Breaking Story!!

Stop the presses!!!  Oh MY Gosh, you guys!  I was just sitting here thinking about what I wanted to blog about tonight, and thinking I should let the dogs in before I start (they were out for the last potty break of the night) and I heard some faint doggie screaming.  Oh please, no, let it be some other dog!  But it wasn’t.  Sometimes Sophie and Mr. Monk sneak under the back gate/fence, and I was scared to death some wild animal had caught one of them.  I grabbed my very weak flashlight and ran outside in my pajamas and wet hair.  They were both outside the gate, but something was very wrong.  Sophie appeared to be caught in the wire.  So I open the gate, trying to guard the opening with my body so Noah wouldn’t escape, shining the flashlight around, with my stupid hair in my eyes and my stupid glasses trying to fall off every time I bent over to try to see what was wrong.  It looked like a couple strands of the wire were poked right through her skin!  OH MY GOSH.  I kept trying to see which way the wires were going and how to get them undone without tearing a giant hole in her skin.  In the meantime, I carefully moved her forward so I could latch the gate and at least didn’t have to worry about Noah.  I kind of knew what I needed to do, but was a little afraid to do it.  This is definitely the kind of thing where having two people living in the house would have been an advantage.

So I yelled STAY at her about 50 times (she kind of sort of knows what it means…)  I was really afraid she would panic and tear a giant hole in herself.  But it worked.  And  I ran around to the porch to get some wire cutters.  Of course all I could find real quick were some pruning shears.  Went back, told her to HOLD STILL 50 times, and CUT THE WIRE three ways so I could bring her into the house to finish the operation.  (I considered delaying the operation so I could take a picture of the wire stuck in her, but decided that that was a little gross.)  After a little twisting and turning, here is the offending piece of wire:

And here is the Queen, recuperating in her location of choice, on top of her blanket on top of the big bed.  Guess who’s gonna get to sleep in the big bed tonight?  As horrendous as I thought it looked at first, she only had a little wound.  Neosporin applied, and I think everything will be better in the morning.  I was very proud of how good she was.  A lot of dogs really panic when something is hurting them.  She stayed pretty darn calm, all things considered.

Well, other than that bit of unnecessary excitement, today has been a terrific day.  Took a long walk with Noah, about 5 to 5 1/2 miles.  We’re ‘in training’ (LOL) for Lori’s Healthy Heart Challenge on Saturday.  I set a goal of walking 6 miles, which is longer than we have walked in a LONG time.  Actually, Noah has never walked that far.  I’m looking forward to it.  Has anybody else noticed that when you are doing more of one type of exercise, you do less of the other?  It seems like I take shorter walks when I am weight lifting more, and when I increase my walks, I don’t get to the gym quite as often.  I’m not really too worried about it, although it keeps me from advancing in my weights as much as I would like to.

Food today was terrific.  Didn’t take too many pictures though.  I started out with a version of that Fabulous Quinoa Breakfast.  Used mostly quinoa, with just a bit of steel cut oats.  And I used a pear instead of an apple, and ginger instead of the allspice.  Quite yummy.  And a nutrient dense breakfast like this will keep me full until lunchtime.  Even with that long walk thrown in.

So I was ready to eat when I got home!  Made a great salad–barbeque chicken salad–thank you, Lori!  I cut up onions and mix them in the BBQ sauce with the chicken.  This was really quite wonderful.

And an Asian pear, and of course, Diet Coke!

Had a late afternoon snack of two lo-bars and a cup of good coffee (Starbucks’ Casi Cielo  is really delicious.)  And then for dinner, I made brocolli beef–thank you, Helen!  I had bookmarked your recipe months ago, and I used it to figure out what seasonings to put into it.  Quite yummy.  Although not that photogenic…

And now, dear friends, I will move away from the computer, and watch a movie while I make a few stitches.


9 thoughts on “Breaking Story!!

  1. Oh my poor girl!!! Thank god Sophie is ok – I couldn’t take it if she wasn’t. That must have really gotten your heart pumping!!! How scary. And for the record, I swear, even though I technically have another person living here, whenever something major like that happens, I’m alone anyway. Sounds like everyone kept their wits about them – dogs, human…good job.

  2. Oh, man! Poor Sophie!!! 😦 And poor Mom! Nice rescue work, though, Debby! (And isn’t Neosporin the bomb? We call it “boo boo gone” at Chez Opposite.)

    Your food looks so tasty, especially the salad! I’ve got to try that.

    And yes, I’ve noticed that too, when I focus on one area of fitness, I do less in another. Lately I’ve done more walking/dance than anything else, although strength is picking up, now that I’m getting my lunchtimes back. Good luck with that 6-miler for Lori’s challenge!

  3. Oh my, just goes to show we’ll do anything for our “children”, won’t we? And yes, it’s nice having another person in the house. A nurse, I am most definitely NOT!

    I bought some quinoa to try a while back and it’s still in the pantry. Every time someone mentions it, I am reminded that it’s there. Maybe today’s the day!!

  4. Oh my goodness, my heart was racing reading that story! And I can totally relate to the hair-falling-in-face-glasses-falling-off scenario. I always have to have an elastic with me to pull my hair back if I’m working with Chloe. Otherwise I bend down to reach her and I’m blinded by my hair! That was a HUGE chuck of wire you had to deal with – so glad Sophie is ok. Bless her little heart.

  5. OH NO!!! Poor, poor Sophie!! I hope she’s doing better today. That just breaks my heart to think of her stuck on that fence. I’m so glad she’s okay!! Give her a snuggle for me, k?

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