Fat Chance

That was the title of a recent article in the Nutrition Action Healthletter.  The article was another good one about the various factors that may make it very difficult to maintain weight loss.  But I don’t really want to write about that tonight.  It would take a lot of study and thought and my head might explode.  And I might go ballistic on a few people.  And that would ruin the relaxing, calm atmosphere of this blog.  For now, lets just see if we can all agree on one thing.  IT IS HARD WORK TO MAINTAIN A LARGE WEIGHT LOSS PERMANENTLY.  Darn it.

But for today, I had another very good day of food.  Totally nutritious, delicious, and a reasonable amount.  Had a delicious bowl of spackle to start the day.  As always, this stuff will hold me all the way to lunch.  And its fun to eat.

Today was a ‘rest day’ for exercise.  After my 5 1/2 mile walk the other day, and going to the gym for a weights workout yesterday, I decided to take a day off before doing Lori’s heart healthy challenge tomorrow–a six mile walk.  So me and the doggies went for a little 1/2 mile stroll.  Today was another quilting day.  So I got busy at the sewing machine before lunch.

Lunch break:  a ‘southwest chicken salad.’  As I write that, I realize corn would have been a good addition to this salad.  But it was quite excellent as is.  I had some Chevy’s roasted salsa that I wanted to try.  That was the only ‘salad dressing’ on this.  Romaine lettuce, chicken, avocado, and roasted pepitos (pumpkin seeds.)  Most satisfying.  And I had a chocolate bran muffin from the freezer.  These are very good, and unfortunately I can’t remember whose recipe they are.  If it sounds familiar, let me know.

More quilting after lunch.  Who knew quilting could be hard work?  I was really getting tired.  Took a late afternoon break, and had a cup of eggnog tea (yum) and a couple of those fiber doodles.  These are not very sweet, not sure why I find them so appealing, but I do.

Took Noah for a very short walk, and came home for dinner.  No pic, but quite delish.  Leftover broccoli beef, to which I added some leftover sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Had a little bowl of cottage cheese, pears, and walnuts with that.  Kind of a weird dinner combo, but that’s what I wanted.

I had the leftover sauteed mushrooms and onions because I used them to top a baked sweet potato the night before–very good combo.  The broccoli was good on it, but the ratio of broccoli to sweet potato was a little off LOL.

I’ll end with a shot of the recuperating Queen and her trusty bodyguard.

That’s all from Casa ‘Serenity Now‘ (Seinfeld ref.)  I have to rest up from my exhausting day of quilting.

4 thoughts on “Fat Chance

  1. It’s DARN hard. I hear ya. But a gorgeous salad like that? Well, that’s gotta make it a bit easier. 🙂

    RE the swirl, Barbara Berkeley’s article today kind of made something coalesce for me. It seems like a big theme in blogland lately, or at least the corners I frequent: how hard it is to maintain a weight loss vs. all the pressure not to do so. That post made me see that I really don’t see myself as having a choice: I still have to do the healthy habits whether they lead me to skinnier or even maintaining where I would rather be.

  2. That salad makes me wish I could reach inside of my computer screen and take a huge forkful!

    Yep. Keeping the weight off is not easy…constant vigilance gets tiring, but what choice do we have? I don’t want to go back to the old me. Still, sighhhhhh.

    Glad our girl is recovering nicely. Sweet to see how close she and Mr. Monk are now – remember when you got him?

    Have a wonderful 6 mile walk today! 🙂

  3. It is hard in some respects, but easier in others to keep the weight off. I am finding some new things about myself the farther out I get from being 250 pounds. Still, some of the old things are still there (love of cookie dough in quantity).

    I laughed at your ratio of broccoli to sweet potato being off, because it looked just perfect to me!

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