3. Nope, nuthin’ wrong with a few more walnuts. 🙂

    It’s funny, you’d think that all the food they stock in the breakroom would trigger me, but it’s all carbs, nothing homemade, and I have pretty good carb-blinders back in place. Oh, sometimes I grab a piece of fruit in the morning for later in the day, or get a Kashi bar for my desk stash. (And I budget for a little something – a dark chocolate or part of a cookie – from the Thursday gourmet goodie tray.) Part of what makes it easier, I’m sure, is that the breakroom scenery doesn’t change much – same packaged foodstuffs all the time. Homemade stuff is pretty rare (and usually mine).

    No, the hard part for me is getting the restless munchies at home over the weekends. Probably because I have a pretty reliable weekly pattern, and the timing is all off on the weekends. Plus there’s a lot more food that I like that I allow myself, and it’s *right there* in the kitchen.

    Love that you got in 5 veggies today! You’re doing well with the F&V challenge!

    • Yes, I think if our breakroom always had all the same stuff, I would become immune to it. It is partly the surprise element of the junk.

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