Six Miles

Yeah.  6.29 miles to be exact!  That’s what I committed to walking for Lori’s Healthy Heart Weekend. Thanks for the challenge, Lori.  I chose 6 miles because it was one mile more than I had walked in a long long time.  I took a couple of longer walks this past week to ‘prepare’ for it.  I had a route planned out.  I knew it was about 5 miles round trip to the Indian Grinding Rocks State Park, and so I would add on a little ‘detour’ somewhere or other, to make it 6 miles total.  And I planned to walk steadily and challenge myself that way as well.  Not just stroll.  Thought it would be fun to take the camera along and give you all a ‘race report’ LOL.

Woke up nice and early this morning.  Decided to make protein pancakes, which I  haven’t had for a long time.  What a treat!  With walnuts baked inside, and topped with the thawed mashed bananas.  Plenty of time for my Saturday morning talk with my brother.  We (Noah and I) were going to leave at 9am, but a couple of things (phone calls) happened, so we actually started at 10:20.

Thought it would be fun to take the camera along and give you all a ‘race report’ LOL.  It is very hard for me to hold the camera out far enough to get me AND Noah in the shot.  (No make-up today, Lori!)

It was a bright and sunny California morning.  Absolutely perfect weather, because the air was still cold enough that I kept my sweater on for almost the entire walk.

My whole course was, as always, up and down hills.  I had briefly considered driving somewhere so I could walk where it was flattter, but I am pretty used to the ups and downs, and sometimes, when you don’t know a course, it actually seems longer.

The first uphill:

Passed this lovely field (can you see the sheep in the distance?) and figured this road was where I’d probably take my ‘detour’ to make up the sixth mile.

And at exactly the 2 1/2 mile marker, we arrived at the state park.  Bathroom break.

Emergency rations LOL.  I know.  You don’t need emergency rations for a six mile walk.  But hear me out.  I ate the pancake at 6am, and ate 4 walnut halves when I left the house 4 hours later, so I really thought I might get very hungry.  Truth be told, I wasn’t VERY hungry, but I was hungry enough, and it was a nice treat mid-walk.  Ate one at the 3.4 mile mark.  That’s where we turned off to take the side road past the pretty field.

That is a beautiful road to walk, but by the time we got to the end of it, this sign described how my lower back and feet were starting to feel.

Stopped to watch three geese at the pond on the way back out to the main road.


Aaahhh, it was good to see the beginning of ‘my road again.  That meant it was only a mile and a half to home.  And I thought this sign would amuse mes amis of the frozen tundra.  We like to be prepared out here.  Someday we might get some precipitation again, and it might just happen on the day that the temperature drops below 32 degrees LOL.  (BTW, I know I am using LOL alot again.  Sorry, I like to LOL.  lol)

HEY, do you know how happy it makes me that I have more energy than a four legged teenager?  hee hee.  Noah was really dragging at this point.

Another horrible shot.  This was the best of many tries as we ‘crossed the finish line’ (arrived at the back gate.)

Official distance:  6.29 miles  Official time:  2 hours, 20 minutes.  Exactly.   (Time on pedometer is off because I forgot to snap the pic for a while!)

TIRED DOGGIE!  Noah never rests his head in my lap.  I thought it was very sweet.

‘Official’ post-race photo, suggested by Lori.  Noah couldn’t figure out why I insisted on sticking my feet in his way.

After fooling around a little with the pictures, I left Noah to sleep it off, and set out for my pre-planned post-race treat of frozen yogurt.  And after I was done with the yogurt, I went over to Starbuck’s and got a coffee and sat some more and read my book.  Still working on ‘Rethinking Thin .’  I might be rethinking thin, but I am not rethinking fit.  I was really glad that I challenged myself this way.


13 thoughts on “Six Miles

  1. Oh, nicely done! What a gorgeous walk, too! I have to say, that first photo of Noah cracked me up. Did he catch sight of a squirrel or something? And of course the dragging Noah photo made me grin, too. You know you’ve had a vigorous walk when a young, energetic dog is dragging by the end of it.

    • Yes, good interpretation of ‘the look.’ Don’t know what it was or if it was anything specific. Just the “MUST CHECK THINGS OUT. MUST BE SOMETHING OUT HERE I MUST GUARD AGAINST.” He gives me an even more wild-eyed look in the house when he is barking and I tell him to stop. Cracks me up. now.

    • Yes! Good eye. Did you know you can click twice on my pics to really zoom in on them? Don’t do that on any of the close-up shots of me LOL!

    • No such luck. He had recovered his ‘guardian energy’ about 4 hours later! Unlike his owner, who is really ‘feeling it’ today.

  2. LOL at Noah’s face. The last one of you two looks like he is saying “I can’t believe you made me do that” 😀

    Thanks for taking us out with you on the walk. It’s beautiful!

  3. I continue to be so envious of your walking path! It’s tres jolie!! And yes I was slightly amused by your “icy” sign!! 🙂

    Good job on the walk – that is really great!!

  4. I LOVE THIS! You go girl. We are capable of so much more than we think we are…

    And I’m so jealous of your conditions… wait until you see my ‘race’ report LOLOL!

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